11 Year Anniversary and the bet that started it all

15th April 2018 at 11:07 am

11 Year Anniversary

Dear Chibi,

11 years ago, Jacky took me out for dinner at Outback Steakhouse for losing in an art challenge. For one of our art class projects in Uni we had to paint an object in 50 different ways (or was it 30?). Jacky and I decided to have a bet- the one who finishes first would owe the other person steak. When Jacky excitedly texted me to say he had finished, I told him he was too late, and that I already beat him. It took him close to 2 years to finally get me that steak, but he did.

It was that night that he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Outback Steakhouse

It was only a couple years later that I admitted Jacky actually won the bet and that I lied about finishing, ehehehe 8D Oh how young we were :’D

11 Year Anniversary  11 Year Anniversary Outback Steakhouse
Outback Steakhouse
11 Year Anniversary

Happy 11 years to my favourite person in the world <3



2 Responses to “11 Year Anniversary and the bet that started it all”

  1. kaz says:

    HAPPY 11 YEAR ANNIVERSARY guys! Feels like a lifetime ago hahah