A week in Tassie Part 3 (Final): Launceston

November 28th, 2015

A week in Tasmania Part 1: Hobart
A week in Tassie Part 2: Coles Bay & Freycinet

Dear Chibi,

It was time for our final stretch to Launceston (and final blog entry for this trip)!


The drive was another 2 hours. We made a brief stop at Campbell Town which was in the middle of Launceston & Freycinet (And because Hubby was so obsessed with the name Campbell Town ;D)

Campbell Town





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Snow, Hot Springs & Wilderness – Blue Mountains Getaway

July 21st, 2015

Dear Chibi,

This past weekend Hubby and I spent 2 days and 1 night up near the Blue Mountains for a little winter getaway :) A few days earlier, we heard there were several road closures due to ice and snow(!), but luckily it didn’t affect us at all. In fact, there was basically no traffic, woo! We made a short stop at Maccas for breakfast, before heading up towards Katoomba. The higher we went, the lower the temperature. This was way exciting!


We stopped by Black Heath where we finally saw snow! YAAAAY! It was around 4 degrees here.






After our snow fun, we did some sight seeing and bush walking down Govetts Leap. We only saw 1 person along the way, so it was a really peaceful walk :D It started off very misty, but the more we descended, the clearer everything became.

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Honeymoon Part 2: Chiang Mai & Bangkok

December 27th, 2014

Honeymoon Part 1: Phuket & Koh Samui

Dear Chibi,
After exploring the Southern part of Thailand with its beautiful Islands, we flew up to the very cultural city Chiang Mai. We stayed at ‘Baan Boo Loo‘, a traditional Thai Guest House 10 minutes drive from the Airport.

Chiang Mai


Our first tuk tuk ride! Hubby was very excited to try one of these :D Sometimes it can feel a little unsafe since there’s no seat belts, but I guess the speed isn’t crazy fast so it’s semi-okay XD We mostly got around Chiang Mai with tuks tuks.


Here we are at Baan Boo Loo!! Our house is the one on the left behind the golden statue.


Our breakfast area next to the outdoor kitchen.


Simple but yummy breakfast that comes with the accommodation :) I loved the skewers and the fresh passion fruit! The lady who runs this place is super super friendly and really helpful. Great service.

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Honeymoon Part 1: Phuket & Koh Samui

December 20th, 2014

Dear Chibi,

Last month, 2 days after our wedding, Hubby and I embarked on our 2 week honeymoon in Thailand! It’s now been 3 weeks since our return, so this blog entry is long overdue. It’s a little daunting when you have 2000 photos to go through~ but fear not! I have done the hard work and picked out a few to save you bandwidth :D

It was a very fun & relaxing honeymoon~ possibly the most relaxing trip I’ve had so far. A years worth of wedding planning, anxiety and stress was over… and it was all worth it :)  Just thinking about the wedding day kept me smiling for the entire trip. It was truly an amazing feeling.


We flew with Jetstar and arrived at Phuket in the late evening. We couldn’t see too much outside since the sunsets pretty early here. It was humid and sticky so we were glad when we arrived at our hotel. Yay for air-con!


Our massive room. Yes…don’t mind Chibi, she’s just checking Twitter or something ;P


We woke up the next morning to this awesome view. WOAH :D I had no idea we were surrounded by trees.


Beautiful swimming pool right below.


We had our breakfasts at the hotel. The food was simple, but delicious. HOW IS THIS STUFF SO TASTY?! Fruit juice smoothies left and right!


I could lie here all day… What is this paradise? XD

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Part 1: I flew to Japan for the Sailor Moon Musical (and it was awesome!)

August 29th, 2014

Dear Chibi,

I’m finally back from my “SAILOR MOON TRIP TO JAPAN” adventure~ flying to Tokyo for the Sailor Moon Musical :D Instead of always ‘wishing I was there’, I decided I was going to make it happen this time. The idea itself excited me just as much as being there :D Sailor Moon is one of my most favourite things ever, so being able to watch a live show for its 20th Anniversary, meeting other moonies, buying merch and shopping in Tokyo in general (I LOVE JAPAN)~ was going to be great. So the journey begins, with just me and Kaz (my twin sister) who’s also into Sailor Moon!

Unfortunately, the trip didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. The moment I got off the plane from Narita Airport, I was hit with the crazy humidity and 36°C heat and got sick… so sick that I end up wasting an entire day lying on a couch without air con :’D Thankfully, Kaz came home that night with some dinner and meds for me :D She spent the day exploring Shibuya herself.


Kaz with our 7-Eleven dinner :’D We stayed in Shin-Okubo.

The next day was the day of the the Musical~ Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Petite Étrangèr :D :D Brad helped us and Cycyn get tickets to the first show, so we met up to see it together. Both Brad and Cycyn have been my long-time online Sailor Moon friends, and it was my first time meeting Cycyn in person!! SHE IS SO CUTE AND BUBBLY!! AHHH I’M SO HAPPY I COULD FINALLY MEET HER :D!! (She’s even appeared in my dream before…lol that sounds kinda creepy XD)


Me with Brad (MoonKitty)!


Kaz and Cycyn


We dropped by several stores in Shibuya to check out Sailor Moon merch :D


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Long weekend + a very long week!

June 18th, 2013

Dear Chibi,

Last weekend during the Queen’s Birthday holiday, Jacky and I headed up north to relax at Ports Stephens and Nelsons Bay. We’ve been here several times before, so this time we decided to utilise the facilities at the resort. There was a pool, a steam room, a spa and tennis courts! The steam room is the bessst XD It was our favourite destination, hahaa.





On Sunday we went to Anna Bay and spent the day with Jacky’s family who came up for some sand-boarding and kite flying.

Unfortunately on Monday, Jacky and I suffered a bad case of food poisoning =_=;; We headed home after having a maccas breakfast, and I spent the remaining day lying in bed constantly wanting to puke. I end up staying at home on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was finally better on Friday and then came the weekend again. What a strange week!

..And this blog entry is fashionably late too. ^_^” It’s okay though, ’cause I’m all better now :D

Pacific Pearl Cruise ~ New Caledonia

February 18th, 2013


Dear Chibi,

Jacky and I embarked on a 7 day cruise with P&O Cruises on the Pacific Pearl for a week of the Chinese New Year/Valentines. This is both our first time going on a cruise, so our main concern was getting motion sickness. We prepared ourselves by bringing along ginger lollies and motion sickness tablets and were fine for most of the trip. Unfortunately the cruise ship got really rocky on the third day and we both fell ill XD We spent the entire day in bed without any foodie… Thankfully on day 4 we arrived on land in Nouméa and all was good again ^^ A day was spent at Nouméa and the other at Isle of Pines, New Caledonia. The rest of the days were spent at sea, with all-you-can-eat foodies and plenty of activities throughout the day.

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Wedding holiday in Bali

September 25th, 2012

Dear Chibi,

During the last 5 days I had the pleasure of joining Jacky’s family in celebrating Alan and Sandra’s wedding in Bali. This was my first time in Bali and it took me a while to get my head around the fact Bali is part of Indonesia and not Thailand XD (Chibi’s dodgy geography skills) The flight was 5 hours 45 minutes and we flew with Jetstar~ nice and cheap but no inflight entertainment.

We arrived late at night in the very humid and hot weather. The 15 of us stayed at Villa Bidadari in 4 massive villas, in a secluded area away from mankind it seems XD. It’s beautiful, spacious and open. Maybe a bit too open for my comfort..lol The villas are basically outside, so we have mossies and wild creatures wandering in and out whenever they feel pleased XD There were a lot of mossies in the rooms, you can watch dragonflies and bees while you shower (or have them watch you.. ), you hear frogs and roosters practically all night long~ and when it rains, it’s so loud you feel like it’s raining on you. It was all fascinating, strange and scary for little Jen. I wasn’t sure how secure the place was seeing as there’s no actual door to block access to the villas, but we got by with no issues :)

I didn’t get to sleep at all on the first night.  I wasn’t used to the temperature and was scared by all the noises I heard. (Frogs are the worst) Thankfully, sleep was a bit better during the other nights.

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Japan Trip 2012~ Part 3

May 5th, 2012

Dear Chibi,

Wooo! We’ve reached part 3! (Click here for part 1 and part 2)

Akihabara, Tokyo

Pachinko & Slots can be found everywhere all of Japan.

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without having a taste of the anime and manga culture from the country it originated from. Akihabara is seriously a male otaku paradise. Everywhere you turn there are billboards of anime girls, girls cosplaying as maids roam the streets and every building is loaded with anime, manga, doujin, figurines etc. However, I say ‘male’ otaku because everything seemed tailored to the male population. There is an awful lot of anime porn/hentai in every store you walk into. It’s practically unavoidable. It was kind of a turn off for me ^^; (lol, Sorry Marcus..had to say it!!)

I did manage to find a few Sailor Moon goodies in Akihabara. You can read about them here.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of anime, from pure observation, One Piece is the single most popular anime out right now. There is a TONNNNN of One Piece merchandise found all over Japan. We laughed when we saw that Luffy has made it to every single souvenir and convenient store in every city we’ve been to.

Maid Café

@HomeCafe Maid Café, Akihabara

How can you go to Akihabara and not check out the much talked-about maid cafés? Unlike regular cafés, waitresses are all pretty young girls dressed up as maids, who address you (their customer) as their “master” or “mistress” depending on your gender. There are strict rules in place, such as no photography or video, no touching of the staff, minimum spending and 1 hour maximum time in the café. Admittedly, it was a little nerve racking walking into one. Jacky even considered not go in at all cause he was so embarrassed by the idea XD It was a different, unusual experience for us.

The food was pretty mediocre for the price you pay, though I doubt people go there for the food. The main appeal are the maids, who act all cutesy as your servant and play games with you if you pay them. I’m not sure how they intend to appeal to female customers though… maybe they don’t~
While the idea seems cute and innocent, I felt the concept was slightly offensive and degrading to women. I don’t know, I sure wouldn’t want to be seen as a sexual object o_O

As we left, they gave us each a “License Card” which I thought was pretty amusing. Lv. 1 MY MASTER. I wonder what they call you when you reach Lv 100? XD

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Japan Trip 2012~ Part 2

May 5th, 2012

Click here for Part 1

Dear Chibi,

Part 2 of my Japan Trip blog will be focusing on our days spent in Osaka and surrounding locations we explored via the Shinkansen and JR lines.

Osaka, Dotonbori, Shin Sai Bashi Suji

With each passing day, the cherry blossoms grew more and more pretty…

@Osaka Castle

Nightlife @Dotonbori where we had okonomiyaki and takoyaki :3


In Nara, we found lots of wild deers just hanging out at the parks! It’s a pretty funny sight seeing them so civilized XD They also bow their heads “kow-tow” at you after you feed them.. but I was kinda scared to go near them ^.^;

And of course, there were an abundance of shrines and gardens we visited in the area~

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