Mono Girls Catch Up Lunch @The Garden

5th March 2017

Dear Chibi,

I’m back from our Mono girls catch-up lunch at The Garden in Wests Ashfield Leagues Club. Our last reunion was 5 years ago, so quite a lot has changed since. I’m not active on Facebook, so imagine my surprise when I learned a few were pregnant!! How exciting!

I had to leave around 2.30pm so I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone. There’s just so much catching up to do! Still, it makes me happy to know they are all doing so well :) Thanks Lemon for organising. All the best with the babies, ladies!!

Mono Girls Reunion @ Holy Basil

16th June 2012

Dear Chibi,

Last night after work, we had a ‘mono’ girls reunion dinner at the Holy Basil at Shark Hotel! It’s been SO LONG since we all hung out together (about 8 years), so it was good that a lot of us could make it. We’re all working now, most are dating and no one is married or engaged yet. We were so young back then! The girls couldn’t tell Kaz or me apart XD I think we’re looking more and more different, so I always find it amusing when people say we look more and more alike! haha

The food was so yummy :3 I’m loving Thai food more and more…I also got to try fried ice cream for the first time :D Boy was I stuffed after that meal.

The night turned out great but something really lame happened as well :p During dinner while we were eating, this guy came up to us and was like “There’s a group of 10 waiting outside for an hour now for a seat. Can you guys leave now since you’re just chatting and not eating?” How rude! So I responded with “No. We’re still waiting for our food and we haven’t finished”. Then he goes on to say “Oh, but there’s hardly anything on the table”. WHAT THE HECK RIGHT? We were not going to leave. It’s ridiculous when all the food hasn’t even arrived and we were planning on dessert after. So we got him to bugger off and decided we’d eat even slower just because ;p

Later on, it turns out the guy DOESN’T EVEN WORK FOR THE RESTAURANT. He was part of the 10 apparently “waiting for an hour”. lol I can’t believe he had the balls to come up to us pretending to be a staff and asking us to leave. Seriously. What a jerk.

Well, now I have a story to tell. XD


teaching retirement

27th July 2008

Dear Chibi,

Today I went to the Monastry Tuition Parent-Teachers meeting… my last one! I’ve retired. XD No more teaching there!


Bye bye! It was fun.

The third person

10th June 2008

Dear Chibi,
Jennifer thinks speaking in third-person is normal sometimes.. so normal that she assumes others also speak in third person. However, it wasn’t the case for a specific scenario.

For example, yesterday when I arrived at the Monastry to make some photocopies, Venerable commented “Jennifer didn’t receive any replies so far”. I nodded in agreement “Yeah..” while turning to the next page to copy. “So, where’s your sister? In the car again?” she asked. ‘Yeah, she doesn’t have any photocopies today” I replied.

“So, are you planning to teach for the next couple of weeks?” she continued.
“Yeah, probably..”
“How long will the Year 12 class be running for?”
“I’m not sure, you have to ask Kerry.”

“Aren’t you Kerry?”

… I’m Jennifer.

“OH! I thought you were Kerry! You’re looking more and more alike each day! hahaha!”

XD Damn.

I didn’t even realise anything was wrong when she said “Jennifer didn’t…”

or even “Where’s your sister? In the car again?” When I was always the one waiting in the car.

It gets a little tricky when questions apply to both of us conveniently.
I can’t believe I didn’t see this one coming ._.

Teaching days

11th January 2008

Dear Chibi,

And… today marks the start of another year of teaching at Mono classes.

I can’t believe this is my fourth year teaching here! It’s possibly my last, so I might as well enjoy it like every other year, teehee. It feels like the same procedures all over again, but what’s different are the students. I was a little nervous today preparing for class- a new little connection was going to be made. Thinking back, the classes have gotten better and better each year- better as in- more enjoyable… I wonder if this year would be better than the last? =) It’s probably too early to tell from the first lesson, but it’s good they have a sense of humor too, lol. I like making them laugh.

Each year the student-teacher age gap gets wider and wider, making me feel extremely old, lol.. When I started there in 2005, I was older than the students about 1-2 years.. now the gap is like.. 5 years. Yes, I am knowledgeable and wise. XD At the end of the lesson, as I headed out to my car, I saw my last yr’s class coming out from the room next door (which Kerry took)- it took me one look at them to remember why I enjoyed them so much =) They’re happy, innocent and young, lol. Wish them all the best.

Speaking of teaching.. sometimes I randomly get called in to teach at SAMSUNG college where Kaz works part-time. I tend to get the yr 3s. Horrible yr 3s. lol. A few weeks back when I took a lesson, I noticed this stuck on the wall in the classroom:


Hilarious. lol The Wall bites. ouch.

And finally, the girl I’ve been private tutoring for 2 years. It is possible that the bond is going to end between us. I’ve decided to pass her onto Kaz, seeing as she doesn’t get any income, and I’m working more now. I do feel a little sad- seeing as I’ve taught her every weekend for 24 months, but everything has to end at some point. She hasn’t always been a wonderful obedient kid, but she kinda grows on you overtime. =) Got use to it, hehe.

Now I’m currently working part-time/casual 4 days a week doing graphic/web/flash stuff.

2008 and recent happenings

5th January 2008

Dear Chibi,

Well 2008 is here! Happy New Year to everyone! I’ve been rather occupied since NYE so I haven’t gotten around to write a post till now.

First of all, I spent New Years Eve with COFA friends at Blue Point with a spectacular view of the 9 and 12 o’clock fireworks =) It was a good thing I was able to leave work earlier that day to meet up with everyone around 3-4pm where we had a picnic. We played some games, took silly photos (fascinated by Jacky’s smile-shutter-thing) and munched on food. I love junk food, especially the seaweed paper, lol. The place end up getting really packed which is expected.. and so the queues for the portable bathrooms (especially the female ones) were extremely long… oh boy. I don’t understand why it takes sooo long sometimes… there’s 4 cubicles in a portable.. all 4 were occupied and no one came out for about 7 minutes.. and there’s continuously about 20 people waiting in the line. Then you look at the line for the guys and become.. speechless.. lol. Anyway, Ray brought along sparklers and glow sticks which we played with during the night before the 12 o’clock fireworks. The 9 o’clock ones turned out better than expected but the 12 one is always the best! I was in awe ^_^

Afterwards we went to crash at MZ’s place which was rather I got home at 9am the next day and just slept till about 3pm when I was woken up by some family friends who came over for a bit. Later that evening Jacky came over to have dinner with us and since then… I’ve been doing graphic design work everyday. Next Friday the Monastery Tuition classes commence for 2008 which means I’ll be getting a new bunch of Year 11 Economic students! Let’s see how that goes..

Around Xmas last year I’ve started re-watching Sailor Moon’s 4th Season- SuperS. In the Sailor Moon community, it is a generally agreed that SuperS is possibly the worst season of the Sailor Moon anime. I admit, I previously thought it was a lot more inferior to the much more amazing seasons like R, Super and Stars. However, my mind has changed watching the season today as oppose to when I did back in High School. I really enjoyed it. It’s still not as great compared to the other seasons, but it’s far from horrible or boring. There’s some really deep episodes and the characterization of the villains is incredibly well done. After I finish off the SuperS season, I’m going to rewatch the R season in Japanese. Looking forward to it- in my opinion, it is still one of the best anime series =)

Recently I’ve started a few challenges (refer to previous post)- and I must say the ‘study anatomy‘ one kinda flopped! I didn’t expect to be working this many days suddenly, and as a result- work has left me feeling tired during the few hours I do have left in the evening before sleeping early again for the next day :S I’m still rethinking about how to fit into my schedule..

The drinking water one is working HALF well. lol Ok, so I’m actually getting into the habit of drinking more water and no longer get this ‘sick’ feeling after drinking it. All seems well, right? Well.. there’s “side effects” to this… I’ve been needing to go to the bathroom almost every 10-15minutes! That’s a bit too much which gets annoying, and looks awfully weird at work! What would you think if your work colleague keeps going to the bathroom every 15 minutes? o.o I’m not sure what I can do about this… these days drinking water, I’ve been feeling extra hungry too! I eat a lot more than I use to, and thus..gaining a bit of weight XD Why is there so many costs to drinking more water, which is supposedly healthy? Again, I’m still revising what I should do.
Let’s see… a new year comes with new resolutions, right? I haven’t thought much about it yet, but here are some possibilities of what I might get myself into:

– Creating my own webmanga for fun. This will require a lot of learning, planning and work, but I think it could be fun.

– Working on a flash game in collaboration with my Bro- he’ll do the programming and I’ll be doing all the visuals.
Again, no promises, they’ve just been flying around my head lately.. I have not put much thought into it yet XD

I just got a call from Helen this morning while tutoring about hanging at her place this arvo, so I guess I’m off! Talk to you soon =)