Kat’s 31st Birthday @COOH & Karaoke

27th August 2017

Dear Chibi,

Today we celebrated Kat’s 31st with lunch at COOH Organic Cafe at Alexandria. It was our first time here and we were not disappointed! The food was fresh and delicious. Out of our 3 meals though, I think Kat’s pumpkin falafel is the winner.

Birthday lunch @COOH

Birthday lunch @COOH

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Birthday at The Grounds

28th May 2017

Dear Chibi,

Today I got to hang out with my sisters at The Grounds of Alexandria. Kat treated Kaz and I to lunch at The Potting Shed~ our last birthday outting for the year. Last time I was here I ordered the cheese burger so I wanted to try something different. I end up going for the ‘Braised Rabbit and Fresh Egg Tagliatelle’..I know, weird choice…. braised rabbit?? Not long after I ordered it, I started to get nervous about the idea. Oh god please taste normal ^^” Well, thankfully it just tasted like braised beef in a tomato base sauce.

After our meal, we browsed around and checked out the markets & farm animals. This place looks amaziiinnggg. The flowers are gorgeous too.

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Kat’s 30th Birthday Outting

28th August 2016

Dear Chibi,

Today we hung out with our dear god sister for her 30th birthday last week :D We caught up over lunch at Sushi Tei, which also happens to have a pokestop…so naturally we had one hand throwing pokeballs. Yes, we all play the game. And yes it’s still awesome 8D

Food was delicious. My favourite was the seared scallop sushi (which isn’t pictured D:) and my lychee drink was the best.

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An Early Birthday @The Tea Cosy

16th May 2016




Dear Chibi,

Next week Kaz and I will be turning 29 :) To celebrate in advance, our god sis Kat took us out for a delicious afternoon tea at The Tea Cosy, located at The Rocks. This place is soooo adorable and cosy~ I wanted to take pictures of everything XD

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Kerry’s 1920s Great Gatsby Hens Party

23rd November 2015

Dear Chibi,

After close to no sleep on Saturday night, I’ve finally recovered enough energy to put this blog entry together :D 2 months of planning has come to an end, with Kerry’s Hens Party taking place on the 21st November (3 weeks to her big day!!) We had an amazing turn out with everyone dressed in their gorgeous 1920s Great Gatsby outfits :D Prepare yourself for pic spam!!



Early in the morning, I got Kaz all dolled-up with her hair and make-up done at Shinka Hair Salon. I think she deserves some stress-free pampering to start the big day! :3



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Taiwanese Festival & Karaoke Outting

6th September 2015

Dear Chibi,

There was a Taiwanese Festival held at Darling Harbour this weekend. Burpy & his mum went to check it out in the morning, and since Burpy, Buns and I were gonna hang out that arvo anyway, we met up earlier and crashed the party ;p

It was a typical festival with lots of food stalls, music, stage performances and some booths showcasing arts and crafts (puppets and masks). Watching kids on stage performing Taiwanese dances gave me a sense of nostalgia. When I was about their age, I performed Taiwan native dances for Chinese School. I remember there being a photo taken of us standing on the stage at Cabramatta. We looked uncomfortable and awkward. The stage was burning hot, and we weren’t wearing any shoes XD. I wonder if I can dig up that photo one day… hmmm :3

EDIT: Found the photo:


The first one on the left is me. I look so angry. AHAHHAHA. I only recognise a few faces. There’s Kevin Ha next to me, Kaz, Mark and Quanne. *Sigh* Poor Quanne :<

After watching some dances and juggling- we popped into Guylian Cafe for some Belgian chocolate :D


Coconut hot chocolate :3 My only regret is not getting my camera focus right. I WILL LEARN XD.



Burpy’s mum was adorable 8D She reminded me of a child. Thank you for the treat :)

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PaniQ Room Escape

31st August 2015

Dear Chibi,

Today cBsM finally got to do our second room escape experience (the first one being Vampire’s Castle). This time I booked PaniQ Room’s ‘Supercell 117’ which is basically a prison escape. We start off blind folded and hand cuffed while they lock us up inside two separate cells in the dark. We needed to find the switch for the lights, the keys for the handcuffs and go from there…

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up escaping in time… ^^” We went over by 15 minutes, and they gave out way too many clues. Although the room and puzzles were good fun, I left feeling unsatisfied… I wasn’t able to help solve any of the puzzles, or find any clues~ so it wouldn’t have made a difference whether I was there or not. I guess this stuff is just too hard for me : <



After PaniQ Room, we had lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks. I got this ‘Fisherman’s Catch’ and an iced chocolate :) Yay! I get to use my new camera, AND I LOVE IT!! Thanks Hubby, you’re the bestest :3 <3




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cBsM Bowling & Karaoke Day

23rd June 2015

Dear Chibi,

On Sunday I hung out with my gaming buddies with some good old bowling at Harbourside. Coincidentally, we played on the same bowling lane as we did two and a half years ago. Good good fun. Unfortunately just like last time, I came out with the lowest score…. HOW TERRIBLE ;p Out of 2 games, I only managed 1 strike..and 1 spare. Maybe next time Chibi…. u_u




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Karaoke fun & Mizuya Joint 28th Birthday

24th May 2015

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday Hubby and I had a joint birthday outing with the CoFA guys~ it’s been about 4 months since we’ve all hung out! Time sure flies :O


A group of us went to K Square for 3 hours of karaoke fun :D A old favourite past time.



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Jacky & Chibi’s Joint Birthday Celebration

12th May 2013

Dear Chibi,

For the first time, Jacky and I decided to have a joint birthday celebration with the uni guys~ karaoke for funsies & Suminoya for dindins :) Originally I wasn’t planning to do anything for my birthday, but since ours are only 10 days apart, Jacky suggested to combine mine with his.

Here’s some snaps from the night ^^

Karaoke @ Big Echo:





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