Our little Lion Champy

16th December 2016

Dear Chibi,

Awww~ Isn’t he adorable? :D

Hunter Champy!

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Meeting Yuki~ The Japanese spitz

17th September 2015

Dear Chibi,

Last Sunday, Hubby and I went to Sompie’s place to meet her new little pup Yuki, a Japanese spitz :D This little guy girl looks like a mini polar bear X3 How adorable! She was 11 weeks old when we saw her. Growing fast! I am pretty scared of dogs though… so I kind of just froze and sweated away while the little one was licking my legs. XD Sorry Yuki, it’s me not you ;D



..And as usual, Hubby’s a natural ;D

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Meet Tas Tas

26th February 2012

Dear Chibi,

Jacky and I were given the task to look after Sylvia & Ben’s show cat Tassy; while they were off for the weekend. Yes, a show cat~ the ones that dance and prance around and get entered into competitions. Tas Tas sure is one attention seeking cat! If you leave it alone, he will ‘meow’ non-stop…The worst part is, his ‘meow’ cries sounds so so..pitiful. He sounds like hes out in the cold lonely streets starving to death…. He has totally mastered the skill of guilt tripping ;D

Tas Tas… The King of its Castle~



8th October 2011

Dear Chibi,

awwww..!  Look at this little cutie! Isn’t he just ADORABLE?

This is Jacky’s new pet mini lop rabbit, Loppy! For various personal reasons, Jacky has decided he wants a rabbit again, so we headed off to some pet shops today to see if we could find one he liked. This cute little one caught his attention very quickly, though it was a toss up between this one and a dark grey dwarf rabbit. Alas, the adorable ears won him over and we excitedly took him home. I really like rabbits, although I’m not sure why XD. Is it because they’re just so cute to look at? They don’t bite? I’m born in the Year of the Rabbit? Usagi means rabbit and I like Sailor Moon?? XDDD heehhee.. Either way, Loppy has already brought us many joys :D

(He ate the grass I fed him before Jackys‘!)