The end of Revolution

1st March 2009

Dear Chibi,

I’ve finally finished watching ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena‘ and it was quite good..though a little confusing and a bit twisted. Every night I’d watch with much anticipation, waiting for the ‘truth’s to be revealed.. and sometimes pulling my hair out when there’s ‘filler’ episodes featuring Nanami- who in my opinion was very very annoying. However, she is also quite amusing because she’s really…. dumb. She found an egg on her bed one day and convinced herself she laid it o_o. wah? Then she turned into a cow in another ep.. O_O?

Anyways, there are quite a lot of round characters with interesting back stories and I think  this is one of the show’s strong points. There are also a lot of relationships explored, not all of them were heterosexual, nor purely homosexual either. Let’s take our female lead Utena for example- we’re made to think she’s a lesbian but she  has also fallen for male characters. Then there’s some incest going around too..which I thought was a little creepy.. actually, this was the only part of the show I felt a bit uncomfortable with.  NO WAIT.. I thought Anthy (girl in red) was freaky too..she’s like.. a ghost? A soul-less body??  Utena and Anthy’s relationship didn’t bug me or anything though. Glad they found each other XD


The series ended quite sadly and it was a bit ambiguous so I had to look up online and read about it.. and then I found out something I never realised..the voice for Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury is part of the seiyuu!! Wow, Jury DOES NOT sound ANYTHING like Usagi…!! OMG OMG XD

Anyways..byebye Utena, the girl in the boy’s uniform.. you were pretty cool when you were boy-ish. Must say I didn’t like her when she turned ‘girlie’ sometime in the show ^^;;

Currently seeing..

22nd February 2009

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday I discovered a newly released artwork of a Chinese drama I’m really looking forward to… OMG, HOW PRETTY IS THIS?? *__*

Chinese Paladin 3 (Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Zhi Ling Zhu Shen Jian )

I went pretty nutty when I saw the trailer a few weeks ago, especially discovering the amazing Hu Ge was the main character, and super cute Yang Mi was the female lead~ ahhhh.. hope it’s good >_< ..Can’t wait til it comes out.

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