Legend of Demi Gods- chibi

9th October 2008 at 7:28 am

Dear Chibi,




I just finished watching ‘The Legend of Demi Gods’ and had the urge to draw these! I really do love some of the characters, especially ‘An Hei’ (the 4th character), Ho Choi Mui (middle) and the Swordsman Spirit (5th character). They were rather fun to draw but it was challenging finding reference pics.

These artwork are also displayed on K-TVB.net
I’ve also drawn Sailor Moon characters in this style too. You can find them here.

5 Responses to “Legend of Demi Gods- chibi”

  1. M12 says:

    These pictures are as cute as heck :D.

  2. blue_angel_12 says:

    Hey Chibi! I love your works :D They are all sooo good! I knew I saw your work @ the COFA site before lol :P

  3. Kaz says:

    omg they’re sooo cute!! They look so much like the characters! I can’t decide which one I liked the most : ) Great job!

  4. Sailor Gold Rabbit says:

    When I first saw these, I immediatley thought “Chibi Dolls! EEEE!” They’re so cute! Great job! ^.^

  5. chibi says:

    Thanks all of you ^____^