Sweetcorn fritters with roast tomato and crispy bacon

2nd September 2012 at 9:50 am

Dear Chibi,

I had a hard time deciding what to cook this week! Chibi is on a ‘healthy eating’ diet until end of September, so she wanted to avoid all sweets and desserts. She’s also not comfortable dealing with meat yet (no idea how to buy meat..) so no meat dishes, and prefers something that’s not too difficult or too unhealthy. She end up coming across this fritter recipe. Now it is a little unhealthy since it will be fried but it looked so yummy! heeeee. I told myself I’ll only have a little bit so it should be okay :D I’ve never fried anything before so… I need to practise!

When I first read the recipe, it seemed pretty simple and I honestly thought I wouldn’t take more than 1.5 hours to put together.  It end up taking about 2.5 hours…^^; I was starving!

Time for preparation!

Removing kernels from the corn cobs was fun and easy (but very messy!)

Juicy juicy tomatoes… These were only supposed to be halved, but I decided on the whim I’m gonna chop it up into quarters instead. It still tasted awesome, but probably should leave it halved next time since it looks better bigger ;D

Tomatoes sprinkled with oil, seasoned with salt, pepper and white sugar! mmmm…

Into the oven it goes… preheated at 200 degrees and roasting for 40mins

Time to makes the fritter batter; large bowl with plain flour and baking powder + jug of 2 eggs and milk whisked together

Combined together with corn and chives

..And onto the frying pan it goes! This process took a very long time! Need a lot of patience..

Slowly turning more golden

Lucky last, cooking the bacon. This final step was the scariest, lots of oil splattering everywhere! >__< eeeek!

Tada :D Doesn’t this look lovely? hehee

Now the moment of truth, tasting time! The fritters didn’t turn out as nice as I had hoped. There were two main problems with it: Firstly I don’t think it was cooked thoroughly enough. There were parts that tasted a bit floury and raw. I mentioned above I already left it cooking for ages, so time-wise it was sufficient. However, I kept thinking it should be cooked at medium-low heat but it actually says medium-high (Sorry Jacky, you were right ;D)- so that definitely needs to  be fixed next time!

Secondly, it wasn’t that sweet or flavourful; it felt like it was missing something. Now I’m not sure which part when wrong in regards to the taste.. if it’s an issue with the recipe itself, or the sweetcorn weren’t sweet enough, or the fact I used light milk instead of full cream milk…or all of the above XD I think the light cream milk had a lot to do with it. It may have even affected the texture of the fritters too. I’m not sure! Either way, I would probably add some more ingredients to it next time, maybe some onions.

Having said that though, the rest was amazing ;D The roast tomatoes were perfect, the baby rockets added a nice touch to it and the bacon was fatty and delicious, haha. You can’t really go wrong with these.

Next time the fritters will taste a lot better!

4 Responses to “Sweetcorn fritters with roast tomato and crispy bacon”

  1. Jacky says:

    I like the last line. I wanna have these for breakfast next time and im sure it’ll taste mich better =) remember to start cooking at 5am next time. I like my breakfasts at 7:30 ^^

  2. cammyii says:

    looks so yummy! hopefully can get to taste your next batch!!:D