White Christmas for Christmas!

23rd December 2012

Dear Chibi,

One of the first things I’ve ever made as a kid was ‘White Christmas’~ something we did during school when I was in 2nd grade. It was really tasty! So to relieve that special little moment in my childhood, I decided to make it again as an adult :D


The recipe was really basic and simple~ melt the chocolate and mixed everything in together!

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Xmas Butternut Snap Rudolph Chocolate Tartlets

23rd December 2012

Dear Chibi,

It’s been a while since Chibi has had her last foodie adventure! I haven’t been very inspired for the last 3 months, but thanks to Christmas being just around the corner, I’ve gone all excited about it again :) Time to cook up something for the festive season! :D In this episode, we’re gonna have a look at how Chibi tackled these super cute ‘Butternut Snap Rudolph Chocolate Tartlets’~


(P.S I did not make up this recipe ;D I followed one, haha)

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1920s Gangsters & Dolls Xmas Party

15th December 2012

Dear Chibi,

Woot! One more week till my Christmas break! Last night we had our office ‘1920s Gangster and Dolls’ Themed Christmas Party held at Paddington Town Hall. Most of the ladies went for the 1920s Doll look, but I decided to go Gangster instead since it’s easier for me and I didn’t need to wear heels XD Anyways, some photos below :D





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Boxing Day BBQ

31st December 2011

Dear Chibi,

@ The Royal National Park in Waterfall

Christmas 2011

25th December 2011

Dear Chibi,

Yaaaay it’s xmassy time :D Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas with their wonderful friends and family :D

Revisiting Hurstville Christmas Lights

18th December 2011

Dear Chibi,

3 years ago, on the same weekend before Christmas, Jacky and I went to Hurstville to check out the pretty Christmas light decorations :) We saw an insane house back then (which I blogged about here) and tonight, we saw the mighty thing again. We also went to the same restaurant for dinner at Kagaya :) It was quite nostalgic.

It’s actually quite a strange feeling being at the same place again… it’s like we went back in time :) The ice-cream truck was still there too! hehee

Xmas party @ Maritime Museum

16th December 2011

Dear Chibi,

This year’s office party was held at Maritime Museum Terrace Lounge with a “Rich and Famous” theme ~ I’ve managed to grab some photos off my colleagues to slap on here. I am so sleepy right now!  Actually, I couldn’t focus all day (kind of out of it) but that’s what happens when you have a party on a Thursday night :p

Anyway, the party was good. I liked mucking around in the photo booth, heehee!

Christmas BBQ 2010

27th December 2010

Dear Chibi,

This year we celebrated Christmas by having a BBQ with uni friends at Bicentennial Park. Strangely, the entire park was filled with Asians. Is this  really an Asian thing to do? lol
Jacky arrived really early that morning to help us bag a good spot under shelter as tables are limited and with the forecast saying “Possible showers” (oh, lies XD) it was pretty important. Although it was organised in a really short period, it turned out really well :D We had plenty of food, great company and a lovely warm weather.

After eating, we spent the afternoon playing cards, Cranium, frisbee and tree climbing! By this time it was getting really hot so Ray graciously offered ice-cream at his place, yuuuum. We headed over there and had some good laughs watching Blastoise, Nintendo64 and a few other funnies ^^ Charlie…Charrrlliieeeee... hehehe.

Oh fun times :D

Family Christmas Dinner

2 Days till Christmas

23rd December 2010

Dear Chibi,
This year our boss gave everyone a $100 pre-paid visa gift card! yay for freebies :D

Me with my dorky glasses @ our office Secret Santa Event 8D

Christmas Lights @ Matraville

19th December 2010

Dear Chibi,

Last night Jacky and I went to D To D Café for dinner where he bumped into a girl who did work experience at his workplace. It turns out her father owns this cafe. “Small world” he says :) So we continued with dinner and until Jacky interrupted “Hey, the guy over there looks like Halil.” I turn to see the side view of him with his girlfriend. “Of course that’s Halil!” XDDD So, I took out my phone and decided to give him a call. We haven’t heard from him for over a year so the call would probably surprise him. Well, it did, but for the wrong reasons, lol. He already removed my number from his phone so he had no idea who he was even talking to.

“Hey!” I say.
“Sorry, who’s this?”
“5 o’clock”
“Look 5’oclock”
“What? Who is this?”
“Turn around…”

And alas, he sees us. We wave 8D Isn’t it amusing when you bust someone for removing you off their phone list. He probably thought we’d never see each other again of some sorts. Small world…small world.

Afterward we headed to the Matraville area, known for it’s Christmas decorations :D The houses looked amazing with so many pretty lights! Although no single one looked as impressive as the one in Hurtsville last year, there were definitely a lot more to look at. As expected, there were very large crowds of people walking with their pets and kids :) Apart from the lights, the two of us couldn’t stop thinking ‘How massive as these houses??” XD

Photo time :DD

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