Which one would you pick?

25th May 2016

Dear Chibi,

The other day, Hubby heated some party pies as a pre-dinner snack. He then put the plate down and said “You can have one. Pick any you like =)”


I love how Hubby strategically placed a heart on one of it :3 THAT WAS TOTALLY MADE FOR ME.

But naturally, I was drawn to the bottom one, since that had the most sauce and I was greedy, lol :D

Which one would you pick?


So I was feeling a little..oily..?

30th March 2014

Dear Chibi,

I had some time on my hands today so I decided to take out some oil paint and make something :D I’m actually really bad at traditional painting so this is just a bit of mindless fun 8D. Oil paint is quite difficult to use @_@ My paint brushes were also super-old cheap ones so that doesn’t help either XD


I didn’t know what I was gonna paint. I wanted something relatively basic for my level, so my Jigglypuff plushie seemed perfect 8D I couldn’t open the lid of the white paint, so I end up chopping it off with my scissors ^^” Now I’ve just wasted the entire tube by throwing it in the bin. How will I paint light stuff in the future? XD



My finished painting.  Looks kind of strange.. more like a Clefairy than a Jigglypuff. Oh noes!
It was a pretty fun, silly experience nevertheless 8D

Graffiti Wall

16th February 2014

Dear Chibi,

Oooo.. remember back in the day when Facbeook “Graffiti Walls” were popular? I managed to dig these out and decided to share them here. What memories :3

For Me

Roll from Markos

Chun Li from Kaz [Read More]

Let’s talk about socks

6th September 2013

Dear Chibi,

This morning as I was getting dressed for work, I had this looming feeling as I pull out my bottom drawer… yup…I’ve run out of socks. Well, a decent pair that don’t slip off your feet the moment you walk anyway. (I have a lot of those XD)

Just as all hope seemed lost, I dug out a pair that I’ve never ever worn… I thought maybe this was the occasion.


Oh dear. What was I thinking.

I bought these from Harakuju while I was in Japan last year and somehow thought it would be cute. THEY FEEL SO WEIRDDDDD XDDDDD

*tosses the socks back into the drawer* XD

Retro Sprite Can and A Big Giant Duck

11th January 2013

Dear Chibi,


Found this in the fridge today :D

Giant Duck in Sydney Darling Harbour

And saw gigantic Mr duck sitting in Darling Harbour :D It’s the CUTEST THING EVER.

That is all 8D

“Mr A came flying to the Moon…” WTH?

17th November 2012

Dear Chibi,

So Kaz found these doodles that I apparently did a while ago in one of her old note pads. I don’t even remember these, but I guess that’s what makes them so amusing…how random can you get? XD

WAHBA? Wabafett?? Someone is going nuts…

Who the heck is Mr A?? lolol

[Read More]


30th December 2011

Dear Chibi,

I got these Typo lanterns from my work Secret Santa :D Isn’t it pretty? It makes my room feel nice and cosy :}

*switches off lights*

mX finds

27th July 2010

Dear Chibi,

mX Overheard

mX Overheard Tuesday 27th July 2010

Another one to add to my mX collection. This one is for Ray and Etta, hehe. It occurred during Emily’s 23rd Birthday the other week, and I got bored during work so I decided to submit it.

Starcraft 2 was also mentioned in today’s paper and since it came out this morning I thought I’d add it here too:

Starcraft 2 in mX

Zergling wrote in, apparently :p

Chibi is alive

16th June 2010

Dear Chibi,
I’m still alive :D
Just letting you know, that’s all.

Same person, same time, same place

27th February 2010

Dear Chibi,

I’m starting to feel a bit paranoid. It has recently come to my attention that I have been sitting next to the same guy every morning on the train. Every time I board the train, I usually go for the same place- I want a two-seater, top level near the middle, facing backwards if possible.  Lately I have started noticing the same face which leaves me feeling a bit..weird. That seat is usually free since he puts his bag on it until I hop on. Now it just happens every day! He gets off 2 stops before me and now before he even has to ask, I get up to let him out. He waves to me when he leaves.. WTH??? This acknowledgment of  ‘knowing you’ is very awkward. When I’m on a train during my daily commute, I would like to be left alone, minding my own business. I usually don’t take much notice of the people around me, and this kinda killed it.

Should I just move carriage and avoid any further awkwardness? XD XD I’m not sitting there BECAUSE I WANT TO SIT NEXT TO HIM. The seat just always looks most appealing, and he doesn’t smell or take up over 50% of seat space like most…people.. >.> Or I should just wave back 8D! … not.

lol. Random.