Presentation and the robbery

15th August 2006

Dear Chibi,

Today was the Adv. Multimedia Authoring presentation~ I worked quite a long time coming up with a concept and preparing for the presentation, glad I’ve finally done it :) The brief asked us to dress for the occassion which I did including a few others (the rest of the class ignored it it seems). Jacky looked so smart…lol Anyway, it’s not really over yet since in about 3 weeks we have to come up with a prototype, that’s gonna be tricky.

On my way home this guy ran passed me, and to my surprise a bunch of securities guys were chasing after him, yelling out “Robbery!!” O.o Seen it in a lot in papers and movies, but never actually been there at the site…well, hope they got him- gosh I can’t even remember anything about the guy- says how much I actually pay attention.

Anyways, gotta get back to work! Got an assignment due tonight…