Let’s talk Starcraft 2

24th May 2012 at 11:37 pm

Dear Chibi,

As some of you may know, I love Starcraft 2, a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. I’ve previously posted several blog entries related to my experiences on the ladder. I don’t consider myself a “gamer”, as I don’t play video games all that much. However, Starcraft 2 is a bit of an exception. I know, that sounds weird considering it’s one of the most difficult and competitive video games out there. Many players feel frustrated and their fear of losing deters them from the game entirely. If you lose, you have no one to blame but yourself. It can make you feel pretty bad, and why play a stressful game that makes you feel horrible when games are supposed to be fun? The match-making system also pits you against other players of similar skill level, so you will lose about 50% of the games. It is inevitable.

Having said all this, Starcraft 2 is still one of my favourite games ever. It’s fun to build an economy, to build an army and to command it. You learn something from every game whether you win or lose, and seeing yourself get better at the game makes you feel awesome. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching yourself move up the ranks of the ladder and leagues :) I’ve played this game for over a year now and it still excites me. I have never spent so much time on a game in my life. However, all of my Starcraft friends have moved onto other games (namely Diablo 3) so I admit I’m feeling a bit lonely. I wish there was someone else I knew in real life who is still passionate about this game.

When I’m not playing the game myself, I like to watch pro-gamers stream their games and be left in awe by their amazing play. Starcraft 2 introduced me to “eSports” where professional gamers compete in tournaments for prize money. I never thought this stuff would interest me, yet now I even have players I like and root for XD Being a fan of Broodwar, my favourite player is SlayerS_Boxer. I will always root for the Emperor! But of course, I’m totally biased as I just love the Terran race. Other players I cheer for include SlayerS_MMA, IMMVP, MarineKing and Taeja. I also like TSLPolt.

I usually find myself watching streams by ForGG, Taeja, Liquid_TLO, DeMusliM, Dragon and recently Liquid_Hero. I’m also excited about the Broodwar Pro players switching to Starcraft 2. OMG I hope Flash will be amazing.

Will I ever move onto other games, like Diablo3? I’m not sure. I guess only time can tell ;D


14 Responses to “Let’s talk Starcraft 2”

  1. Ray says:

    I don’t play D3~ I want to play S2. And I want to play more S2 before the whole game becomes totally inbalanced in HOS. Protoss and Zerg are too OP with the new units imo

    • Chibi says:

      Of course, there’s still ray! I was more referring to players who still ladder, but enjoying co-op is just as fine :) I wouldn’t worry too much about HoTS being imbalanced though… I’m sure there will be lots of changes to the units.

      Even at the moment Terran gets a little weaker after every patch (When’s the last time Terran got a buff?) Just gotta do what you gotta do XD I’m never switching race.

      • feedthe1337 says:

        I don’t think anybody should really decide races will be imba or unba (yeah I just said unba) before the game’s even out XD. Not really into theory crafting.

        As for Terran getting weaker after every patch, well, maybe there’s a reason for that. *Remembers the days when I played* Yeah, sorry, but sometimes Terran made very, very $(#@*$( angry. Of course, I know nothing about the game so never mind me.

        “Dude, you just get angry when you lose.”

        “… Yeah (^-^;).”

        “You will lose about 50% of the games.”
        Then how do you explain me losing like 14 games in a row (T-T)? XD

        It’s cool how you’re able to play to have fun. Even to this day, sometimes thinking about the game makes me really mad. Again, no need to mind the scrub talk =).

        • feedthe1337 says:

          Pretty sure it was a game against Terran that cost me my headphones. Just saying 8). Something about a max army unable to destroy a Planetary Fortress.

        • Chibi says:

          Most players will have difficulty playing against every race they’re not. XD Actually, I’ve been told during my own games that “Terran is OP” when I was facing a Terran opponent… so.. I have nothing to say about that one, lol

        • feedthe1337 says:

          I can say Terran made me infinitely angrier than Zerg did. Well, actually, mutas made me pretty mad, too. I think I just loathe turtling and running away. With Terran, I see a lot of healing, repairing, bunkers, tanks and kiting. MMM with stims while kiting = I need to go to rehab.

          • Chibi says:

            It’s a pity I can’t control my MMM army 8D I think you’ll love playing against me (Can’t kite, ahahah)

        • feedthe1337 says:

          Hm, now I feel like playing. Let’s go >=).

  2. feedthe1337 says:

    *Reads the paragraph about pro gamers* Now I know how others feel when I ramble about anime (O_O) XD. Well, I’ve heard of their names but that’s about it.

  3. jacky says:

    Is it called being racist? haha

    Starcraft can be pretty healthy for the brain. It’s called “dung lo gun”!

    • Chibi says:

      haha, sounds like something for oldies to keep their brain stimulated.. *imagines a 80 year old chibi playing sc2 with 5 apm* in plastic league.