Back to Berrima!

18th August 2012

Dear Chibi,

Three years ago, Jacky took the uni guys and myself to Berrima Zen Oasis Garden for a vegetarian buffet lunch. Today we went again but with Mum, Kaz, Jia, Markos and two relatives who came for a holiday from Hong Kong. It was SUPER windy and cold in Berrima, but we managed. Brrrr! XD It turned out to be a really fun day and we all enjoyed ourselves. The food was amazing :D I stuffed myself big time (though I really should be cutting down on it).

I loved the “Hot Milk Tea”..ah, I can still imagine the taste in my mouth. Sweet and yummeh…

Some pretty photos below from Jacky’s camera.

awwww…look at that adorable little pumpkin! (It’s shredded coconut inside XD)

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Trip to Adelaide

7th January 2012

Dear Chibi,

The 8 of us (Jacky, Burpy, Ray, MZ, Emily, Meeko, Mel and I) have spent the last couple of days exploring the city of Adelaide. Now you’re probably wondering the same thing I was: What’s there to do in Adelaide? Well, read on and find out :D

Day 1:
We met up nice and early at the Sydney domestic airport for our 6.45am Virgin flight. However, Emily and the girls arrived late which lead to the others all missing their flight since she had their plane tickets >.< Jacky and I boarded the plane first and decided to meet up with them in Adelaide later in the day. Thankfully they were able to catch the next flight 2 hours later, so it wasn’t too bad. The flight was a short one, no food on plane but at least there was a screen to watch some TV. There is a 30 minute timezone difference between Sydney and Adelaide, which didn’t really affect us.

Upon arriving, we had some breakfast at Hungry Jacks before catching a shuttle bus to our holiday house at Angas Court :) Looking out the window, the streets of Adelaide weren’t too exciting to be honest. It feels like a small old town with a tiny population (1.2 million, compared to 4.6 million in Sydney).

The holiday house at Angas Court was nice and cosy. A little small compared to the place we stayed at Nelson’s Bay, but I liked it anyway :) The arrangements were quite pretty and had a very homely feel. There were beds for 6 in total, with Burpy and MZ sleeping on the couch downstairs.

After the others arrived, we spent the day checking out the city and visiting neighbouring places.

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Blue Mountains Weekend

14th June 2011

Dear Chibi,
Spending the long weekend away with Jacky over at the Blue Mountains sure was relaxing. It was pretty cold though with the temperature around 6-7 degrees, with a cloudy and drizzly forecast. A lot of the time it reminded me of our snow trip, without the snow though and plenty of mist :3 whhoooosh.

We first gave Steve a visit (a workmate of Jacky’s) who happily showed us around his house & beautiful garden. The dedication they’ve put into renovating their garden is amazing…  it’s no wonder they seemed so proud of their work. Steve and his partner were both really really friendly, and they cooked us a delicious meal! :DD Yuum. Their house was well kept, tidy and cosy! So much awesome in this place.

Yummy lunch

After recommending us places to visit, Jacky and I set off for some bush walking on the Valley of the Water’s Track. The mountain view was pretty amazing and we felt the mist/fog actually added more to it than took away.

It was a great walk and as we journeyed down the mountain it seemed to get greener and brighter!

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Long Weekend Road Trip @ Nelson Bay

5th October 2010

Dear Chibi,

Over the long weekend, I went on a road trip to Nelson’s Bay which Jacky started to organise about 3 months ago.  Because we booked early, we managed to get a really nice place for the 8 of us for a good price :D Floz was in charge of  food, while everyone else was assigned to bring games and other things. The only downfall about this trip was that the weather was very cloudy and uncertain. Apparently it was pouring over in Sydney though, so we still got the better deal xD I went to Ports Stephens with Jacky last year so it gives back some nice memories :)

We met up on Friday morning, a few of us at Auburn and the rest over at Flora’s since it was on the way. Despite all our luggage, everything fitted in the car so we were all set to go!

We stayed at Tranquility at Lagoons. The place pretty much had everything with 4 bedrooms- 1 master, 2 rooms with 2 single beds and another double. Mle and Floz were quick to bag the room with the singles downstairs. Jacky and I took the masters but since Somps was sick she needed a bed for herself, which left MZ and Ray to share a double bed. Of course, these boys refused (XDDD) so Somps took the double for herself, and Burpy slept in the lounge. Ray was looking a bit worried there, ahaha. All good now.

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Shoalhaven and Pipis

6th April 2010

Dear Chibi,

I spent the Easter long weekend with Jacky at Shoalhaven down at the South Coast :D It was good fun even though it rained one of the days and the weather looked uncertain during the others. We took the chance to go canoeing one morning despite possible showers and lucky for us it didn’t rain! Canoeing was good, it reminded me of kayaking during year 9 camp. It can get pretty tiring though and knowing lazy me, you probably figured I’d just sit there most of the time doing nothing, lol. Well, it wasn’t for this case! I did all the hard work  for 2 hours getting us across the 5km while Jacky took a nap..

Only kidding ;) He did most of it, but I DID help out..even though it made little difference.. *cough* XD I enjoyed the ride except it didn’t take long before I realized I needed to use the bathroom. Don’t you just hate it when this happens??? LOL. It’s soooo annoying- so while one wants to take time enjoying the view, we have someone else wanting to get out not long after going in. ^^; The timing wasn’t too bad though, as it started pouring after we got out.. but alas, rain came.

We spent most of the trip at Seven Mile Beach since it was really close to where we were staying. We started off collecting pretty shells, but soon our fascination of finding pipi caught on (I kept calling them hippies.. XD)

When Jacky found his first pipi, we were really really excited, even though it was a small baby one. It was an achievement!

But as the days went on, they became really easy to find, lol. It turns out our original achievement wasn’t much of an achievement, haha! Jacky was able to find so many at once, and quite a few large ones too. Here’s a small collection Jacky found at one stage, (you can see one of the slug-ish stuff inside come out):

When Jacky started hunting for them, I was too scared to touch the shell and thought it was kinda grose since it was alive. Eventually I grew more brave and started to dig for them too- it wasn’t so scary after all :D Jacky also found a crab.. and something else moving really weirdly O_o A diglet? heheee..

And now I’m home again! Guess it’s back to work!

A Gold Coast Christmas

28th December 2009

Dear Chibi,

I’m back from the Gold Coast :D! I arrived home 5.45am this morning, took a nice long shower, started unpacking a bit and here I am! I really should go get some sleep, but I feel like writing this up before I forget. I didn’t end up taking many photos, so hopefully having it in words is a passable substitute! (Woah..why is the weather so dark and gloomy in Sydney? o_o)

The trip turned out pretty good, amazing actually! I was unsure about the 11 hour drive but it wasn’t too bad- after a few naps and several stops, we’re pretty much there. Jacky picked me up at 10.30pm, and we arrived at the Gold Coast the next early morning. We weren’t going to check-in until 1pm, so we thought we may as well head to the beach. It was gloomy and it started pouring when we got out, lol. There goes that idea. We decided to try our luck and see if they can let us check-in earlier. When we started heading to the apartment it was all nice and sunshine again, XD. Despite the rainy forecast, the weather was quite nice to us. For the 3 days we were here, it really only rained in the very early hours and cleared up when we headed out.

We successfully checked-in and after unpacking a bit, we headed back to Surfers Paradise for some beaching. I played with the waves for a bit to cool down but tried to stay covered most of the time. *hides under a towel* XD

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Ski Trip 2009

18th August 2009

Dear Chibi,
I just came back from a 3 day ski trip at Perisher!! It was quite an experience :D

The last (and first) time I went to the snows was in 2006. It doesn’t feel like that long ago because I remember it quite well but back then I wasn’t even going out with yeah, it has been a little while XD This time, instead of going with a tour, we decided to go on our own with Jacky doing the organising and driving :D

On Thursday night after work, Mark and I met up with MZ and Burpy at Jacky’s place at about 11pm. The drive can take about 5-6 hours so we started our journey at about 12am to get there by morning. We picked up Somps along the way and dropped by a few petrol stations to take little breaks. It was freeezing outside, lol. We had breakfast at about 4am at Maccas but it was still fairly dark. We took little naps along the way and before we knew it, the sun was out! We got our accommodation/vouchers sorted and our equipment hired.  They gave me a pretty pink jacket, oh yay XD It just conveniently matched my pink beanie, pink scarf and pink sunnies.

Group at Perisher

Our first group shot when we arrived at Perisher

Chibi Doll of Me

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Port Stephens and the Sandy Adventure

13th April 2009

Dear Chibi,

Jacky and I spent our long weekend up at Port Stephens :D It was my first and his third time there, and despite a worrying rainy outlook, it didn’t rain at all =D yaaaaayy!



Anna Bay was soooooo prettyyy..



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Trip to Melbourne

9th January 2009

Dear Chibi,

Jacky and I were on a holiday in Melbourne for the past week and just got back to Sydney last night. Home Sweet Home! It was both our first time going to Melbourne so we were unsure what to really expect. Is it different? Is it exciting? Does it look like Sydney? What’s the weather and people like? And all those questions the curious would wonder.

As we arrived at the Melbourne Airport, we thought we went back to Sydney! haha.. except the airport is much smaller than Sydney’s but the similarity is there. So we hired our car and headed out the door.. first step into Melbourne! What did we feel? A blasting cold chilly wind, in the middle of Summer on a nice shiny bright day! We heard the weather fluctuates drastically everyday, but only when we were there we understood exactly what that meant XD

Day 1: Arrive – Pick Up Car – Check in -Explore the Melbourne CBD, China Town, Familiarising city locations and buildings!

As we explored the Melbourne City, it wasn’t hard to convince ourselves we were in London or something XD There were trams everywhere!! A lot of old fashioned ones too. It definitely had a different feel to Sydney. There’s also less population, the roads were more spacious, and there’s a lot more people on Bicycles. It was quite an interesting experience… especially finding out there were some slight new road rules ^^; Wasn’t Jacky having a lot of fun XD There is a “Hook Turn” road rule, where you essentially turn right by going onto the left lane! Kinda weird, I know. And of course, we saw A LOT of stadiums!! I’m not much of a sports fan, but Jacky was really really amused, haha.




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