Catch You Catch Me watching Cardcaptors!

20th March 2016 at 8:35 pm

Dear Chibi,

YASSSS~ Cardcaptor Sakura collection is here! :’)

I really enjoyed this anime in my teens when it was first shown on Cheez TV in Australia. Sailor Moon had already stopped showing at the time, and I was curious to check out another mahou shoujo (magical girl) series. I was first drawn towards the pretty art style and was expecting to see her transformation (much like Sailor Moon), but of course that doesn’t actually happen because Sakura doesn’t transform XD. She simply puts on a different fancy costume designed by her best friend and wingwoman Tomoyo. Kind of trivial but cute :D


Cardcaptor Sakura follows the story of a cheerful girl named Sakura Kinomoto, a ten-year-old fourth grader who lives with her father and older brother Toya. One day, Sakura accidentally releases a set of magical cards known as ‘Clow Cards’ from a mysterious book found in her basement. These cards were created by a sorcerer named Clow Reed and contain spirits with unique magical abilities. Cerberus, the Guardian of the Cards emerges from the book and chooses Sakura to retrieve the missing cards.

The first 20 or so episodes mostly revolve around Sakura collecting the Clow Cards, with the overarching plot picking up its pace in Season 2. The show has plenty of humour, action and LOTS OF CUTEEEE (I’m a huge sucker for the romance ~Syaoran-kun <3).

10+ years later and I’m re-watching the show again. This time around, I’m forcing getting Hubby to watch it with me ;D He doesn’t know anything about this show, so you can imagine me peeking at him every few seconds to see his reaction ;D So far so good..we’re up to episode 7!

The English version that I grew up watching was censored and cut. Here’s the Cardcaptor Sakura collection, remastered, uncut and provided in original Japanese audio with English subtitles. Sweet!


Cardcaptor Sakura Collection 1: Clow Book. I LOVE THIS ART!


The DVD’s only special features are the textless opening and closing songs. It would be really nice if there were other bonuses included.


Each collection contains 5 discs and 35 episodes.


The slip cover is double-sided and contains two artwork of Sakura in her various battle costumes.


Cardcaptor Sakura Collection 2: Sakura Book


Collection 2 contains both Season 2 & 3, also 35 episodes worth.


This collection also comes with extra features such as textless songs and an interview with Sakura Tange voice of Sakura. To be honest, I thought the interview would consist of actual video footage of the voice actress, instead of just text. These were 5 questions she was asked when she came to Sydney for SMASH con a few years back.


Again, the slip cover is double sided so you can flip it around if you want a different DVD cover. It would’ve been nice to have Sakura with her upgraded wand though ;D


Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie. This should be viewed after the end of Season 1, episode 35.

I AM SO IN LOVE with this O-Card Slipcase. Isn’t the manga art gorgeous?



The manga art was so pretty that the inside art kinda paled in comparison ^^”


Inside the DVD case you’ll find a little movie guide. The guide is pretty small, so it doesn’t clip onto the case that well. When I opened the case, the edges were slightly bent.



The booklet contains some character profiles and is only a couple of pages. Nice little addition nevertheless.



All in all, very happy with the packaging :) I’m still waiting for the second movie to come out on DVD, but in the meantime.. more Cardcaptor Sakura episodes!!

If you’re interested in owning a copy of Madman’s release, you can buy them here: Collection 1 | Collection 2 | The Movie (Note: They are region 4)

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