Me & Hubby’s Joint Korean BBQ Birthday Dinner

21st May 2018 at 6:24 pm

Dear Chibi,

Korean BBQ Birthday Dinner

Guess who’s over 30? 8D My birthday weekend begun on Saturday night with Korean BBQ @ O Bal Tan with the Cofa gang. It’s been a while since we’ve hung out with everyone, but birthdays bring us together ;D

Strawberry Watermelon Birthday Cake

~Mesmerizing~  *.*

Food was pretty good and super filling! I didn’t pay too much attention to what meat I was eating, I just had whatever Hubby/Emily/MZ put on my plate (which was plenty!) XD Here are some snaps from the night (Click on the photo for a larger view)

The guys got us a chopping board I mean, cheese serving board and a gift voucher for the Cheese & Wine Room. I will definitely blog the experience when we try it out some time ^_^ Thanks everyone!

After the meal, it was time for cake & birthday wish-making :D

Hubby got me this super pretty Strawberry Watermelon Birthday Cake from Black Star Pastry. Ah…. it’s so delicious and I absolutely love it <3 Thank you Hubby <3

I had a lot of fun that night..and the birthday celebrations were just beginning :)

Some photos were taken by MZ and stolen by me without permission :) Please forgive me.

4 Responses to “Me & Hubby’s Joint Korean BBQ Birthday Dinner”

  1. Jess-chan says:

    Happy birthday to you! I love that lil cake!!

  2. kaz says:

    YUM!!! I love the strawberry watermelon cake!! *DROOLS*