Nodame Cantabile

18th July 2009

Dear Chibi,

In my previous post I mentioned I might give Nodame Cantabile ago again because of Ueno Juri’s awesome portrayal of Ruka from Last Friends. Since then, I’ve finished it and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it this time! Previously, I gave up after episode 3, but it seems the story starts getting better at episode 4. My my.

What really drew me in the story was the relationship between the clumsy and messy Nodame, and the arrogant multi-lingual perfectionist Chiaki. It was very very cute! XD There were very few romantic scenes of them together but that makes it all worthwhile in the end when they do kinda of get-together.

Nodame and Chiaki

Aside from them though, I wasn’t as interested in the other characters- so it was a good thing they got the most screen time! Eita and Mizukawa Asami from Last Friends also played some part in this drama, except I liked their characters more from Last Friends. It’s quite interesting watching this comedy after the serious nature of Last Friends, but it gives it a nice balance. Their characters are totally opposites- especially for Ueno Juri. Even now I find it hard to believe Ruka and Nodame are played by the same person… @_@ You would understand if you watched them both. XD


I can’t wait to see the special, and the 2 movies :) Ahh…Chiaki senpaiiii!!<3!

Watching June

18th June 2008

Dear Chibi,

*looks out the window*
yay, no rain today..yet :)

The last few weeks I watched Iron Man and Indiana Jones and still contemplating if I should see KungFu Panda and Narnia: Prince Caspian..hmm. Should I? Should I?

This month seems to be flying pretty quickly. 6 days ago was Chibi Land’s Anniversary and I’ve been working on some updates on it since I haven’t done much for it the past couple of months. It’s fun to go back to old things sometimes :) Actually, lately I’ve been listening to some Sailor Moon music and they’re just..wonderful XD. WONDERFUL.


I’ve been following the Japanese Live Action drama of Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend), and it’s almost ending. I was disappointed with the first 7 episodes (and there’s only 10 total XD) – but episode 8 was pretty good (about time!!) I still believe the manga is like 1000x better though, but I’ll finish the series anyway :)

I’ve started watching the Japanese Live Action of Nodame Cantabile, and it’s pretty funny at the moment. I’ve also got the anime sitting around… wonder which is better, or which I should watch first? hmm.. M12? XD

Should I mention.. Hana Yori Dango, live action drama? haha… why is there so many Japanese live actions based off manga these days? It sure seems to be the trend. It would be so cool to have a Inuyasha live action! :3 Only if it was done extremely well though… and Inuyasha has to be hot X3 hehehee… Speaking of good looking male characters, I recently revealed to Jacky my favourite male character from Sailor Moon, and his response was..’isn’t that a girl??’ XD Yes, Chibi also likes feminine looking guys (in anime. *cough*) Nope, it’s not our dear Tuxedo Mask, but Helios! <3 wheeeeee…… X3 Helios is the best!

Alrighty, enough of fan-girling!