New painting to start the New Year

2nd January 2016

Dear Chibi,

Happy New Year everyone :) I spent my New Years day doing a portrait painting of Liu Yifei (Yes, it’s her again!) Click on the image below for a slightly larger view :D

Liu Yifei digital painting

I don’t like to think about how long it takes me to do a painting, because it always makes me feel inadequate ^^” I DO THIS FOR FUN OKAY, PLS DON’T JUDGE. XD I find painting hard, even when using a reference image.

Anyway, I’m really happy with how this one turned out! :D My favourite part is the left eye (her right eye). Funnest part to draw was the hair.

Work in progress


I kind of slacked off toward the end, with the shoulders and lower half of the painting ^^” Too tired. Please forgive me 8D I hope you like it too!

Liu Yi Fei Portrait Complete

29th June 2012

Today I finally finished a “new” painting of Chinese actress Liu Yi Fei! Technically it’s not a new drawing since I reworked an existing piece I did four years ago. It looks pretty different though :) You can see the older versions here: Part 1, Part 2.

Liu Yi Fei Painting - Click for larger view

I’m really happy with how this turned out :) I had a lot of fun painting her face and skin. Blending skin tones used to be what I feared the most, but now that I’ve grasped the basic technique, it’s not as scary. It just requires a lot of patience and lots of brushing!

Her hair, accessories and dress do still look a little rough… I probably should have cleaned it up more but after spending so many hours on the face, it wasn’t too exciting XD (That net was pain to draw…it’s still actually my first rough line art..) Hopefully it doesn’t bring down the picture too much :)


Work In Progress:

(First frame is where I got up to four years ago)

Liu Yi Fei Painting Work-in-progress

Final version close up


Little Sparrow (The Forbidden Kingdom)

2nd May 2008

Dear Chibi,


Another chibi work. I’ve always been particularly fond of drawing chibi characters. Here is another picture of Liu Yi Fei, who plays the role of The Golden Sparrow from the recent movie [The Forbidden Kingdom]

Originally I was going to turn this image into vectors using Illustrator, thus we have simple lines without too much detail. However, I wasn’t sure I still wanted to and got pretty tired towards the end of it and decided to paint it instead. Someone told me her eyes looked scary… but I personally think nothing is wrong with it- that’s my style, so I’m leaving it as is. I think it looks a lot like LYF so I’m happy with the outcome.

Liu Yi Fei continue…

23rd December 2007

Dear Chibi,


I’ve worked more on the face taking feedback into consideration. Thanks to all those who took the time to comment =) It really does help me.
Well.. here we have (hopefully) an improvement. I’ve fixed up the nose, changed her right eye and worked a bit more on the skin. The face is a funny thing.. changing anything slightly can change the overall appearance of a person. Hopefully Yifei looks a bit more skinny now. Not sure if the right eye is still okay but it’s getting there.


(They look like different people every time I change anything XD)



I added more detail to her hair, ears and necklace. I like playing with the strands of hair that just comes out at the ends..hehe.. A natural kind of messiness.

The Face of Liu Yi Fei

20th December 2007

Dear Chibi,

Digital Painting
Reference: Liu Yi Fei

I’ve mainly concentrated on the face, in particular the eyes. I’ve also played around with (for quite a few hours) the skin tone and trying to mix/blend the colours better together. I think I’m somewhat getting there but I can still see patches on her face :/ Hair and clothing is quite rough and at this stage, may finish it some other time (currently 2.30am!)

I don’t have a line-art version of this because, well.. I didn’t draw it out ^_^; I started just painting the eye by itself and gradually drew everything around it. It’s probably a reason why I found it difficult to get the overall image looking right since I hadn’t sketched out what the whole piece would look like. After painting the eyes, I would realise one is too high, but then already painted the skin behind it. I also end up painting on wrong layers etc. At times like this it’s difficult to make changes.


Last night I had a friend look at the previous drawing posted above and was told there was a lot of problem with the anatomy. This morning I opened my psd file and tried to fix it up.



A picture of Liu Yi Fei

Any better? Feedback is welcome =)