Holy moly the nostalgia

30th December 2015

Dear Chibi,

When I started browsing through archive.org (an internet archive), I wasn’t prepared for the amount of nostalgia headed my way. I revisited old websites and forums I used to spend hours and hours on, and also retrieved files I’ve lost over the years, including these awesome art gifts! These were all from online friends I met from as early as 2003. I was still in High School! :’D


Lol. I love how it says ‘From Blox the lazyass’ XD Yes, he couldn’t even be bothered to clean the lines ;D Very cute picture though. I love Aeris from FF7 :)


Oh my, this used to be my most favourite Yui fanart XD THIS IS SO CUTE. Art by Blox.

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Don’t Fade

6th October 2008

Dear Chibi,


A rather quick sketch I did while messing around in Photoshop and playing with the wacom pen. I haven’t drawn in so long I was a little worried I forgot how to draw! Somehow this generic girl turned into Yui in the end. I didn’t think too much while drawing this- didn’t even take style into consideration- I just drew her face without anything in mind- and hey, she end up smiling ^_^ How she turned out a little bloody, I’m not sure.. but she’s a character who would never fade away. Maybe I just really missed drawing her, and wondered if there was an ‘end’ to her one day..

I didn’t end up cleaning the lines and left it as is -I will need to brush up my colouring skils too =)

The will to do it

5th March 2008

Dear Chibi,


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I apologise for the lack of doodles for the past 2 months or so. Since my last entry, not long after I started the “Study Anatomy Daily Challenge”- I started working (graphic design) 4 days a week, 9 to 5. I get home each day about 6.30-7pm, have dinner, sit down and it’ll be almost be 8pm. Tired from the day’s work, I just want to relax. I have to hop back in bed by 11pm to give myself 8 hrs of good sleep to prepare for the next work day. Some nights are spent out for dinners, outings, birthdays- there’s just a general lack of time to be inspired and motivated to draw something decent. This is a shame though, since I know I want to get better at it, yet I’m just not making the time to do it.

Last night I attempted to make a doodle, and I must say my skills have really deteriorated. I’m so rusty! Fear not though… I do intend to get myself up to scratch sometime in the near future =)

Until then, I guess I’ll have to find the will inside me to do it. Thanks for reading, I hope to post something up soon.

as a result of being sidetracked…

5th November 2007

…we have the image above.

Dear Chibi,
Jen has been knocked down by a fever yet again and suffering from throat infection… she can’t speak! Well, that’s not really a problem here so we’ll move on ^_^; After what seems like days since she has touched her animation project, she decided it was about time she drew those frames (umm..assignment hand in is TOMORROW >.< ) However, she didn't really have anything in mind what she was going to draw and without thinking..it turned out to be a front view of Yui. err. Why would she need a shot like this? XD Just as she was about the delete the lines, she realised this wasn't too bad, especially for something so quick. She decided maybe she could colour it in and see how it will turn out. (Why would she do that if shes suppose to do her project? She forgot about it..¬¬ got a bit carried away) She decided she would try a different approach and make it water-colour-manga-ish and started painting away. Not long after, she realised she was liking what she saw. wheeeee... Now she wished she put more thought on the initial drawing so she would actually have a pose intead of just standing there, oh well. She hopes you'll like it ^_^