“An Evening of Final Fantasy” @Sydney Opera House

10th April 2016

Dear Chibi,

Today Hubby and I went to see “An Evening of Final Fantasy” presented by Nathankct and Joelle at the Sydney Opera House. A big thank you to the kind folks at The Japan Foundation Sydney, for giving away a free double pass :D (Tickets are normally $79-$99) We attended the 3.30pm session at the Utzon Room, where we also saw Emily, Mel, MZ, Amy, Somps, Dong and co.

I’ve previously seen 2 other Final Fantasy music performances; “Distant Worlds” in 2011, and “A Night in Fantasia” (so long ago I can’t even remember when ;D)  This will be our first time seeing a solo pianist and vocalist.

An evening of final fantasy NATHANKCT and joelle

“Nathankct, performing on grand piano, in collaboration with international star vocalist JOELLE, seeks to delight and entertain, translating the personal into the universal through his own arrangements of both classics and rarely heard gems from Final Fantasy I through XIII; Performing one night only in the unique and intimate Utzon Room of the Sydney Opera House, and with iconic views of art, and windows looking out to the ocean.”


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Chibi Doll~ Rikku. Final Fantasy X girls set complete!

3rd August 2015

Dear Chibi,

Final fantasy X Rikku Chibi Doll

And here is the Rikku Chibi Doll :) I hope you like it! I’m actually sick at home today with the flu :( NooOOOO. I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN RIGHT NOW : < *sob* Guess I’ll take some panadol and have a rest…

Final Fantasy X Chibi Dolls Yuna, Rikku and Lulu

In the meantime.. enjoy these cuties :D!



Chibi Doll~ Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

2nd August 2015

Dear Chibi,

Chibi Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

So I end up drawing Yuna today :) What a pretty outfit. Now I just need to make a Rikku doll to complete the girls set!

Chibi Doll~ Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

1st August 2015

Dear Chibi,

Final Fantasy X - Chibi Lulu

Just felt like drawing Lulu :D Not sure if I’ll draw the other characters..maybe one day :)

Final Fantasy X.

1st August 2015

Dear Chibi,

I recently finished playing the main story of FFX (PS4 remastered version) and have been feeling a little empty inside… THIS GAME SO SAD AND BEAUTIFUL AND TRAGIC. AHHHHHHH.. Just wonderful. I love the main characters so much… Yuna, Tidus, Auron, Lulu, Calamari (ohoho), Wakka and Rikku. I loved seeing Yuna and Tidus gradually fall for each other, but I also loveeeeeeed Lulu and Wakka’s interaction. It was intriguing, which lead me to constantly talk to Lulu throughout the game. I didn’t know about the game’s hidden ‘affection’ mechanics, which slightly changes certain scenes in the game, depending on which character ‘likes’ you the most through your actions. It goes without saying, Lulu end up with the highest affection score so Tidus gets a ride with her, and she’s the one passing the Blitz Ball to Tidus during his limit break 8D. hehee, that’s kinda cool… though WOULD YUNA NOT BE MORE APPROPRIATE? XP


Yuna’s sending. OMG Yuna is perfection :’)



And yes.. I squealed like a 13 year old fan-girl watching the kiss scene >w<

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Final Fantasy XIV

29th September 2013

Dear Chibi,

Recently cBsM got me FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn as a gift, so I’ve been playing this over the last week or so (yay for 30 day free subscription!).  It’s my first MMORPG so the concept is pretty new to me. I also had a difficult time learning how to move my character around but luckily I’m getting the hang of it!  So far it’s been quite enjoyable~ but I’m mostly excited about the battles rather than the actual story/plot ^^” The visuals are pretty amazing and I love the battle music!




My character, Yui Moon~ A conjurer :D

Final Fantasy Cosplay Photo shoot

19th April 2013

Dear Chibi,

Seven years ago, Kaz and I had our first cosplay experience at Sydney Animania, dressing up as Tifa Lockhart and Rinoa Heartilly from the Final Fantasy series. Back then, the only non-convention photos we took were amateur shots of each other in our backyard. While it’s kinda cute and not too bad (yay for baby fat), we felt like the photos could look a lot better. Ever since Jacky purchased his DSLR, we discussed the possibility of dressing up once again and it got us all excited :D

Over the last few months, we did all sorts of preparation and research, with Jacky fine tuning his photography skills and us making enhancements to the costume.

After several delays due to the wet weather, we finally found a nice sunny Sunday! We spent about 2 hours getting ready with the hair and make-up. We started the shoot at 3pm and had 2 hours since the Gardens closed at 5pm. There really wasn’t a whole lot of time, but we fit in as much as we could. Jia also came along to help out with the shoot (or more like..to observe his model girlfriend ;D)

I really like how some of the shots came out. This one is my personal favourite:

Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay

Aren’t the feathers pretty?? *_* Jia, Kaz and I threw them into the air ^^”

Without further delay, here are the photos:


I spent several late nights revamping the cosplay site. Please have a visit and let me know what you think :D

Special thanks to Jacky for making this all happen <3 The entire experience though fun, was very exhausting XD


Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY @Sydney

16th April 2011

Distant Worlds

Dear Chibi,

Last night Jacky and I went to see the much anticipated “Distant Worlds” Final Fantasy concert at the Sydney Opera House~the experience was mind blowing! I enjoyed every second of it and was left in awe. We had really good seats because Jacky had known about it for a while and had bought tickets 5 months ago. The composer Nobuo Uematsu also attended which was probably Jacky’s highlight of the night~He was a funny man 8D

Distant Worlds Sydney 2011

We forgot to take the program before we entered so we weren’t sure which songs were going to be played. My favourite from the night had to be FFX’s “Suteki da ne“, “To Zanarkand” and FF VIII’s “Liberi Fatali. Kanon, the vocalist for Suteki da ne was amazing…she has such a beautiful soothing voice. They also had a screen behind which showed scenes from the games which was a really nice touch. Oh, the fond memories.

Throughout the evening I constantly got goosebumps because of just how overwhelmingly epic the orchestra was. ahhhh…

This is the best present ever. Thanks so much Jacky for taking me here.
<3 Happy 4 Year Anniversary :D

Rinoa Heartilly Anatomy Practice

16th December 2008

Dear Chibi,


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Rinoa & The Griever Lion Ring

8th March 2007

Dear Chibi,

Guess what Chibi was up to today? Perhaps the title gives it away.  I didn’t quite know what to think of it, but after much consideration, I decided to go and check it out. The UNSW Anime Club Launch Party was held at 6pm to 9.30pm over at the Main Campus and I decided to Cosplay (for the second time) Rinoa because it has been a while since I’ve last worn my costume, and I don’t really want to just wear it once in my life. Obviously it would be embarrassing to just wear the costume there, so I wore partial and got changed there. Surprisingly a lot of people turned up to the party, and it was very lively and enjoyable experience. One thing that annoyed me a bit was when people came up to me and said “OMG, It’s YUNA!” ehem….lol… Its FF8 people.

Anyways, I was introduced to soooooooooooooooooooooooo many people that evening it’s not funny… I don’t think I can remember any of their names ^^;; Maybe a few faces. Oh oh, Jim recognized me from the online course ‘Digital Illustration for Concept Art’ I did last year.. that was pretty surprising. Didn’t know I would actually meet online classmates. There was free food and drinks; I challenged a few random people in Connect4, played Pictionary, had general discussions on Anime, didn’t want to play Twister, people played Mario Kart or something, Go and so on.. and of course, there was the Cosplay Competition. A guy who cosplayed as a character from Gundam Seed came first and he got to choose which DVD he wanted; and I was to have the remaining one~ nice little fellow though, he insisted that I had my pick first since he says I should have won. I end up getting Midori no Hibi even though I’ve seen it already because the packaging was nice =)  Everyone I met this evening were super super nice. Had lots of fun.. too bad Kazzy couldn’t join me, since she had class till 9pm!

And so the party was coming to a close, and it was raining heavily outside…and GUESS WHAT? Kazzy saw Venerable on the way to the Roundhouse! That was really such a coincidence to find her here, and she offered to drive us both home ^.^ Yay, no need to take public transport in the rain late at night.