Off for a month holiday~ Japan and HK

29th March 2012

Dear Chibi,

Just two more days left till I’m off to Japan with Jacky :D Yaaay! I should start packing soon. Unfortunately, I started feeling unwell yesterday, so here I am at home today trying to recover! I’m sooo excited about this trip; it’s been about a year now since the Earthquake hit Japan. Hopefully everything runs smoothly :) We will also be celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary there~<3

These past couple of weeks has been quite an interesting experience :) Not sure how to describe it, except it’s different and refreshing.

Sailor Moon presents!

18th November 2011

Dear Chibi,

My good friend Marcus recently returned from his month trip to Hong Kong and Japan, and brought back so many goodies =DDD

Hong Kong MTR Sailor Moon Souvenir Ticket Series

MTR Sailor Moon Souvenir Tickets

MTR Classic Anime Souvenir Tickets featuring new Sailor Moon artwork!! These include three souvenir tickets with the Inner senshi, a ticket holder, and key-chain. These were only available in Hong Kong for a very limited time and were sold out so quickly! I’m so happy he managed to get them :D Then again, he did line up for them the day they came out. Oh so awesome.

Sailor Moon gifts

Look at that SHIIINNNNY card in the middle o.o These cards are so nostalgic… I still have the ones I collected as a child sitting in my draw.

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Joey Yung’s Sydney Starlight Concert 2010

29th March 2010

Dear Chibi,

Last night Jacky, Kaz and I went to see Joey’s 2010 Sydney Concert held at the Sydney Entertainment Center. I’ve always wanted to go to a concert, and Joey is pretty much the only person I care about and want to see live. I even had a dream I met her in person (and damn that was cool XD) Knowing my first concert experience was watching her made me extremely happy :D!

Joey Yung Sydney Starlight Concert 2010

I started listening to her about 10 years ago. She came to Sydney for a concert in 2004, but because it was during HSC year we decided it probably wasn’t a great idea (and it was pricey and we were jobless XD). I’m glad she’s able to come back and perform for us :)

Jacky and I got the $69 tickets but thanks to his cousin we got the front row of the last section so we were pretty close to the stage (though not centered). Kaz watched with her friends at the $108 seating right at the center. It would have been better if they gave us whistles or glow-sticks but that didn’t happen. We resorted to using phone lights instead.

So.. I was sitting there waiting eagerly for her to appear but wasn’t as excited as I thought I would be at that very second. Then she came. She started singing. My eyes became really watery.. It was then that I realised just how happy I felt. I was reaaaally happy. I couldn’t believe I was sitting there seeing the real person and hearing her voice. I will never forget that moment :)

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Back from Hong Kong-China

7th December 2009

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday morning Jacky picked me up from the airport- I’m home sweet home– Did you miss me? ^.^ I came back feeling a bit sick from the plane ride but overall the trip was pretty enjoyable :) I felt like a zombie, suffering from fatigue, jet lag and overall tiredness. I haven’t unpacked yet, everything is still in the luggage. I should start unpacking it sometime, shouldn’t I? hehe.

It is the strangest feeling being back in Sydney! It’s been almost 2 days now, and I still think I’m in some kind of dream.. Ah, the beautiful clear sky, the quiet streets.. no more dust storms everyday, noisy motorbikes, crowded streets and toilets without any paper :) My bedroom suddenly looks sooo pretty and cute XD ahaha? I went to work today, feeling like I haven’t been there in months. I suddenly realised how relaxing my work can be and how much I enjoy it :) It felt really fresh- I think holidays have brainwashing powers XD My collegues are saying they need a holiday, and I thought ‘not really?’ I forgot I just came back from one, so that’s probably why, haha!

Boy, is it hot over here! I heard it reached around 40 degrees while I was away. The temperature was quite nice over there, not hot and not too cool :) People in Hong Kong can’t handle coolness very well… I was there in a T-shirt, and people were dressed for the snows or something ^^; I felt a bit out of place lol.

Cousin’s Wedding in China

I attended my lovely cousin’s wedding and I must say it was a very interesting experience. It was different, fun, boring, and exciting all mixed together XD This is my second wedding I’ve ever attended, and I was privileged to be the bridesmaid. She was looking for someone young and unwed- and I was..well both  XD She’s in her early 30s, but apparently that’s considered old in China.

Mum, Bride and Chibis

At my cousin’s house with the beautiful bride

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Off to Hong Kong

18th November 2009

Dear Chibi,

Well, it looks like this is it :) In about 3-4 hours time I’ll be at the airport boarding a plane to Hong Kong! I was so excited last night I didn’t sleep properly but I guess that’s normal :) Still got a little bit of packing to do but hopefully it won’t be too hard. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months and now that the time is here, I’m feeling a bit nervous ^^; This time it’ll just be me and Mum. Hopefully everything runs smoothly for us- Airport procedures are always a bit of a hassle!

Will be back 6th December! Don’t miss me too much :)

felt like months!

9th December 2006

No, it wasn’t boring, trust me.
Dear Chibi,

Long time no see! hehee..well actually it has only been roughly 2 weeks, but I feel like I was on a holiday for ages! haha. Well, after 8 hours on the plane, I’m back- in one piece (ignore the aching neck and broken bones) Boy, I’ve caught the plane 6 times in 2 weeks!
Australia –> HK —> South Korea (Seoul) —> South Korea (Jeju) —> South Korea (Seoul) —> HK —> Home Sweet Home! lol.

Plane rides are a bit too lengthy- I was happily playing Mah Jong against the computers, winning 8/8 rounds- and then they HAD to just die..and leave me nothing to do except watch TV (which wasn’t too bad, but I want to play Mah Jong- I was winning! :p)

During the first plane ride to HK, I realised:
1) I can’t unscramble words
2) I know nothing about music. history. geography. sport. Trivia totally killed me. XD

“How many players in a BasketBall Team?” < — o.o?

LOL…I have no clue!! Don’t kill me.

Now, I should keep this short since I don’t wanna bore you to tears about how much fun it was for me (while you were at home =p)- BUT, lemme just..say some stuff. yeh? thanks ^_^ Okies, lemme continue typing.

Some weird (and annoying) stuff happened during the second day in HK…

Firstly, Mum’s ring went missing after I (randomly) put it on my finger. Why did I do that? It was sitting on the desk and I just happened to be there so I just did. After I tried it on, I took it off and put it back there. It was NO WHERE to be found…

Next, outside on the streets of HK; a Taxi driver literally tried to run us over without hesitation. We stood on the path since a taxi was driving through. He stopped there, indicated to us to walk across- and guess what? The moment we stepped on the road, he drove straight ahead! baka. People were hit by it, and he continued driving. I dodged it, it slightly hit Kaz on the leg. Good thing we had a somewhat fast reaction.

Thirdly, within 10 minutes of walking, Dad’s wallet was pinched.

Did you enjoy those stories? =p I told you I wouldnt just brag about how good my trip was. Oh, and these stories are true by the way, incase you were having doubts.

Time for quick stuff about South Korea =D
1) FREEZING. I thought the Snow Trip earlier in the year was cold..this was MINUS 5 degrees!! It even started snowing time to time. (pretty factor)
2) BEAUTIFUL. South Korea looked really nice. Its also very clean.
3) EXPENSIVE. I bought a cup of instant noodles for 800 WON. Currency was confusing. Stuff in Korea was very expensive; Dad happened to have bought a jacket in HK for 300 HKD, he saw the exact same jacket in Korea for what was worth equivalent to 1000 HKD. *cough*

oh oh, I gotta add that Sunny (one of the Tour guys) look and behave soooo much like Herbert!! So much similarities I keep thinking he’s Herbert instead. XD He was one funny man.
I have so much more to say, but i guess I’ll leave the rest for me to actually say, hehee. Some photos to share:

Is a kangaroo sitting on my head really necessary…? I did say it was freezing ^^;

Everland (Amusement Park in Seoul)

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Pack pack packing.

25th November 2006

Dear Chibi,
I’m heading off early tomorrow morning..will have to get up around 5am! Still currently in the process of packing stuff. Won’t be gone for too long, roughly 2 weeks. Oh yesh, change of travel plans too~ originally it was to HK and Japan, but due to lack of numbers for the Tour (to Japan) we are now going to South Korea instead! Somewhat disappointing, but still should be quite good, since I’ve never been there before =D Over in HK it’s roughly 18 – 24°C, while in Korea it’s 08°C What should I pack? lol.

hahaa..anyways, take care!