Back on the Starcraft Ladder

10th February 2018

Dear Chibi,
After a 2 year break from Starcraft, I recently got back into the game through replaying the entire Starcraft 1 + Broodwar campaign. It was a pretty fun & super nostalgic experience. I’d forgotten how ridiculously hard it was to┬ácontrol all the units & buildings. Still, the campaign was pretty easy except the final mission – now that was a┬áchallenge :) (The game is now free to play incase you’re wondering ;D)

Afterwards, I checked out the Legacy of the Void campaign in Starcraft 2 and completed it in Normal mode. The ending was quite…. hilarious XD. If you’ve got the game lying around, I do recommend finishing it (even if it’s just to see the bizarre ending lol)

Next came some 1v1 on the ladder. I played a bunch of games in Unranked mode just to kinda see what’s new. Liberators? Teleporting Battlecruisers?! What’s going on? SO MUCH HAS CHANGED I CAN’T BE BOTHERED LEARNING EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN. It seemed like too much work.

It wasn’t long before I realised I could probably still win the game with my good old marine+tank+medivac combo. It kind of didn’t matter at my level what my opponents were building or doing, lol. So off to Ranked mode I go! 8D

20 wins 9 losses

After my initial placement of Silver league Tier 3, I quickly made my way back up to Diamond league, woo! :D The new MMR and tier system is pretty neat. It makes it easy to see how close you are to being promoted or demoted. You also get this nifty promotion screen by simply moving up a tier within the same league.

I’m not gonna bother trying for Masters league. I’m too lazy to learn the new LOTV units or the patch updates XD For now, this is satisfying enough :)

P.S I realised I still don’t hot key my army :O


Goodbye Starbook.

20th October 2008

Dear Chibi,

3 months ago, Kaz, Markos and I added the facebook application- “Star Book” a interactive online strategy game of Starcraft. The game was very exciting and we have been playing it everyday since. Starbook was the reason I even came onto Facebook- facebook itself was not always so exciting. Later on, Kat also joined us in playing the game, and had lots of fun attacking and looting off other empires.

Recently, we’ve been thinking about the future of starbook- can we really play this forever? We have to constantly check back every hour to use up allocated resources and to continuously monitor our empire and game. It’s an endless cycle and no one can really “win” since there’s no end or a finish line.
However, the decision to delete the application came upon us yesterday while Markos and I were doing the dishes. We’ve put in a lot of time and effort into it and it’s starting to become a bit unhealthy. We knew right from the beginning this time would eventually come, (as with earth2025)- and perhaps it was time to let go.

I guess there was never a better time to end the game than now, when we’ve reached the highest ranking we’ve achieved in the past 3 months. There were some crazy wars going on, and I guess we got our ‘revenge’ in the end :) The Chibi Empire got into the top ladder for 4th largest Terran Empire, yay. Kazzy was ranked #15 (top 2%) strongest empire out of the 600+ others.


Good bye to the awesome KAZ alliance, Death Soldier (zerg), Chibi (terran), Martoss (protoss) and Cold Water (terran).

I admit, it’s going to take some time to break out of the starbook habits- but with the application removed, the empire destroyed, there’s nothing left for us to hang onto. SO here’s the blog entry dedicated to the 3 months on the game. At the end of the day… that’s the only thing we can take with us =)

addicted to starBOOK

11th July 2008

Dear Chibi,

I’ve pretty much lost interest in Facebook for the past few months or so- and really only use it to upload photos and see other pics. However.. just the other day, I added a Starcraft application- Starbook!! It’s soo..addictive…. X3 It reminds me of earth 2025- an older game I use to also enjoy playing. The only problem with these games is that you constantly have to come back to collect your goods (every few hours?) and make sure your opponents don’t come and steal your loots XD Well, that’s what makes it addictive in the first place. lol I’m happy it’s keeping me entertained for the time being, but I’d be pulling my hair out when I don’t logon for a day and find I haven’t used the ‘energy’ allocated and ‘wasted’ resources…lol… I hope I don’t sound crazy.


It’s funny looking at these promotional pictures. If I had never played Starcraft as a kid, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t play it now (if someone told me to) Where’s the appeal?? hahaa.. where’s the female appeal? ^_^

Oh, did I mention I think marines look cute? XD

Stuff to watch.

4th July 2006

Dear Chibi,
Sometimes I surprise myself..I woke up at 1pm today o.o Thats my..record…lol..

Last night I was playing multiplayer BroodWars with my siblings, been ages since I’ve played it, hehee.. Will play more later…ehehee…

I’ve actually been wanting to watch some anime series this break, I’ve been downloading them for a while, but never got the chance to watch it, or when I do have time- I’m not in the mood for anime. Today I finished off Paradise Kiss, and it reminded me of Nana, it has a similiar style~ but hey, it was written by the same person, so obviously it would. There was something about this series that got me hooked, the illustrations are a little strange but interesting (main thing that disturbed me was their large lips) but I got disappointed at the ending. The characters pretty much dispersed, everyone moved on in their seperate lives. I was a little confused at the ending, but it seems the main couple didn’t end up together, I think that’s what really annoyed me. Their relationship was similiar to Yuki and Shuichi from Gravitation (except this couple is not homosexual) but they ended up together and I liked that…here, they just seperated v.v it is somewhat depressing. This series feels a little unusual, but was attractive at the same time- don’t know how to describe.

I’m currently downloading Nana the anime, as well as Return of Condor Heros 06 featuring Liu Yi Fei, but I think I’ll watch them when they’re all out, I don’t particularly like to have to wait for each episode to come out.

On another note, the TVBJ series I’ve been following every weeknight- Au Revoir ShangHai is ending this Friday, how exciting. This series turned out way better than expected… well, I didn’t expect anything from this- so that made it better! haha.