Beyond Octoby

31st October 2009

Dear Chibi,

It’s 31st October, the last day of the month! What does this mean..?

Halloween? Yes.
Internet capped? Yes. Yes. Yes.
OMG WHAT TO DO??!!! >.<

Oh the agony of sitting at the computer, and not seeing any page load is very disheartening. I was woken up this morning by what sounds like witches laughing and bats flying around. (I really heard that! ) Anyway, I checked the time and it was 6am- a bit early to wake up on a Saturday morning but I thought hey- I could make use of this time! I sit up, only to remember the Internet is down. Oh, okay- good night then. zzz.

What’s wrong with me? Isn’t there anything else I can do which doesn’t involve being “connected”? XD It must be some kind of addiction. I sit at the computer everyday at work, web designing, surfing the net. I go home and do pretty much the same thing (except web stuff for myself). But what exactly on the net do I HAVE to do? This made me think hard. Technically I can still work on websites, I can blog (which I’m doing right now), MSN chat (which doesn’t require much bandwidth usage), draw pictures, play games, watch drama or anime. These things I can do. Apart from googling or youtubing, I don’t think there’s an awful lot. 1-2 days without the Internet shouldn’t be so bad.


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Paper Chase

17th October 2009

Dear Chibi,

So in my previous blog entry, I asked why it was so cold. The weather fluctuated quite a bit during this time. On a train ride home on a warm day, this happened:

mX Paper Chase

mX Talk Friday 16th October 2009

*Sigh* I really don’t know what I want anymore. When the weather gets a teeny weeny bit warmer, the monsters come out ._. GAH! But when it’s cold I complain it’s cold too.. well, I complain when it’s too hot too. Autumn is the best!… when it’s slightly warm but not really warm..yeah.

MX Series: Bird in Hand| Oh Boy | Dark Time | Jacky’s one out of box | Raccoon Overheard | Vol 6, Paper Chase

My little bonsai :D

23rd August 2009

Dear Chibi,
I got this cute bonsai for my birthday from Maki earlier this year~ It now sits on top of my fish tank.

Chibi's Bonsai

yay, it’s still alive ♥ (even though it’s starting to get cobwebs ._.)

Browser friends :D

22nd June 2009

Dear Chibi,

They say you can never have too many friends.. But I for one, wouldn’t mind not having IE6 as a friend XD

Click for full image:


This is so cute I printed it out at work today and pinned it up on my wall ^-^

I need more happy geeky pics to decorate my workspace ^_^

…and they ended up here?

28th March 2009

Dear Chibi,

Now and then I’d check my blog stats just to see how traffic is and that kinda stuff- and what always seem to raise an eyebrow are the search terms people type in and end up here- my little personal blog ^_^;

For example, someone typed in “malavika underwear“- ummmmm..hmmm… Mal??? There seems to be a pervert out there stalking you my friend, be afraid.. or is “malavika” some kind of brand or famous person?

retirement next phase jpg“- Okay, this one confuses me. This person is looking for an image I assume..  an image of the next phase of retirement?? What are they expecting to find?

“nerdy chibis glasses” -I guess they were looking for my glasses XD

“he and i cooking”- What is this?? Is it a title of some film I don’t know about? Who is “he” and who is “i” in the world wide web?

“invade like fire”-…hmm..

“soulless body”- yay, I’m a ‘soulless body’


I’m yellow!

10th March 2009

Dear Chibi,

Today during work, a colleague sent me a link to which converts you into a Simpson’s character. There’s me you can see with my nerdy glasses on XD It’s quite amusing to play with if you have some time on your hands (which I had while rendering a video…though I have to admit After Effects died during the process ~_~) You can even have it printed on a mug with your name on it, which sounds like a cute idea :)

Do share if you end up making one too :3

simpsonjen me_work

EDIT: Here’s Ray & Jacky Simpsonized

Laundry Day!!

6th March 2009

Dear Chibi,

This is a MUST WATCH! Come on, watch it, you’ll be very pleased. XD I’m very impressed by this animation, it’s so hilarious XD

Animation by GUILLAUME

Thanks to Cycyn for sharing this!

On a side note.. I watched this during my lunch break at work and my manager saw it and said “Sailor Moon!!!” OMG? She’s knows Sailor Moon???? XD XD XD  I didn’t ask further.. so curious now though XD

Dark time..

2nd March 2009

Dear Chibi,

Never again will I make this mistake :(


Vol 3 in the mX series.

I was also looking back at some old topics in the ‘random‘ category and found the ‘How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?‘ post. Then I found  a 90-year-old version…

This one makes a little more sense.. I think..

Currently seeing..

22nd February 2009

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday I discovered a newly released artwork of a Chinese drama I’m really looking forward to… OMG, HOW PRETTY IS THIS?? *__*

Chinese Paladin 3 (Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Zhi Ling Zhu Shen Jian )

I went pretty nutty when I saw the trailer a few weeks ago, especially discovering the amazing Hu Ge was the main character, and super cute Yang Mi was the female lead~ ahhhh.. hope it’s good >_< ..Can’t wait til it comes out.

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A bark a day, keeps the scarred (for life) away

6th February 2009

Dear Chibi,
I headed out the door this morning like every other morning. However, something caught my eye as I approached my front gate.. a dog, a very big massive dog. It didn’t have a leash..and no owner in sight. We made eye contact. I paused..oh my goodness.. how was I suppose to make it through the gate with a dog there?? I made a small step forward, but the dog went barking mad and started walking towards me. I needed to find a way to get pass quick..or I’ll miss my train! I tried to remain calm and thought that if I just ignored it, and walked out casually it’ll just leave me alone instead of looking suspicious. Okay, I’m gonna do it! I approached the gate once again, but ..!! The dog started growling and RUNNING towards the gate! What was I suppose to do? RUNNN?? I opened the gate and put a foot out but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t make my escape. I quickly retrieved and practically slammed the gate in the dogs face =_=;; I feared it was going to jump over the gate and get me, so I didn’t dare look back. I turned my back to it and power-walked quickly back to my house door. After a few barking and growling, it disappeared. Phew. I’m saved!

I continued on my usual journey to work and didn’t see the dog again. I have a’s my neighbour’s dog =__=..I don’t know.

What I’ve always wondered is, what do you do when you notice a dog without a leash or owner around, and you get its attention? What if it’s not one of those tiny cutesy dogs, but a big, angry looking one showing off it’s teeth, ready to jump at you? Do you make a run for it? Can it run faster than you? I’ve always been told never run when you see a dog.. so do you just walk pass it thinking it won’t bite? Even if you are an animal lover, but how does the animal know that? Just because you love dogs in general, doesn’t make you immune to bites and whatnot..unless I’m missing something? Is there something dog lovers know about dogs that I need to know about? Or do dog lovers/owners not care about getting bitten?