Fairy and Swordsman ~ 3 Years

17th January 2009

Dear Chibi,

Just realised today marks [Fairy and Swordsman]’s 3rd year anniversary.  aww :3
I really should give it a new layout sometime too.

I really want to make a new fansite too, except I have no topics in mind that I’m really passionate about. I feel like I haven’t built a website in quite sometime, I’m kinda mising it. It’s different making it for a living, my true passion lies in making my own stuff that’s mine in the end. hmmm.. it’s 12pm now..I better eat some breakfast! XD

Happy Birthday Markos and Dear Chibi

21st June 2008

Dear Chibi,

Markos turns 22 and Dear Chibi turns 2 today =)

yay *goes to celebrate*

Early Birthday Present

7th June 2008

Dear Chibi,

The 12.06.08 marks CHIBI LAND’s 7th Year Anniversary =) I decided to make an earlier post on it incase I don’t get the chance to in 5 days time.

Here’s a shameless present I made for MYSELF =D haha!

aww.. it’s 7 already ;_;
Recently I’ve also decided to redraw all the chibis on the site to give it all a bit of an update, since my drawings have improved since. However, it’ll probably come slowly….seeing as I can’t seem to be focused on doing one thing.

Blog-house cleaning!

12th January 2008

Dear Chibi,

I’ve finally taken down the Xmas tree banner and created a new one =D Sadly, I’m not un-lazy enough to take down my real Christmas tree, lol. That tends to happen every year ^^;

As you probably noticed, the “category” and “monthly” archives have all been moved from the side bar to it’s own nifty page (Thanks Hoshichan for giving me a hand =D) Soo.. now I don’t have to worry about the list overflowing and making my blog look overly crowded. You may have also noticed that these days there’s only 5 entries on a page, instead of 10. The reason for this is that now I tend to post more pictures and I wanted to avoid a lot of scrolling. I’ll revert back to 10 pages when I post less pictures.

Hope you like the new-ish look. I know I do XD

Fairy & Swordsman v7

21st November 2007

Dear Chibi,

Yay, after 9 months of looking at the green themed layout, I finally have the time and motivation to give [Fairy and Swordsman] a new look! I’ve been really wanting to change it for quite some time now… so happy XD hmm.. I like the colour scheme of this one quite a bit…pinkish-red is lovely.

6 in 11 days!

1st June 2007

Dear Chibi,

In the midst of Chibi writing her DTA essay, she decided to pay her cute, little Sailor Moon site [Chibi Land] a visit… and omg! It’s June, which means my little baby will be 6 years old soon *tears* T-T You’re growing…


To be more precise, my first Sailor Moon site should be 7 years old by now. Why am I so proud of this site? It’s my first web site, it’s on Sailor Moon- my all time favourite anime, it showcases my chibi drawings and the site layout is also the first one I ever coded and designed. boohoo. *tears of joy*
Hopefully I can get a few new chibi artwork to celebrate, good thing it’ll be the Uni break by then.