A home-made gift

24th May 2016

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday I received this home-made gift from Sarah, a cinnamon lip scrub and tinted lip balm :O It’s so cool how she makes her own stuff, with all natural ingredients too :D I tried it out last night and it felt so good! The lip scrub smells like donuts…mmmMmm.. yum :3


Gifts from Thailand

27th March 2016

Dear Chibi,


I got these gifts from Kaz & Jia from their recent Honeymoon in Thailand :D Gotta love that colour scheme going on ^^ That ‘chibi’ passport cover and Sailor Moon micro block :O Just gotta get Hubby to build it for me (since I can’t build to save my life ;D)


Gifts from Europe :D

7th August 2013

Dear Chibi,


Thanks Sompies :D :D!!

A sweet surprise!

21st May 2012

Dear Chibi,

I got these from a friend today :) Isn’t that so sweet? A little birthday cake and REESE’S PIECESSSSSSSSSSSSSS ^^ wah! This is so so awesome, thank you so much :3

Birthday Art Gift from Digilee

25th May 2010

I just received this pure awesomeness birthday art from Digilee :D (Click for full view) Isn’t it adorable??? I think I just died in the comic, lol. Love it XD

Thanksssss :D


27th September 2008


Kawaii desu ne ^^ I found this in my inbox the other day, a present from Silver-Eyes, aww.. thank you!