Our Birthday Month

22nd May 2020

Dear Chibi,

This month Hubby and I both turned a year older. I’ve sort of stopped counting after turning 30. 31..32..33..all the same-same right? XD This year felt a little different… not just because of the pandemic and being in isolation, but we now have a little toddler reminding us just how fast time flies.

Hubby’s Birthday

We celebrated Hubby’s birthday with a lot of burritos…and a lot of pizza (at his request). There was so much burritos we had to do this over 2 days, BECAUSE WHO CAN EAT THAT MANY BURRITOS AND PIZZA IN ONE DAY? That’s okay, lucky Hubby gets to enjoy his birthday for longer 8D

My Birthday

Playing peek-a-boo with Mummy
A whole sushi & nigiri platter to ourselves :D
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Hubby’s 30th Birthday Sushi Challenge!

14th May 2017

Dear Chibi,

Last Thursday Hubby officially joined the 30s club! I asked him how he felt about it, and his response was basically “I felt 30 when I turned 29” XD Well Mr Felt-like-30-for-awhile, time to make you feel like a kid again :D For his birthday, Hubby wanted to do something simple & relatively low key. He also likes to watch strangers eat massive amounts of food on Youtube. So what better excuse to do something crazy & fun like eating a whole platter of sushi and filming it? 8D

We ordered this party platter from our local Japanese restaurant, which is a combination of rolls & nigiri. It has 45 pieces for 4-6 people. Now don’t let these pictures fool you, it’s a lot bigger (and heavier) than it appears! We didn’t expect much from this place, but holy moly was this good :O! Everything was so fresh! I had one of each sushi and was basically done after 11 pieces XD Hubby soldiered on bravely :’D

Watch Hubby demolish this platter in this fun short video:

Annnd…..MISSION COMPLETE!! Poor Hubby had crazy food coma afterwards lol

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