My Joint 30th Birthday Dinner

20th May 2017 at 10:32 pm

Dear Chibi,

Our joint 30th Birthday Dinner

Tonight Hubby and I celebrated our 30th birthday with the uni guys at Rosan Japanese Cuisine, Darlinghurst. We picked this restaurant because it was nice and intimate and the menu looked pretty good ~It did not disappoint! :) Ah, the sushi was especially oishii! :D

Some pics from the night:

After dinner we had dessert at RivaReno, where we indulged in delicious gelato while mucking around with a certain face transformation app XP The “old” face filter makes me super wrinkly, it’s depressing. I’m THIRTY OKAY NOT ONE HUNDRED XP Gotta admit, the male/female filter was pretty hilarious and ridiculous at the same time XD I actually look alright as a guy… I might date him depending on his personality :’D

Skin care loot

The gang got me this personalised “Beauty Box” packed with Korean skincare goodness :D Thank you Somps for putting this together for me ^^ Very thoughtful! I will put them to good use! (My skin thanks you :’D) Hubby got a copy of Super Robot Wars V and this PS controller thingamajig (IT IS ACTUALLY “V” and not ‘5’ in roman numerals XP)

It was a really fun evening catching up with everyone :D Thanks for coming out and celebrating this day with us <3

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  1. Somps says:

    You’re welcome! It was fun putting it together. :) It’s been my recent obsession and remember how your skin doesn’t deal to well in harsh conditions so thought maybe this could help. All products have been well researched and chosen either for its ‘HG’ cult status or for its ingredients to help sensitive/dry skin. Hope they work for you!