Serious combat with the spotty-handed

24th February 2007

Dear Chibi,

Sadly, my condition has gone worse since last blog entry, which meant the day was spent trying to recover, and not getting very far. Been down with the fever, which caused the icepack to melt too >.>” The tissue box is almost empty due to obvious reasons. Thank goodness I don’t have to go out today, I’d rather stay at home. It would have been terrible if I had to go to Uni today… where will I get that many tissues? XD

When in such a condition, Chibi decides there’s not much to do except watch something for entertainment. I finished Shen Diao Xia Lu (Return of Condor Heroes 06) the other night, and I must say I was rather pleased with this production and enjoyed it very much. The only thing that bugs me is that a duration of 16 years has passed, yet why doesn’t ANYONE age one bit, except for the main character guy, who grew a bit too much?? Seriously, everyone looks the same and he’s suppose to look around 30, but already has white hair..looking like late 40s/50s..errr.. oh wells, he still looks hot XD

Today I started watching Fate Stay Night, currently up to episode 5 and it’s alright so far. It has some interesting ideas which I’m curious to see where it leads. Lemme go find a pic and plug it in here..

hehe..Saber, stolen from Jacky’s site ^.^

Return of Condor Heroes

2nd February 2007

Dear Chibi,

While my Uni buddies have been working on various projects this break, Chibi has been enjoying [Return of Condor Heroes 06] starring Liu Yi Fei. We can clearly see who has been productive this break, can’t we?

After putting it off for months, I’ve decided to resume watching this Chinese production. It’s actually quite good… so even though it’s in Mandarin, I’m still willing to watch it with Chinese subtitles. I haven’t actually watched other versions of ROCH (despite being written by famous Jin Yong), except some scenes from TVB starring Louis Koo and Carmen Lee in 1995.

Liu Yi Fei’s (Xiao Long Nu) acting skills has improved a lot, and the fighting scenes just look fabulous. I haven’t seen Huang Xiao Ming (Yang Guo) act before.. but don’t be surprised as I’ve only started watching China productions. He makes a really good looking Yang Guo! I love it when his hair is all messed up (laughs). Yi Fei is stunning too. Can’t wait to see more =)


Stuff to watch.

4th July 2006

Dear Chibi,
Sometimes I surprise myself..I woke up at 1pm today o.o Thats my..record…lol..

Last night I was playing multiplayer BroodWars with my siblings, been ages since I’ve played it, hehee.. Will play more later…ehehee…

I’ve actually been wanting to watch some anime series this break, I’ve been downloading them for a while, but never got the chance to watch it, or when I do have time- I’m not in the mood for anime. Today I finished off Paradise Kiss, and it reminded me of Nana, it has a similiar style~ but hey, it was written by the same person, so obviously it would. There was something about this series that got me hooked, the illustrations are a little strange but interesting (main thing that disturbed me was their large lips) but I got disappointed at the ending. The characters pretty much dispersed, everyone moved on in their seperate lives. I was a little confused at the ending, but it seems the main couple didn’t end up together, I think that’s what really annoyed me. Their relationship was similiar to Yuki and Shuichi from Gravitation (except this couple is not homosexual) but they ended up together and I liked that…here, they just seperated v.v it is somewhat depressing. This series feels a little unusual, but was attractive at the same time- don’t know how to describe.

I’m currently downloading Nana the anime, as well as Return of Condor Heros 06 featuring Liu Yi Fei, but I think I’ll watch them when they’re all out, I don’t particularly like to have to wait for each episode to come out.

On another note, the TVBJ series I’ve been following every weeknight- Au Revoir ShangHai is ending this Friday, how exciting. This series turned out way better than expected… well, I didn’t expect anything from this- so that made it better! haha.