9th August 2010

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday Jacky, Burpy, Somps and I went to see Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’ at Burwood cinemas. With the movie being hyped so much, I wondered if it could really meet up to my expectations. Well, what can I say..? It was brilliant! Very clever and intriguing. It’s definitely one of the better movies I’ve seen a long time. If you haven’t seen it yet, chibi says GO SEE IT. NOW.


Or, you could be as hardcore as Burpy and watch it thrice ;) All in the name of the box office.

The idea of the movie is based on dreams within dreams, and since I’m quite a dreamer (I dream a lot) I could really relate to the ideas explored in the film. I have never experienced limbo (or is this ‘reality’ a limbo?), but I have experienced 2/3 level dreaming & sometimes lucid dreaming. It’s quite an interesting experience and I often wonder how it must feel for others to not dream at all.

I was so sure Inception was going to appear in my dream last night, as lately all my dreams relate directly to what I see/do during the day. The problem with this is- I don’t want to dream about it. Mal is too scary and haunting~ I want her to stay far far away from me as possible!! >_< (Not you Mal pal XD)

Since coming home last night, I kept forcing myself not to think about the film, and told myself continuously that it’s “not real”. It’s the only way I can make myself less scared about anything. So.. can you guess what happened in my dream last night..?

In my dream, I kept telling myself not to think about Inception and that it’s not real. LOL..
At least it kinda worked, since Mal never showed up…ahahahaa.

So here I am back in reality, though I spent all morning wondering if this really is the reality. ‘Are Mondays really this long and boring?’

I need a totem.

Back to the Past

16th February 2009

Dear Chibi,

I had a dream last night, that for whatever reason, I went back in time- to the first day of Uni. However, I remember everything that has happened to this day, yet everyone else obviously don’t. It was just so so strange seeing everything unfold again- I was doing the same thing too, because I tried to “act” back the way I was back then, not knowing anyone or anything- so I wouldn’t seem “out of place”.

I kept wondering, will everything be the same again? No matter what I do, will my future still remain unchanged? I just went back to the past, but the “present’ still exists somewhere, right? In order to get back to the present, it seems I needed to live in the past live for another 4 years.

I met Marcus again, but soon I realised something was not right. He seemed like the same as he was before, but then I suspected that he also had retained his memory of the present, but- like me, is PRETENDING he hasn’t. There might have been others also with memories, desperately trying to change the past… It was like a game of trying to change history, and trying to keep it the same.

I woke up pretty confused, but it also made me realise that I’m happy with what I have right now, and probably wouldn’t wanna do anything differently in the past.

I’m just glad to be back in the present!

dreams mixed into reality

6th December 2007

Dear Chibi,

Last night I decided I wouldn’t put my alarm on and guess what happened? I slept for about 12 hours x_x! The dream was very very very long.. I don’t particularly like dreams that go for that long cause they’re usually weird and don’t make any more sense than short dreams. Sleeping too much makes you feel lost in the morning (err..well, arvo)- now I can’t tell if things really happened or they were just from the dream @__@ I guess I can never really find out either, lol. It’s so difficult sometimes thinking if something existed in reality or not.

This morning (or was it night?) there was loud blasting thunder and pouring rain hitting against my window. I remember flashes of lightning before hiding my face completely under the blankets. Then it seems I was telling people (in my dream) that it was pouring outside my window and that the thunder was totally freaked me out. eh? That’s confusing.. but I guess this is another story XD

Anyways, I better go grab some breakfast……………../lunch…

world against you

30th June 2007

Dear Chibi,

I should have a ‘nightmare’ tag for my blog.. since this isn’t something I’d call a ‘dream’. The word ‘dream’ is so contradicting.
1. a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep2. an aspiration; goal; aim:

Last night I had a dream which is something I hope would never happen. Everyone from my COFA group were there, sitting around in a circle about to commence a “game” of something. We had to get into teams of pairs and naturally I turned to Somps, who was sitting besides me. However, the least expected thing happened- she told me she hated how I always forced her to be with me. I went speechless. I didn’t know what to say. I looked around, to find everyone glaring at me. I could remember each and every one of them so clearly.. they looked so real. Each took turns to bag me out, and told me they would never team up with me. Eyes were very cold. Words felt sharp. I was alone. I kept asking myself ‘why?’ I couldn’t stand it. I got up and ran as fast as I could to get away from this. I cried so much. After a few moments, I felt someone coming near me. Jacky was in a wheelchair. He looked at me firmly but couldn’t say any words of comfort. Why didn’t anyone care? I hadn’t felt worse than that very moment.

Even as I type this, I feel the sadness just thinking about it. I know this won’t happen- but to see what it is like being there is awful. It was a horrible dream.

arranged marriage

25th February 2007

Dear Chibi,

Suddenly I’ve been arranged by my mum to get married with a 40 year old Korean guy who migrated to Australia and hopes to be a permanent resident. WHAT THE HECK?! This drove me nuts. Naturally I’d go bizarre and disagree with the whole business, but for some reason no one would listen to me. The same thing was to happen to my sis, but for some reason she didn’t mind -_-” During the day of the Wedding Ceremony, I ran away. It was sooooo scary! A lot of people were chasing after me and the faster I tried to run, the slower I seem to be traveling. Running through stairs, hiding behind walls and under desks… it was like a game of hide and seek, though my life depended on it! I became very desperate… I wanted to go home, but from my knowledge, I was far from home. I needed to run across a few blocks of school ground before I can reach the bus x_x The 40-year old Korean guy seemed to be the Principal of the school.

That’s why I’m always relieved when I wake up from this kind of nonsense! It’s really..annoying… but only seems funny when I look back at it or when I tell people XD


11th February 2007

Dear Chibi,

For the past couple of days my left eye has been really itchy, watery and red x_x I finally decided to go check at the doctors to find that it has been infected (argh); so that left me feeling so-so for a while. Go Go Anti-infection-Eye-Drop-POWER x 4 times a day!! Please heal me soon ;_;

On a completely different note, I got woken up by the thunderstorm this morning, which interrupted my dream of Donald Trump being my employer!! lol… I found that pretty random. Yes, I was walking around in Auburn and saw him inside a building. He said “You, are you looking to be employed?” with a dead serious face. My reaction at that time –> o.o?

The next moment I was dressed up and working! He was pretty funny though, he provided me with Sailor Galaxia’s transformation sequence footage. I was like “wow…” (There is no such thing in real life, so that’s why I was amazed ^^) Half way through, I have no idea why…but Donald Trump turned into Massimo (from The Bold and the Beautiful) ..hahahahaha!!!

It’s a pretty weird dream.. I don’t even think about Donald Trump, even less about B&B!!!! This is embarrassing :p

SnowTrip flashback

5th October 2006

Dear Chibi,
Last night I had a dream about the snowtrip I went on earlier this year, with the same guys again…except the trip was different…felt different too.. it included scary witches chasing after us as we were running for our lives (again, like a previous dream where doors were found beyond doors), we were the victims of rollarcoasters falling above us, we were iceskating instead of skiing… the running part was pretty scary; it was hard to keep it up, but we all watched over each other and survived in the end. I think that was the pleasant part of all…normally ithe ‘chases’ I have in dreams don’t end too well, I either get caught and wake up or it’s never ending. The fact this time I was with some friends and made it at the end felt a relief. Oh oh, the ending was a bit funny; we all went to Parklea Markets and ordered food to eat…lol.. and I said to the others I didn’t want anything since I didn’t have an apetite ( in my dream I remembered I have a cold at the moment)

And THIS was the reason I skipped the lecture I was suppose to go to this morning…
Nevertheless, a few more weeks to go til everything is due; like the dream- I hope we can make it all out alive at the end :)

Arnold teaches how to walk on stilts

19th September 2006

Dear Chibi,
I had a realllllly weird dream last night!! In my dream, I was walking along a street and happen to go pass Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house! XD He was like “Do you know who I am?” (which a scary face) and the next moment he was teaching me how to walk on stilts!! Then he made me cross the road with stilts on while cars were driving pass, lol! Talk about strange and RANDOM dreams…… why Arnold? The only thing I can think of was in a lecture sometime last week, the lecture showed a promotional image of the Terminator… and yeh, that got into my dream a week later! hahahaa…..