Lunch @Kaz & Jia’s

13th August 2016

Dear Chibi,

Winter is almost over, woo! Well at least today was pretty nice :D (I’m still wrapped up in a big fluffy robe as we speak). Kaz & Jia had us over for lunch today, and it was the first time they utilized that nice outdoor alfresco area. Kaz made some pretty tasty rice paper rolls. There was also baked fish, salad, mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets and a bunch of nibbles :D

I swear every time us girls get together, there’s some weird as topics that come up…”The earth is flat” and “dead bodies float” were the winners this time.. proudly brought to you by Helen.

After eating, we went back inside for some Chinese tea and some rounds of ‘The Resistance’. The game play was exactly the same as ‘Avalon’. After a quick google it turns out Avalon is just a variation of The Resistance ~ I KNEW IT! XD As you know, I love playing these types of games so it was pretty fun even though I lost every round. It’s hard winning this game when you’re the ‘good guy’ ;D

Another great catch-up! Next one’s at Michelle’s :D

Roast Lamb Feast @Helen & Fong’s

26th June 2016

Dear Chibi,


I just came back from a fun night catching up with the girls over at Helen’s! As per usual, strange, silly, weird and productive conversations ensues. ;D


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Fully worth!

24th April 2016

Dear Chibi,

Another great night with the girls + boys! I spent the entire night laughing… and now my jaws hurt. You guys are insane :p
Thanks so much Mal for having us over for dinner :D



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Girls night @Mal’s

20th September 2015

Dear Chibi,

It’s always so much fun hanging out with these girls ;D We don’t meet up all the time, but when we do- it feels like nothing has changed. These girls are nuts XP



Delicious vegetarian dinner prepared by Mal’s dad. YUM


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Luncheon with the Girls!

26th July 2015

Dear Chibi,


This is the first time I invited the girls over, and boy was it a lot of fun :D We don’t usually have large groups over, so it was a good challenge hosting/catering for everyone. I’m glad everything worked out! ^^



All the foooodsssss :D Hubby and I cooked up tuna pasta bake, zucchini fritters with dill + labne dip, pumpkin soup and a green salad. Kaz made the apple, potato, and egg salad with mayo. Mich & Troy brought some apple ciders and made fish & veggie pastries. Helen & Fong brought marinated chicken wings & drumsticks, while Newway cooked up a beef casserole!





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MGHS Catch Up Dinner @Michelle & Troy’s

31st May 2015

Dear Chibi,


Last night Mich & Troy had us over for dinner and what a great evening it was! Funnily enough, they live just 5 mins down the road from our place XD It’s great when you’ve got friends living in the neighborhood~ though it’s likely they’ll be moving soon. NoooooOO xD

Hubby and I arrived first and we were greeted by two HUGE wolves! I mean, Huskys. hahahaah. I have never really seen a husky in my life, and being the dog-fearing person I was, I immediately tensed up…but out of respect for the hosts, I did not scream. Good on you Jen, you made me proud.


Apart from Kaz, Mal and I, everyone LOVED the doggies. Look at Hubby below, so chilled :’D


I admit, they were super friendly. Just a bit big… :’D


We started the night off with a game of foosball. Apparently Helen and I went psycho 8D

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Girls lunch catch up @Helen’s

22nd March 2015

Dear Chibi,


Love these girls :D So much fun and silly times!

Chibi’s Hens Party ~ Part 2: Hens Night

27th October 2014

Chibi’s Hens Party ~ Part 1: High Tea
Foreword: Fear not, this blog post has been kept very PG 8D.

Dear Chibi,



.. except there’s a naked Tuxedo Mask on the wall. AHAHAHAHAAH XD OMG I cracked up so much lol

Setting up @Meriton Serviced Apartments, Kent Street






High School teacher 8D


Our balcony view on level 50! This apartment is so big and spacious :O

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Chibi’s Hens Party ~ Part 1: High Tea

26th October 2014

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday I had an amazing time at my Hen’s Party that Kaz organised for me :D I can’t believe there’s less than 3 weeks to my big day, and what better way to unwind & celebrate than with a fun day out with my beautiful friends :)


My Bridal Party! :D Traveling to the city for a pamper session~ ooOooo!


Full Body massage and foot spa at @ Varda Spa Thanks Kaz ^^


Sticker photo fun~!


We then checked-into Meriton Service Apartments to quickly unload our stuff! (We were running late and had to get ready in 10 minutes XD Oh my) Our theme for the day was School Uniform! ^^


We managed to find parking right outside the Victoria Tea Room. Can I pass as a high schooler? X3


@ Victoria Tea RoomDarlinghurst :D



Class photo ^^

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Girls Catch Up @317

29th March 2014

Dear Chibi,



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