Twins day out~ The Grounds of the City

25th April 2018 at 8:22 am

Dear Chibi,

On Saturday Kaz and I did some shopping around the city (and raid, hehe) before settling down at The Grounds of the City for lunch. The place was pretty busy, but we made a reservation so were seated pretty quickly.


The room was cosy and nicely decorated, giving off an old-school 1920’s vibe.


We each ordered a salad and a smoothie. I got the poke salad with seared beef while Kaz chose the chirashi style salad with poached chicken. Both salads looked similar! I quite liked the coconut sauce, but I soon realised what I was eating didn’t seem to match what was written in the menu. After double checking with the staff that I indeed got the correct salad (it was missing coriander, mint, shallots…), they offered to make me a fresh new one. Needless to say I was pretty happy with the staff and service :)

Coconut & Berry Smoothie

Afterwards, we ended up at karaoke to sing to our hearts content~ Lots and lots of Canto songs, ohohohoh ^o^ There’s a very specific time of our life when we listened to these tunes, so it gives back some fond memories ^^


~ 21.04.2018 ~


2 Responses to “Twins day out~ The Grounds of the City”

  1. kaz says:

    This was a funs twin day out!! We should do this more often hehehe!

    That coconut smoothie..was SOOO COCONUTY tho lols.