Hacked Sites & Blogs

12th June 2012

Dear Chibi,

Some bad news. Recently I discovered all my websites were attacked by the SEO Pharma hack. When you google “MoonSticks” you’ll see that all sorts of nasty words appear as MoonStick’s title tag and meta description promoting pharmaceutical products. Initially I thought it was just MoonSticks, but I later discovered all my sites are actually compromised :(  Putting “site:windy-goddess.net drugs” into google returns over 300 search results all pointing to my sites. It’s a sad day. I’ve been working hard for about a month now trying to resolve the issue but the nature of the hack makes it really difficult to fix. There’s a lot of hidden malicious files and code located everywhere within my account and it keeps reappearing despite me deleting them. With so many websites under the same account, it sure is time consuming going through every file… but it must be done.

As you can see, I’m using the default wordpress theme… I actually deleted my entire wordpress installation of this blog and uploaded a fresh new copy. I’m hoping this will eliminate the hack but it’s still too early to tell. However, if it works I’ll need to do the same thing for all my other sites. I’ll probably just leave it looking ‘default’ for the time being as I wouldn’t want to redo everything again if the site is still compromised. I guess my priority right now is to make sure the site is safe and free from hacks.

Wish me luck >.<

Rinoa cosplay pics used :[

24th September 2011

Dear Chibi,

While I was happily browsing the net this morning, I was informed that my Rinoa Heartilly cosplay pictures were being used by a ebay seller named hailiaccount. You can view the page here. I was horrified D: Why am I on ebay?! I have sent the seller an email asking them to remove them off their page. Hopefully they’ll do so.. this is so disrespectful of them :( Don’t use my pictures to sell your products!

Paper Chase

17th October 2009

Dear Chibi,

So in my previous blog entry, I asked why it was so cold. The weather fluctuated quite a bit during this time. On a train ride home on a warm day, this happened:

mX Paper Chase

mX Talk Friday 16th October 2009

*Sigh* I really don’t know what I want anymore. When the weather gets a teeny weeny bit warmer, the monsters come out ._. GAH! But when it’s cold I complain it’s cold too.. well, I complain when it’s too hot too. Autumn is the best!… when it’s slightly warm but not really warm..yeah.

MX Series: Bird in Hand| Oh Boy | Dark Time | Jacky’s one out of box | Raccoon Overheard | Vol 6, Paper Chase

Mines Depressing

6th February 2009

Dear Chibi,

I think the sad smiley can speak for itself..


Running towards something or nothing

20th June 2008

Dear Chibi,

I decided to cheer my workmate on and sponsor the team participating in the City2Surf Charity Challenge.

I suddenly remembered when I was in Year 4..we had to go around asking people to sponsor us for the Cross country- we didn’t get the money, it went towards something else (can’t remember what). My sister and I went knocking around the neighbourhood asking for donations and to our surprise there were quite a few nice people. Our family contributed to it too and in the end we got quite a decent amount so we were happy. Being twins, both Kerry and I obtained the same amount but we handed in the money to our own teachers. This is the sad part. After handing in the money and form in an envelope to my Year 4 teacher Ms Hewson, she denied ever receiving the payments from me!!! I can’t believe her =(

The school awarded canteen vouchers to the top 3 students who raised the most money…Kerry being one of them. Having raised the same amount, I got nothing and was accused of lying too.

That was really frustrating.. and there was no way I could prove to people that my teacher had taken the money for herself.

I guess the truth in some things in life just never come out.

the horror of Death Note Movie 1

15th November 2007


Dear Chibi,

O.M.G… The live action Movie for Death Note is.. UNBEARABLE. It is TERRIBLE!!!! It makes Death Note look really really really bad and cheesy >< Do not watch it unless you are, well, prepared ^^; When my bro and Jacky both warned me it was going to be bad, I prepared for the worst.. it was worse than I imagined. Not only was it altered DRAMATICALLY from the original.. the directing and acting was terrible (did anyone notice there was close to no soundtrack??) . There was really lack of effort to make the characters look and behave like the characters should. Come on.. our main character Light.. LOOKS DUMB! He’s suppose to be intelligent and good looking… I don’t see any of that in him. I’m serious.. how can anyone think he is anything else but an immature idiot?!
One good thing about the movie is Ryuk (he looks very scary) but that’s how he looks… downside is, he is a little out-of-character. What happened to his famous line.. “juicy”? XD I was disappointed about that.


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11th February 2007

Dear Chibi,

For the past couple of days my left eye has been really itchy, watery and red x_x I finally decided to go check at the doctors to find that it has been infected (argh); so that left me feeling so-so for a while. Go Go Anti-infection-Eye-Drop-POWER x 4 times a day!! Please heal me soon ;_;

On a completely different note, I got woken up by the thunderstorm this morning, which interrupted my dream of Donald Trump being my employer!! lol… I found that pretty random. Yes, I was walking around in Auburn and saw him inside a building. He said “You, are you looking to be employed?” with a dead serious face. My reaction at that time –> o.o?

The next moment I was dressed up and working! He was pretty funny though, he provided me with Sailor Galaxia’s transformation sequence footage. I was like “wow…” (There is no such thing in real life, so that’s why I was amazed ^^) Half way through, I have no idea why…but Donald Trump turned into Massimo (from The Bold and the Beautiful) ..hahahahaha!!!

It’s a pretty weird dream.. I don’t even think about Donald Trump, even less about B&B!!!! This is embarrassing :p


4th February 2007

Dear Chibi,

You know you get annoyed when:

You’re typing away happily with notepad…you type a lot.. then you decide you’ll close it and click “yes” to save when it asks you. During that split second, you decide you DON’T want to close it and continue typing.. you click “no”, thinking “no, I don’t want to close you yet”, but instead, it’s “no, I want to exit without saving”

ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. >.< Haha, or maybe this only happens to chibi, XD