‘Just the 3 of us’

29th July 2019

Dear Chibi,

With Hubby’s camera in hand, we spent an afternoon at a nearby park for some family time outdoors. Hubby captured so many great shots it was hard to select just a few to share… I’m going to love looking back at these photos one day :) P-chan is the cutest little munchkin :3

Photography by Jaychan

Newborn Photoshoot

24th May 2019

Dear Chibi,

Today we received photos from our newborn photoshoot that was taken when P-chan was just 9 days old (or his 10th day if we calculate his birth date as day 1) It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 weeks since. He’s growing up so quickly, and a part of me just wants time to stop :) His tiny days are so precious and limited. I want to love and protect him forever.

It was our first time out since returning from the hospital, and we were surprised how much we needed to prep just to leave the house XD! Luckily, P-chan seems to enjoy the car ride, despite his face looking a bit frowny ^^; Cute, but I’m looking forward to when he starts to smile too, hehe.

P-chan was well behaved and slept through the entire photoshoot. Our photographer Tina was super gentle with him and made sure he was extremely comfortable. I love how the photos turned out! My heart is exploding from all the cuteness <3

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view:

Ah, too adorable.. I can’t decide on a favourite. Gotta get these printed out some day :3

Maternity Photoshoot

2nd April 2019

Dear Chibi,

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing.. and I want to cherish every moment of it. I can hardly remember what it feels like not to be pregnant, with this little one kicking about in my belly :).

With less than a month to go, Hubby and I spent an afternoon at the secluded ‘Secret Garden’, doing what could be our last photo shoot with ‘just the two of us’ :3

Thank you Hubby for these beautiful photos <3

An Afternoon Photo Shoot @Glebe

11th March 2018

Dear Chibi,

Ah, my favourite season is here~ not too hot and not too cold. Yesterday afternoon Hubby and I did a photo shoot session at Bicentennial Park in Glebe. There wasn’t too much at the park, but Hubby still managed to get lots of great shots. I love how they turned out even though they weren’t shot in raw (not sure how that happened).

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The Secret Garden Photo Shoot

12th March 2017

Dear Chibi,
It’s been wet and gloomy the past 2 weeks, so it was quite refreshing to get some sunshine this weekend (I’m very pleased about the laundry XD) We didn’t have any special plans, so Hubby suggested we go for a little photo shoot session :) Hubby discovered this hidden gem which we’ve dubbed “The Secret Garden”. It feels so peaceful and secluded~

I love how the photos turned out. Hubby is such an amazing photographer <3
Photography by Jaychan

Cherry Blossoms! A weekend of Japanese Culture

21st August 2016

Dear Chibi,

Cherry Blossom Photobooth by Madman

Today Hubby and I went to see the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming at the Auburn Botanical Gardens :D The Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual event but for some reason I always miss it! This time I marked it on my calendar so we wouldn’t forget :)

Credit goes to Hubby for all these amazing photos~

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Oatley Park Photo shoot

18th January 2016

Dear Chibi,

Last weekend Hubby and I went to do a small photo shoot at Oatley Park, a nice little picnic area with a small beach. We headed out there around 4.30pm and it was still pretty bright due to the summer season. It was a pretty fun session though I felt so tired afterward. Is this a sign of old age?! Nah, more like…sign of lazy, unfit Jen ;p

Here are some sneak peeks from the shoot ^^ Thanks Hubby for the photos! :D



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Winter Photo shoot @ Holroyd Gardens

28th June 2015

Dear Chibi,

It’s been over a year since Hubby and I have gone out for a photo shoot, so on this fine Saturday afternoon, we did just that! We found out about this place from Roy, who recommended it to us when he found out we did photo shoots for fun. It’s the first time we shot in winter, and I must say it gives the photos a different life :3 I really like how the photos came out! Here are a select few:





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A Birthday Photoshoot

19th May 2014

Dear Chibi,

To celebrate our 27th Birthday this year, I brought Kaz along to a photoshoot to mark this special occasion :D We couldn’t have asked for a better day~ the weather was perfect, nice and warm with an overcast sky. There were lots of pretty Autumn leaves as well :D Here are some photos from the shoot~ enjoy!





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Gothic Photo shoot @ The Rocks

4th February 2014

Dear Chibi,

On Sunday Jacky and I decided to do another photo shoot session, except this time go for something a little different… I’ve had this Gothic-punk outfit sitting in my wardrobe for a while so we took it out for a bit of fun :D The Rocks had some amazing backdrops~and I really like how the photos came out :) As usual, awesome photographer :D




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