Indoor Rock Climbing @Villawood

28th December 2014

Dear Chibi,


Some rock climbing fun at the end of the year :)

Rock Climbing @ Villawood

3rd October 2011

Dear Chibi,

On Sunday Jacky and I went indoor rock climbing at Villawood, where I faced my fears at new heights (literally XD). The walls here are much higher than the ones at St Leonards so it was going to be a challenge. The last time I went climbing I didn’t go very high, and only got up about 3/4 of the beginner’s wall. This time I was determined to go all the way and boy did it feel rewarding! At first I was scared and worried. It took me a few attempts and hesitation before I decided I was really going to do this (I kinda backed out after I started). However, once I prepared myself mentally and realised I can’t actually fall because of the harness, my perspective started to changed.

During one of my climbs, I suddenly found myself smiling and thinking “Hey! This is actually fun :D!” I was so happy! As I approached the top, the log I was standing on started to shake and move about a lot. What the heck is happening?? Then I realised it was actually my legs that were shaking, lol. Although mentally I felt great,  subconsciously, I knew I was really high up and thought I was in danger XD I was sweating all over! Still, I enjoyed it a lot.

I was pretty tired by the end of the session, and got myself plenty of bruises… however, I wasn’t that sore o_o Last time I complained and complained, so I expected to be dead this time. Maybe the recent Squash sessions have made me more fit 8D yaaaaaay! What I found most strenuous was actually the belaying. I must be doing something wrong because I was always struggling to keep up, whereas it shouldn’t be that hard.

Jacky on the other hand seemed to have found a lot of amusement from the tight rope, lining up like a little boy waiting for free icecream :3 “Just one more time!” he tells me , as he stumbles over and swiftly jumps back into the queue.  “I promise this is the last time!” he exclaims while getting back on the rope about 10 more times after that…What a lie! :p

Anyway, I just felt AWESSSSOME. =D

P.S I had maccas shaker fries :D

Blue Mountains Weekend

14th June 2011

Dear Chibi,
Spending the long weekend away with Jacky over at the Blue Mountains sure was relaxing. It was pretty cold though with the temperature around 6-7 degrees, with a cloudy and drizzly forecast. A lot of the time it reminded me of our snow trip, without the snow though and plenty of mist :3 whhoooosh.

We first gave Steve a visit (a workmate of Jacky’s) who happily showed us around his house & beautiful garden. The dedication they’ve put into renovating their garden is amazing…  it’s no wonder they seemed so proud of their work. Steve and his partner were both really really friendly, and they cooked us a delicious meal! :DD Yuum. Their house was well kept, tidy and cosy! So much awesome in this place.

Yummy lunch

After recommending us places to visit, Jacky and I set off for some bush walking on the Valley of the Water’s Track. The mountain view was pretty amazing and we felt the mist/fog actually added more to it than took away.

It was a great walk and as we journeyed down the mountain it seemed to get greener and brighter!

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Rock Climbing Adventures

8th June 2009

Dear Chibi,

I’m feeling really sore right now.. every muscle in my body aches! ahaha… Yeah, I’m sleepy too but I feel like writing this up first ^_^
Today was a blast! Jacky, Burpy, Somps and I went to St Leonards for Rock Climbing at “Climb Fit” :D Who suggested it..? Me! muahaha… weird huh, coming from someone who can’t climb and is afraid of heights ^_^;; Originally Jacky and I wanted to go to the Blue Mountains for some bush walking, but the weather forecast over at Katoomba was rain and possible thunderstorms! …XD We shall go next time!

The last and first time I went indoor rock climbing was when I was in year 6. I remember I didn’t climb very high.. maybe about 2 metres and I gave up cause my arms/legs were not long enough to reach for the next rock. lol… But even from that little experience, there was something about rock-climbing that was really enjoyable. I told myself it was a lot of fun.. and I remember that till this day :) The idea of having a go at it now was quite attractive, ehehe.

We met up around 12.30pm, got our harnesses, and ourselves ready for the climbs!


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