Coles mini collection

1st September 2018 at 4:40 pm

Dear Chibi,

Happy first day of spring!!

Coles Mini Collection

Who doesn’t love a mini replica? :D Last month Coles supermarkets had a promotion where if you spend over $30 in one transaction, you get a random ‘mini’ of  a everyday consumer good. Hubby and I regularly shop at Coles but we hardly ever spend over $30 in one go. I didn’t think I’d be able to get my hands on any, but luckily my work colleague was collecting these for her daughter and gave me her extras! Yes… ALL of these were her duplicates!! Lucky me! There were 30 different products to collect. I end up with 13.

Coles Mini Collection

My favourites from the lot: Colgate toothpaste, Tim Tam, Leggo’s bolognese sauce, Oak chocolate milk and Milo.

Coles Mini Collection

The parent and baby :D

Coles Mini Collection - Leggo's

The label is sooo detailed <3

Coles Mini Collection - Lipton

Not exactly Lipton, but close enough!

Coles Mini Collection - Milo

Mini Milo basketball edition.

Coles Mini Collection - Tim Tam

Just chilling out (No, I don’t like dark chocolate Hubby mistook it for turkish delight XD)

Coles Mini Collection - Oak

Kind of related XD The Oak chocolate milk is super detailed :3

Coles Mini Collection - Cup Noodles

Cup of noodles blending in with his cousins :D

Coles Mini Collection - Toothpaste & Hand Wash

If you look close enough, there’s Colgate toothpaste and Dettol hand wash in the background ;)

Coles Mini Collection

And finally, a Napisan stain remover thingo ^.^

How many did you end up collecting?

2 Responses to “Coles mini collection”

  1. Kaz says:

    Omg so cute!!!! So many!! So jelly!!! XD

    Love your shots of the products around the house!