Kazzy’s Graduation

10th October 2008


Dear Chibi,

wheeeee… now all of 3 of us has graduated! =D Kazzy’s graduation took place yesterday, and boy did it remind me of my graduation XD I helped take lots and lots of pictures, and the scary thing was, when I looked back at some of the photos, I thought Kerry was me ^^;; Do we look alike or not?? haha.. I can’t make up my mind. Sometimes I think we look really different, but then theres just some..angles… that has striking resemblance.  Everyone thinks we’re identical twins, but we’re not and t’is a fact.

The day turned out pretty well, the weather was nice and many people came to celebrate with her ^_^ In no time it looked like Kazzy had a farm or something (with lack of better word for a place where bears are kept XD)

I mean, really, check out this picture:


Oh no, my bear is covered ;_;

XD As we approached the evening, Kat joined us and the whole family went in to attend the ceremony. Surprisingly, Kazzy got called up on stage pretty early on, which only meant the remaining 2 hrs or so felt even longer. I was bored to tears..hahaa.. and Kat was commenting on everyones’s heals on stage. Mum would be commenting everytime a ‘Jennifer’ or ‘Mark’ got called up on stage, and Dad would always be asking ‘Are those Doctors?’ XD

After the ceremony, we had some refreshments, took portrait photos, had dinner and headed home. ahh..very long day.. by the end of it I felt like I was dead- but then it’s the reason for my extremely good sleep last night ^_^

My Graduation

21st May 2008

Dear Chibi,
Yesterday Mum and Dad took a day off work, Mark arrived at work at 7.30am, and left at 11am, and Kaz skipped her Uni tutorials for my Graduation!! =D (Yes, I took a day off work too but that doesn’t really say much ;p) Woohooooo… I’m officially graduated with a Bachelor of Digital Media Degree- it’s a degree I actually want too. It’s a happy moment for all of us though there’s a little sadness in it as well.

We arrived in UNSW Kensington campus around 3pm, and went to the Graduation store to grab our Gowns and hats. I saw a few of the other COFA guys there already dressed up. The hat was kinda too big for my head, and I had to keep adjusting it throughout the evening cause it was slipping off, lol. The gown was nice, had a strip of gold and pink at the top but was a little heavy for me. Am I too small to graduate or something? haha. I liked it though, it made me look all nice and smart (and kept me very warm)

Once the outfit was sorted we wasted no time and went straight for the photos! Kazzy took us around to some great location on campus to take family photos, and pictures with those who came along, including Leo, Lemon, Francis, Brian, Richard, Louie (did I forget someone?) Thanks for coming by guys =)

It was a lovely day but it got dark pretty quickly. We made our way up to the library lawn, where we saw the COFA gang and started our group pictures. Lots of families, lots of smiles and camera flashes =)


The Graduation ceremony commenced at 6.30pm and ran for about 1 hr 15 minutes. More BDM people and familiar faces. However, there were still quite a few people who weren’t present… wonder what happened to them?

After the ceremony, we threw our hats and headed off for refreshments where some people took portrait photos. It was getting late and we were hungry, so we headed home.

Dinner? 2 minute noodles, lol.

Thanks Kaz for the huge pink flower, Peggy and Lawrence for the tulips and Mum and Markos for the lovely expensive frame =) It’s another memorable day of my life.

The 5 day weekend and Mark’s Graduation

6th May 2008

Dear Chibi,

Phew.. home at last, my legs are feeling a bit tired from today. I haven’t been going to work for the past few days (and including the weekend, that makes 5 days off!) I’ve been rather occupied with various things, did plenty of shopping, had things to plan and organise, went to the dentist, had Yumcha with Grandparents, had a few appointments and today was my bro’s graduation ceremony- yay to him!

This graduation ceremony was the first I’ve been to- but pretty much what I expected. It was all rather exciting for him, and I was mainly snapping heaps of pictures. He looked good, and rather smart in a tie and suit =) Kazzy came after going to a job interview so she was also in a business suit! I felt a litttttle out of place, but it’s okay- at least I look young, haha. Peggy also attended the ceremony with us and gave me a early birthday present! It was a pretty Swarovski pendant, thank youuu ^^

The actual ceremony took about an hour, and I can see that my graduation will be extremely similar- with the same processes getting on stage etc. It was an enjoyable experience, even though Mark was second last to get on stage (I think I’ll be pretty similar too….seeing as Ws love making us near the end of lines XD)

Afterwards we went out to have some refreshments, helped him takes more pictures with his friends- and we headed home. Kazzy was somewhat depressed during the day as she didn’t perform very well in her interview today- but then- during the trip home, she got a call from Ernst and Young who offered her a position (from yesterdays interview)! yay- Congratulations Kaz =)