US Trip Part 1: Los Angeles & Coastal Drive

5th December 2017

Home Sweet Homeeeeee! :D I miss my cat.

Dear Chibi,

Hubby and I have recently returned from our 3 week holiday in the States :D The trip was for our 3 year wedding anniversary which lands on November 15th. It was our first time venturing outside of Asia, so the long flight was quite the experience ;D (and a little daunting at first). During our stay we visited Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Monterey, San Francisco, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Orlando, Miami and finally New York. I’ve got a lot to cover, so I’ll will be splitting up my blog entries into several parts as I make my way through all the photos. So, let’s get started!

Firstly, we landed in LA early in the morning. I only managed around 4 hours of sleep during the 14 hour flight. LA was 16 hours behind Sydney, so the timezone difference was messing with my brain XD. After the first day though my body clock seemed to have adjusted and it was all good from there :D Phew!

Our rental car for our drive up the West Coast.

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