Charmaine Sheh receives cake from Malaysian fans

29th April 2010 at 4:21 pm

Dear Chibi,

A few months ago I drew chibi dolls of the cast from TVB drama ‘Beyond the Realm of Conscience‘ for K for TVB. This included a character called ‘Lau Sam Ho’ who was performed by actress Charmaine Sheh.

Charmaine Sheh as Lau Sam Ho

A week ago, a Malaysian fan of Charmaine Sheh contacted me saying she was going to visit Malaysia and the fan club wanted to make a cake for her based on my chibi drawing. I thought- ‘oh why not’, so gave her a reply and didn’t expect anything to come out of it.

It turns out it really went ahead, and Charmaine actually got the cake with my drawing on it 8D That’s pretty awesome! (Even though I don’t get any credit for the original) She recently started up a weibo account (Chinese equivalent of Twitter) and posted a picture ofĂ‚  it as her first entry too, hehehee!

Here are two lovely photos I was recently sent as a token of appreciation ^.^ (She asked me to watermark them so I did)

Charmaine Sheh with Chibi Sam Ho Cake

Chibi Lau Sam Ho Cake

Photos belong to Ivy @
Looks good to me 8D

14 Responses to “Charmaine Sheh receives cake from Malaysian fans”

  1. coolGuy23 says:

    That’s pretty good, considering the clothes are so complicated :O. But it’d be even better if I got to eat it =D.

  2. Jacky says:

    Whats cool is Charmain actually took that picture and posted it on her blog thing!

    Fantastic archievement =)

  3. Malavika says:

    That’s so cool! Well done!

  4. Somps says:

    Hahaha that’s awesome! ^_^

  5. Kaz says:

    That’s so cool 8D!!

  6. coolGuy23 says:

    Omg I just realised. The person holding the cake in that picture, isn’t she some famous person :O?

  7. Raymond says:

    Oh WOW!! I’m really super duper impressed! GO CHIBI!!!!!!!!