Mono Girls Catch Up Lunch @The Garden

5th March 2017

Dear Chibi,

I’m back from our Mono girls catch-up lunch at The Garden in Wests Ashfield Leagues Club. Our last reunion was 5 years ago, so quite a lot has changed since. I’m not active on Facebook, so imagine my surprise when I learned a few were pregnant!! How exciting!

I had to leave around 2.30pm so I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone. There’s just so much catching up to do! Still, it makes me happy to know they are all doing so well :) Thanks Lemon for organising. All the best with the babies, ladies!!

Mono Girls Reunion @ Holy Basil

16th June 2012

Dear Chibi,

Last night after work, we had a ‘mono’ girls reunion dinner at the Holy Basil at Shark Hotel! It’s been SO LONG since we all hung out together (about 8 years), so it was good that a lot of us could make it. We’re all working now, most are dating and no one is married or engaged yet. We were so young back then! The girls couldn’t tell Kaz or me apart XD I think we’re looking more and more different, so I always find it amusing when people say we look more and more alike! haha

The food was so yummy :3 I’m loving Thai food more and more…I also got to try fried ice cream for the first time :D Boy was I stuffed after that meal.

The night turned out great but something really lame happened as well :p During dinner while we were eating, this guy came up to us and was like “There’s a group of 10 waiting outside for an hour now for a seat. Can you guys leave now since you’re just chatting and not eating?” How rude! So I responded with “No. We’re still waiting for our food and we haven’t finished”. Then he goes on to say “Oh, but there’s hardly anything on the table”. WHAT THE HECK RIGHT? We were not going to leave. It’s ridiculous when all the food hasn’t even arrived and we were planning on dessert after. So we got him to bugger off and decided we’d eat even slower just because ;p

Later on, it turns out the guy DOESN’T EVEN WORK FOR THE RESTAURANT. He was part of the 10 apparently “waiting for an hour”. lol I can’t believe he had the balls to come up to us pretending to be a staff and asking us to leave. Seriously. What a jerk.

Well, now I have a story to tell. XD