Seven Mile Beach & the Pipis

29th March 2016

Dear Chibi,

Last weekend Hubby and I spent our Easter Sunday down south at Kiama and Seven Mile Beach. For some reason, the forecast is always rain over Easter, but luckily for us it was all dry when we arrived (It was raining pretty hard on our way there)


Kiama blowhole. I’m preeeetty sure I’ve been here before. I just can’t seem to find any photographic evidence xP



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A week in Tassie Part 2: Coles Bay & Freycinet

26th November 2015

A week in Tasmania Part 1: Hobart

Dear Chibi,

We started the day with some breakfast at Jackman & McRoss before leaving for the east coast.



Freshly brewed chai milk tea with honey



Scallop and Seaweed Pie ~ very interesting taste!


Bacon and scrambled eggs focaccia


..And with that, it was time to say good bye to Hobart :)

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A week in Tasmania Part 1: Hobart

25th November 2015

Dear Chibi,

For our one year wedding anniversary, Hubby and I flew down to Tasmania where we spent 7 days exploring this beautiful little island, making our way up from Hobart to Launceston!


Maccas for breakfast @Sydney Airport. I would like 3 sugars with that please!

The flight was quick and painless, in a mere 1.5 hour we had arrived in Hobart (I beat the first level of Super Hexagon, woo~ go me!) We picked up our rental car and got a free upgrade for it ~ yay, lucky us :D


Unfortunately it was raining on the first day so we didn’t do too much. We explored the CBD and checked-in to our hotel at Bay View Villas, where we stayed for 2 nights.


Lunch @Sakura Sushi (but I decided to go for good old Chinese Soy Chicken Noodles XP)


We found the prices of food here to be generally quite expensive. On average a simple meal would cost you $25 a person excluding a drink. But hey, Tassie is kind of a touristy place and we are in Australia so we just came to accept it as the norm 8D


At around 8pm, the sun was still shining outside. Hubby and I started to look for a place for dinner and were quite surprised a lot of the restaurants were already closing! Dai pinchie XD! 

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Snow, Hot Springs & Wilderness – Blue Mountains Getaway

21st July 2015

Dear Chibi,

This past weekend Hubby and I spent 2 days and 1 night up near the Blue Mountains for a little winter getaway :) A few days earlier, we heard there were several road closures due to ice and snow(!), but luckily it didn’t affect us at all. In fact, there was basically no traffic, woo! We made a short stop at Maccas for breakfast, before heading up towards Katoomba. The higher we went, the lower the temperature. This was way exciting!


We stopped by Black Heath where we finally saw snow! YAAAAY! It was around 4 degrees here.






After our snow fun, we did some sight seeing and bush walking down Govetts Leap. We only saw 1 person along the way, so it was a really peaceful walk :D It started off very misty, but the more we descended, the clearer everything became.

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A day at the Hunter Valley

22nd February 2015

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday I spent the day at the Hunter Valley with my family and a few overseas relatives. Unfortunately Hubby had to work this weekend, so he missed out on a day of silly selfies… (or maybe he was spared XD) When I think of Hunter Valley, I think of wine and vineyards. I’m not much of a wine person myself, so I didn’t expect too much from the day. However, we spent a large chunk of it at the Hunter Valley Gardens, which was a lot of good fun. I loved the “Storybook Garden” the most :3





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Windy days at Jervis Bay

12th February 2014

Dear Chibi,

I managed to get some time off for all the weekend work I did last month, so Jacky and I spent a couple of days down at Jervis Bay. The weather looked lovely without a cloud in sight, however it was actually really really windy. I must’ve stated that about a billion times during my stay there. Oh my… XD

We didn’t end up taking many pics because of the wind, so here, you can have this instead:


Relaxing @Hyams Beach~ safe and sound under a tent!

P.S The tent eventually collapsed too. Thanks windy! :P

Cicada filled Adventure @ Blue Mountains

8th October 2013

Dear Chibi,

Jacky and I drove up to the Blue Mountains over the weekend where we stayed for 2 nights.  We’ve been here several times in the past, but never in spring~ and boy were we in for a surprise! It turns out it’s the cicada’s breeding season and the entire mountains was filled with billions of cicadas camping on the top of trees. The noise was insane!  I have never heard of that many cicadas in my life. It was so loud that it hurt our ears. Thankfully after I put my hat on, it blocked out half the sound. Poor Jacky had to hear it at 100% volume ^^”



We went for a bush walk down the trails of Wentworth Falls. As we descended lower into the mountains, the noises reduced drastically. Thank goodness! I didn’t actually see any cicadas until we reached the top again. THEY ARE RIDICULOUSLY UGLY D: Don’t worry, there are no photos of any posted on this blog. I prefer to never see one in my life again. EWWW T.T [Read More]

Long weekend + a very long week!

18th June 2013

Dear Chibi,

Last weekend during the Queen’s Birthday holiday, Jacky and I headed up north to relax at Ports Stephens and Nelsons Bay. We’ve been here several times before, so this time we decided to utilise the facilities at the resort. There was a pool, a steam room, a spa and tennis courts! The steam room is the bessst XD It was our favourite destination, hahaa.





On Sunday we went to Anna Bay and spent the day with Jacky’s family who came up for some sand-boarding and kite flying.

Unfortunately on Monday, Jacky and I suffered a bad case of food poisoning =_=;; We headed home after having a maccas breakfast, and I spent the remaining day lying in bed constantly wanting to puke. I end up staying at home on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was finally better on Friday and then came the weekend again. What a strange week!

..And this blog entry is fashionably late too. ^_^” It’s okay though, ’cause I’m all better now :D

The Entrance

1st April 2013

Dear Chibi,

On Sunday, Jacky and I drove up north to spend the day at The Entrance :) I’ve been here once when I was really little so I don’t really remember much except there were pelicans. It turns out there really wasn’t a whole lot to see except pelicans! haha XD The weather was a lot more cloudy and it was sprinkling while we were driving there. Thankfully it stopped once we arrived and it turns out the overcast was actually pretty decent for photos ;D


Look look! Baby pelicans!! ;D (No, they’re just seagulls..)


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Carrington Falls & Seven Mile Beach!

1st April 2013

Dear Chibi,

On Saturday of the long weekend, Jacky and I went on a day trip down to the South Coast to explore Carrington Falls and to play at the beach. The weather was perfect :)


Start of the trail to Carrington Falls. It’s a pretty easy and short walk~ Don’t have to worry about not finding toilets, like the Blue Mountains trip one time …  ;D


Our final destination

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