Friday Night Movie~ A Silent Voice

22nd April 2017 at 12:48 pm

Dear Chibi,
Thanks to Madman, I scored a double pass to see ‘A Silent Voice’ with Hubby last night. I had entered a Twitter competition, and was lucky enough to be a winner. Sweeeeet :)

A Silent Voice Movie Pass Madman Competition

A Silent Voice Movie Pass

A Silent Voice Movie Tickets

Heart-wrenching and beautifully animated, ‘A Silent Voice’ is an authentic depiction of adolescent vulnerability, exploring themes such as bullying, fitting in, redemption and self-acceptance. When I think back to those years (which is..a long time ago ;D) my view of the world was so small.. Every trivial thing seemed to carry so much weight. This film is a reminder of that, and the struggles individuals face finding their place in the world.

A Silent Voice Movie

Although I enjoyed the film, it also has its flaws. I found some of the characters undeveloped and unlikable~ which makes me wonder *spoilers-alert* Why would you want to reconnect with awful “friends” from your elementary school days who turned their backs on you? Ueno & Kawai are the worst. No one needs horrible, toxic people like them in their lives. Feeling accepted is one thing, but knowing when to move on and being around the right people is just as important. Perhaps it’s their way of finding closure, but sometimes it’s best to just leave it all behind.

2 Responses to “Friday Night Movie~ A Silent Voice”

  1. kaz says:

    I watched this movie too! And I totally agree with you *spoilers alert*, those girls were totally undeserving of their time and friendship. Why bother waste time on people like that? -.- It’s a shame that the main two characters never even shared a hug!