My Moon Stick Proplica is here!!!

5th July 2014 at 12:46 am

Dear Chibi,

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! My Moon Stick Proplica (Prop Replica) finally arrived, and it’s BEAUTIFULLLLL AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! :D :D :D


The first time I held this wand, I wanted to cry~ it was a special little moment for me :3

Rayfy, Steffi, Marcus and MZ preordered this for my birthday and I finally got a chance to pick it up from Rayfy tonight. I’ve been wanting to get this since it was first announced~ so it’s been quite a long wait, but totally worth it!

Thanks guysssssssss <3

Now let’s have a look at the stick itself, shall we? ;D


The box is elegant and simple. I like! It would have been nice to have a clear plastic front to display the wand inside the box,  but it comes with a pretty stand so I don’t mind ^___^


It feels a bit strange seeing the word “Moon Stick” like this. I’m so used to the word being associated with my MoonSticks comics ^.^


The back of the box with pictures of the product~ mostly in Japanese.




Oh, and a manual, which we’ll get to later~


All the parts! It comes with a sleek stand to display the Moon Stick (it has a moon base), a detachable Silver Crystal (for the wand and the stand), and the Silver Crystal in it’s flower form *___* All very very pretty! I think the quality is really good, and there weren’t any faulty/chipped parts like other people have experienced. Phew!




Moon Healing Escalation!!

IT FEELS LIKE I’M HOLDING THE REAL THING WHEEEEEEE! Lots of fun. It’s pretty light weight, but not so light that it feels all plastic.


Inside the manual, the text is in Japanese. Has two photos of previously released Moon Sticks. This is by far the most accurate of them all (And most expensive!)



The Moon Stick also lights up and plays several different sounds & music (including Sailor Moon’s voice by Kotono Mitsuishi  :D :D) Unfortunately, these all required batteries (which weren’t included) so I’ll have to test them out next time when I can get my hands on them…


Now I can finallyyy go to sleep, heheheee

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29 Responses to “My Moon Stick Proplica is here!!!”

  1. Jess-chan says:

    OMG! So lucky!! I wish I could afford it ;_;

  2. Tiffa Nee says:

    Hooray!! I just got mine last week as an unexpected gift!

  3. I got mine a couple months ago… it is gorgeous! Now it sits on a shelf next to my Sailor Moon S.H. FiguArts, and my other miscellaneous Sailor Moon stuff! :D

  4. I would have liked to see a photo with the crystal on it :x

  5. I just started my sailor moon collection – and I so want this too (?´??).?.?.:*??

  6. I asked my parents if they’d get it for my 23rd birthday, they said no, so probably buy it myself.

  7. I’m waiting for the Spiral Heart Moon Rod to buy one

  8. I love mine. It is so different than the 90s version

  9. In December my fiancé and I suffered through an apartment fire and I lost my Sailor Moon various manga volumes, Cosmic Crescent Moon Wand by Bandai, Usagi’s first compact USA version with R season inside, my figuarts of Sailor Moon, and my Cutie Moon Rod. I was infurated and upset. My fiancé was getting me back the figuarts and the manga, but on my birthday he completed my set with the manga box set 1 (he got me box set 2 a while back) and the Moon Stick proplica. I was so happy. It was nice to feel the Light of Hope.

  10. Pyrite says:

    So cool! You’re lucky to have it! Thanks for posting the pics.

  11. Leryn Poole says:

    I got mine back in June and I LOVE IT!!

  12. I’ve wanted one of these since I was a teenager! I snapped one up as soon as I saw that they were going to be a reality! It’s hard not to chase my husband around the house with it when he leaves his socks on the floor!

  13. Lucky! :D My younger cousin just gave me her old moon kaleidoscope wand for free! She found it in her closet, its in pretty good condition too! No battery cover and it has a tiny crack on the back, but you cant see them from the front. Plus it still works!

  14. AuDz says:

    I got mine last month! I love it SOOOOOOO much! I still haven’t gotten batteries for it though TT_________TT

  15. Julia Story says:

    I have one, too! …But what kind of batteries do I need???

  16. José Cruz says:

    Make sure to share with us the sounds!!! :-D

  17. I should be getting mine very very soon in the mail~! <3

  18. Omg , envy me
    Its very expensive right

  19. Usagitxo says:

    mine is coming home~~~<3

  20. Jacky says:

    Yup it is pretty impressive..Gota get you an acrylic box to preserve it. especially once it’s signed!

  21. Ray says: