Ranma ½ Live Action Special

11th February 2012

Dear Chibi,

I finally got around to watching the live action TV special of Ranma ½, starring Yui Aragaki as Akane, with Kento Kaku and Natsuna Watanabe playing as boy and girl Ranma. When I first heard about it late last year, I had mixed feelings towards it. I saw some photos of the actors in costume and wasn’t too thrilled at first (I had hoped Ranma girl would be cuter XD) but then it wasn’t too bad when I actually watched it. The main characters were likeable and the overall plot was very faithful to the original manga which was a huge plus for me. Sure, the villains were weird and silly, but it still felt very Ranma-like XD

Yui Aragaki looks really pretty as Akane~ a pity her hair gets cut later on.

Soun and Genma are hilarious~ They’re exactly like they are in the original XD

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Death Note 2, The Last Name

21st November 2007


Dear Chibi,

I don’t quite know what to say about this movie. It seems like characters have been ‘dumbed-down’ so the cases were easier and quicker to solve (for the purpose of fitting the whole story in) Yet, its because characters are suppose to be very smart that makes Death Note clever. It was a bit better than the first movie, but I just gave up hope on Light… again, poor choice of actor.

I liked watching Misa and L interact in this scene, though it made L less…. wise. I think things went too easy for them.



They did an o-kayish job shortening the story, but somehow it felt longer than the events in the anime. I blame poor directing. You would think by cutting it down shorter everything would be more fast-paced.

There are a few bits I did like though, not to bag out the movie too much. I was interested in seeing how they can pull off the same ending without characters like Mello or Near appearing. I think it worked in some ways…

Anyways, I don’t want to say too much to spoil the story for anyone who does intend to watch this. I’ll finish off with two characters I liked:



the horror of Death Note Movie 1

15th November 2007


Dear Chibi,

O.M.G… The live action Movie for Death Note is.. UNBEARABLE. It is TERRIBLE!!!! It makes Death Note look really really really bad and cheesy >< Do not watch it unless you are, well, prepared ^^; When my bro and Jacky both warned me it was going to be bad, I prepared for the worst.. it was worse than I imagined. Not only was it altered DRAMATICALLY from the original.. the directing and acting was terrible (did anyone notice there was close to no soundtrack??) . There was really lack of effort to make the characters look and behave like the characters should. Come on.. our main character Light.. LOOKS DUMB! He’s suppose to be intelligent and good looking… I don’t see any of that in him. I’m serious.. how can anyone think he is anything else but an immature idiot?!
One good thing about the movie is Ryuk (he looks very scary) but that’s how he looks… downside is, he is a little out-of-character. What happened to his famous line.. “juicy”? XD I was disappointed about that.


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