My thoughts on the new Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Tribute Album

27th January 2014 at 10:16 am

Dear Chibi,

In 2 days time, the new Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Tribute Album will be out in Japan and about a week ago they released a preview of the songs. You can check it out here.


1- “Moonlight Densetsu – Momoiro Clover Z
The vocals sound okay. I love the music, but I don’t really like Momoiro Clover Z. They will be singing the opening and closing themes to the new Sailor Moon anime coming out this year.

2- “HEART MOVING – Shoko Nakagawa
I wish Shoko Nakagawa sung the entire album. XD She has done some amazing Sailor Moon covers, including Moonlight Densetsu (sounds way better than Momoiro Clover Z’s version), Otome no Policy and Sailor Star Song. She’s great and can cover any anime song, really.

3- “Princess Moon– Haruka Fukuhara

4- “Otome no Policy” – Etsuko Yakushimaru
In my opinion, Otome no Policy is by far the worse cover in the album. Why? The song is supposed to be upbeat and full of energy, but in this version it feels like the artist is completely out of breath. Or something. It doesn’t capture the essence of the song at all. I don’t like what they did to the music either. Normally I wouldn’t mind this kind of voice, it’s really fitting for certain songs (like the Fruits Basket opening)~ but I feel like they just got this all wrong.

5- “La Soldier – Tommy heavenly6
My favourite in the album. The original La Soldier sounds AWESOME. I’m glad they didn’t ruin it in the tribute album. Then again, it’s Tommy heavenly6.

Have a listen to the original:


6- “Ai no Senshi – Mariko Goto x Abu-chan
I like this. Another one of my favourites from this album in terms of music. Very upbeat and full of energy :D The voices..? Not so great… This is the only song with a male vocalist too. The original is way better ;D
Check out Yoko Ishida’s version here. Her voice is beautiful :)

7- “Tuxedo Mirage– Momoiro Clover Z

Another one covered by Momoiro Clover Z. You already know how I feel about them ^^” The song sounds nice, but the voice is borderline annoying. Maybe I’m just super picky!

8- “Rashiku Ikimasho – Haruko Momoi

Another very upbeat and fun song. I love everything about the music and instruments, but I don’t like the vocals :< It’s too nasal and squeaky for my liking. I still like listening to it though, just because it’s Rashiku :D ohohohh.. my opinion is so biased 8D

9- “Sailor Star Song – Mitsuko Horie

I find it funny how they got Sailor Galaxia to cover this one XD

10-“Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto… – Makoto Kawamoto

Overall, the covers aren’t bad, and it’s great that we’re getting a tribute album.. but I feel like the original songs were superior in so many ways.

What are your thoughts on the album?


If you’re interested, you can purchase the album here, or visit the official album website. Enjoy :D

19 Responses to “My thoughts on the new Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Tribute Album”

  1. Sokudoningyou says:

    I have to agree: I don’t like Momoiro Clover Z either. Yech. Though the only song I think I actively dislike is the Otome no Policy cover. Wow, is that bad.

    And seriously, it’s so hilarious hearing an upbeat Sailor Galaxia. XD

  2. Michael says:

    They freakin’ NAILED La Soldier!

  3. Cynthia says:

    I got it pre-ordered just for the Tommy heavenly6 version of La Solider. It’s so freaken awesome!

  4. Victor says:

    I agree with you in that the originals were def superior to these covers, and I also can’t stand Momoiro Clover Z; just another girl group who got a gig because of how adorable they are as opposed to talented imo. I did like their cover of TUXEDO MIRAGE, however. Couldn’t stand Otome no Policy. I found it creepy. O_O’

  5. Katie says:

    Woooooow! Wow…. Does that ever bring back some memories! I’ve gotta admit, I was rockin out to Rashiku Ikimasho! (: I pretty much agree with you on the majority. I loved Tommy heavenly6’s take on La Soldier (awesome song to begin with) and to have male vocals on Ai no Senshi is pretty cool and does it justice, I think.

  6. Mippa says:

    Honestly I think this tribute is awful. Tommy Heavenly6 is the only decent musician on this album, and all the other songs sound TERRIBLE.

    Why couldn’t they get some *real* covers made? Alas. I will not be buying this for just one song. I can think of so many people that would’ve been better for this album and they didn’t do anyone.

    Even if they didn’t want to get male vocals in here, it could’ve been nice. How about Utada Hikaru for Tuxedo Mirage? Ieno Juri for Sailor Stars song? Etc. etc. etc.

    • Chibi says:

      I wish they had chosen better vocalists too… I would have much preferred singers with more mature voices as oppose to a bunch a kids..

  7. Sailor Moon Toys Box says:

    I don’t get it why so much hate about Otome No Policy ^^; I think many people don’t like it because it’s really différent than the old one. But in my opinion it’s nice to have something completely different (otherwise it doesn’t make sens buying the same thing as 20 years ago XD).
    The singing on Otome No Policy is not bad (it’s really cute in fact ) Not like the horrible singing of Momoiro (and don’t mention that this studio version is really reaaaaally arranged. I heard the Momoiro singing “Moonlight Legend” in live in Paris in 2012 and my poor ears were bleeding T__T )
    Well I’m really curious about the complet version of Heart Moving, Otome No Policy and La Soldier (my fav’ on the cd so far)

  8. Jacky says:

    La Soldier original + tekkman opening = kickass!

  9. Jess-chan says:

    I really liked Tommy Heavenly06’s version of “La Soldier”. Hopefully my copy will come soon!

  10. Rita says:

    Only “La soldier”‘of Tommy Heavenly6 is good. The other songs are so reworked with computers it sounds like robots voices. >< it's a shame for these beautiful lyrics and musics !!!!!!