Pokemon Go Progress!

31st July 2016

Dear Chibi,

Today I reached level 23 :D Pokemon Go is still tons of fun, and I’ve been walking so much more because of it! I did 19,000 steps today, and 20,000 the last two days :O Can Chibi keep this up?

Pokemon Go!

You may have noticed my Poke coins have increased! I’ve continued to battle at least once a day to claim my minimum 10 coins per day. I actually didn’t realise you could claim more than 10 coins, if you have more than 1 Pokemon at a gym at the time you claim. You may only claim once a day, but if you have 2 Pokemon in different gyms, you could claim 20 (provided they’re still at the gym when you redeem it!)

Upon learning this, Hubby and I walked around town and took down 4 gyms today, woo! :D We played it safe and claimed 20 coins after we conquered two gyms. We didn’t want to get too greedy and risk getting nothing XD We’ll aim for four next time.

Pokemon Go!

My top four Pokemon defending for Team Valor

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Rayfy’s Birthday Lunch @Anema E Core

24th July 2016

Dear Chibi,

To celebrate Rayfy’s 29th birthday, we had lunch in Meadowbank at Anema E Core, for traditional Italian wood-fired pizza! The photos all came out red because we sat outdoors under a red marquee. Luckily it was nicely heated as it was a pretty cold day! The pizza was pretty good, and the staff were super friendly and enthusiastic :D Ray also brought along a delicious Birthday cake~ nomnomnom.

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Emily’s Birthday Brunch @ Efendy

17th July 2016

Dear Chibi,

This morning we had brunch at Efendy, a Turkish restaurant in Balmain for Emily’s 29th birthday :) We had the $30 breakfast sample menu which consisted of bread: pita bread, pogaca, sesame simit, walnut and sultana cake and spiced potato borek. It came with a bunch of different jams/honey/spreads served with cheese, olives, sausages and fruit. My favourite? The honey/butter jam..yum! Drinks were a choice between Turkish tea, apple tea and Turkish coffee. I went with the Turkish tea with 2 sugars so it sure felt like a one sweet breakfast. Very good service and friendly staff :)

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All

14th July 2016

Dear Chibi,

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Pokemon, but Pokemon Go is so amazing! AMAZING YOU HEAR ME??!! XD WHAT AM I EVEN DOING HERE I SHOULD BE OUT IN THE BUSHES LOOKING FOR MY JIGGLYPUFF! X3

I installed the game on day one (after everyone was talking about it), but it was not until a few days later that I decided to try it out. By the time that happened, my usernames were all taken … so now I’m stuck with this:

Pokemon Go

(Seen: 43 Caught: 39)

I’m having lots of fun so far, and it’s making me want to walk even more (which is great for my daily steps!)

Looking forward to Emily’s brunch on Sunday, which is followed by a Poke Walk, woo! :D


So I was feeling a little..oily..?

30th March 2014

Dear Chibi,

I had some time on my hands today so I decided to take out some oil paint and make something :D I’m actually really bad at traditional painting so this is just a bit of mindless fun 8D. Oil paint is quite difficult to use @_@ My paint brushes were also super-old cheap ones so that doesn’t help either XD


I didn’t know what I was gonna paint. I wanted something relatively basic for my level, so my Jigglypuff plushie seemed perfect 8D I couldn’t open the lid of the white paint, so I end up chopping it off with my scissors ^^” Now I’ve just wasted the entire tube by throwing it in the bin. How will I paint light stuff in the future? XD



My finished painting.  Looks kind of strange.. more like a Clefairy than a Jigglypuff. Oh noes!
It was a pretty fun, silly experience nevertheless 8D