New Years Eve 2018

2nd January 2019 at 6:14 pm

Dear Chibi,

Happy New Year everyone :D!! This 2 week Christmas break has been wonderfully productive and relaxing so far. We did lots of shopping, organising and spent a lot of time with family which is always nice.

We spent New Years Eve hanging out at Kaz’s place, playing games, having dinner and watching the New Years Eve Fireworks on the TV.

Hello Tifa!
Playing Citadels. I’m feeling pretty good tonight 8D.
My winning cards :D
The guys managed to unlock all the characters in Smash Bros. (Only played the game on Christmas…)

I played Mahjong with Kaz, Jia and Watty. I was feeling pretty lucky :D! Kaz won the most with 16 ‘points’, I had 13 and the poor brothers were on minus. I don’t think Jia won a single game. (Hey Watty, you still owe us money ;D)

Kaz and Jia preparing delish Hainanese chicken rice for dinner. mmm!
Tasted super legit :D I was impressed.
Don’t worry Maxy, we didn’t forget you.
Bon App├ętit!

After the 12am fireworks, we mucked around outside with some sparklers of our own.

Some going on here lol.

I end up crashing around 2.30am and slept surprisingly well ^^

They also prepared Shakshouka for breakfast the next morning which was refreshing! Thanks guys for having us over and for being awesome hosts!

Wishing everyone an exciting, fulfilling New Year :)

See you in my next blog post ^_^

2 Responses to “New Years Eve 2018”

  1. Mark says:

    We ended up unlocking all the characters in the end. Mission accomplished :0