Time for some buns

9th November 2018

Dear Chibi,

Dinner @Taste of Shanghai

An overdue catch up dinner with Robbie & Roy @Taste of Shanghai. Mmmm haven’t had xiaolongbao in a while~ ^^ juicy juicy

For some reason it’s always cold when we meet up.. XP

The 8DD Face

16th March 2018

Dear Chibi,

Thursday night catch up dinner @Abb Air Thai with these two crazy boys :D

Catch-Up Dinner @Arisun

21st October 2017

Dear Chibi,

It’s been a crazy long week in the office. I’m glad I had a Friday night catch-up to look forward to, even though it was unexpectedly cold and wet. It was so cold I had to get an emergency cardigan since I was only in a tee :’D Worked out in the end at least, heheee.

We decided to have Korean @Arisun in Chinatown. This place always looked busy but I’ve never dined there myself. The food’s not bad, very tasty. We ordered the spicy grilled pork belly, crispy boneless fried chicken and diy seasoned rice balls. I think my favourite were the rice balls. It reminds me of Hubby’s onigiri :3

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Ramen and Chocolate

3rd June 2017

Dear Chibi,

June is upon us..and so is winter. It always amuses me how much the temperature seems to change the moment a new season hits. I’ve already taken out my jackets, gloves, scarves and electric blanket :’D The only thing left is a beanie and I don’t think there’s much else I can wear on top…

I’ve also caught up with latest Game of Thrones. Thankfully the wait isn’t too long till the new season :D I didn’t think I would be watching this, but here I am… 6 seasons in and excited for what’s next! In the meantime, we’re back to watching Better Call Saul season 3. Gus is here!!

Ippudo Ramen

Tonight I caught up with my Tee Buddies Roy and Robbie @Ippudo for dinner. The pork bun was delish~

Max Brenner

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Good-bye to the old days

11th November 2016

Dear Chibi,

Today I caught up with my good o’ pals Roy & Robbie at Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe for lunch. I have missed hanging out with these guys! It reminded me of the early days when I first started at Tribal ~ all those late nights and weekend work were made bearable because of these two.