An old favourite

27th November 2011

Dear Chibi,

This is one of my all time favourite Sailor Moon fanart :D I drew this back in 2001 when I was 14 years old. I’m actually surprised it still looks as good as I remembered.

If you look carefully I inked some edges with gold and silver pen.  I don’t think I’ve EVER done that with any other of my works.
Oh I’m easily amused sometimes :D


Where in the World is..

7th September 2010

Carmen Sandiego?

Dear Chibi,
Last night I had a sudden flashback to my early High School days, where I’d visit the school library and book a computer just to play “Carmen Sandiego”. It was a fun game and since it was considered educational I could actually get away with playing games in the library and not look like I was “wasting resources” :p

I could vividly remember the visuals and the interface, where I’d watch people walk around mindlessly, and dropping me clues. “What can I do for you?” They’d ask. Then there’s that 3D looking globe spinning and the music playing as you fly from Sydney to Paris. I brought this up to Jacky but he has never heard of it, so I excitedly did a search on youtube  to see if I could find something to show :D

..But then all I found was this:

D=  This didn’t match up with the brilliant and fond memories I had of this game. What had gone wrong? Is this simply not the version I played?  I knew of this game during primary school, so it must have been pre 1998.. What version did I play?. I kept searching and searching, only if just to  find a screenshot of what I had remembered in my head, but no luck.

I was prepared to see something probably less pretty now (since this was over 10 years ago)- but this feels just way too different from my head.

Has anyone else played this game and know what I’m talking about? =p

Write me a letter

18th April 2010

Dear Chibi,

Today I dug up some old letters and cards from pen pals, old friends..even some from teachers. Looking back at these letters was quite nostalgic… I can’t imagine ever throwing them away. They’re so delicate, creative little things so carefully put together. The sad thing is, I have lost touch with most (if not all) of these people for many years now. But hey, they were still part of my life at one stage, and I will cherish that forever. Here are a few selected letters I thought I’d share:

Letters from Valery. We used to go to the same primary school at one stage, but since she was older she naturally moved onto High School while I stayed behind. She also moved suburbs and since then we’ve only seen each other once.
Dated 25th November 1996. In one of her letters, she put the date as “something th/something month/1999” lol. That’s really helpful.

From my best friend from primary school. Sadly, she’s no longer here.
Dated 8th January 1998

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Blue Mountains

9th January 2010

Dear Chibi,

Today Jacky and I along with Mum and Dad went to the Blue Mountains for the day. I haven’t been there since Primary School, and that was the only time I’ve ever been there.  I do have some memories of it though from pictures. See, pictures are the best. XD I also vaguely remember sitting in the car heading there and puking, lol. It’s only a 1.5hrs drive, so geez I must suck, haha! That time we went with Henry’s family along with Eddie..and in the car I was sitting in the middle with both Kaz and Eddie leaning on me- how was I suppose to move, aye? lol. I also recall walking in some cave, but I never knew that was Jenolan Caves until today. It would have been nice to check that out too- but yeh, got tired and eheeh…

I wonder if I can dig up a photo to share? *goes off to look through old photo albums*

Kaz, Eddie and Me

A photo of the photo ^_^ hehe, Eddie is so cute. (Kaz left, Chibi right)

Me with *pinchable*Jacky at the Three Sisters

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Ski Trip 2009

18th August 2009

Dear Chibi,
I just came back from a 3 day ski trip at Perisher!! It was quite an experience :D

The last (and first) time I went to the snows was in 2006. It doesn’t feel like that long ago because I remember it quite well but back then I wasn’t even going out with yeah, it has been a little while XD This time, instead of going with a tour, we decided to go on our own with Jacky doing the organising and driving :D

On Thursday night after work, Mark and I met up with MZ and Burpy at Jacky’s place at about 11pm. The drive can take about 5-6 hours so we started our journey at about 12am to get there by morning. We picked up Somps along the way and dropped by a few petrol stations to take little breaks. It was freeezing outside, lol. We had breakfast at about 4am at Maccas but it was still fairly dark. We took little naps along the way and before we knew it, the sun was out! We got our accommodation/vouchers sorted and our equipment hired.  They gave me a pretty pink jacket, oh yay XD It just conveniently matched my pink beanie, pink scarf and pink sunnies.

Group at Perisher

Our first group shot when we arrived at Perisher

Chibi Doll of Me

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I see what you see.

22nd November 2008

Dear Chibi,

Most people don’t seem to know I wear glasses, and I don’t blame them because I only wear them in front of computers or watching the TV.. doing exams and at Uni lectures in the old days. It’ll probably be difficult finding a photo of me wearing glasses at all. There are others who know I wear glasses, but also assume I’m wearing contact lens when I’m not wearing glasses. Not many people knew that when I’m not wearing glasses, I’m actually not wearing anything else to aid my sight- I CAN BARELY SEE A THING. Yes, I’m walking around blindly- thus we have the occasional Jen who walks right passed people she knows, without knowing, and they probably think she’s trying to avoid them, haha. Well, this went on for as long as I remember… probably since I was in year 2 when I first got them. What’s wrong with wearing glasses? Nothing, really.. it’s just a habit I got use to, because it feels uncomfortable. Another reason for the habit was all owed to my lovely wonderful Year 2 teacher.

In year 2, not many other students had glasses… actually, I don’t remember any at all. I went to class a little nervous and wondered how I could suddenly take out these frames and put them on all of a sudden- without getting weird looks or get any attention. Will I be called a four-eye? I contemplated quite a bit. I remember the glasses cost around $200, and that Mum had told me again and again “remember to wear your glasses in class!”. I thought ‘alright.. I’ll do it.’ But then… lovely Ms Year 2 teacher said “Jenny, come up to the front- I have an announcement to make”. I froze.. what was she thinking? I reluctantly walked to the front of the room, and as I reached there, she said “Jennifer has new glasses! Come on Jenny, put your glasses on in front of everybody!” I put them on, and suddenly see 20 faces staring back at me. I heard some giggles..some whispers. I never wanted to wear my glasses again. Why did she have to make it such a big deal? Why couldn’t I just quietly put them on at my desk while in the class?

While it all may sound pretty silly, and stupid of me to stop wearing them because of a few giggles and laughs- I did. I only wore them at home while watching the TV, and Mum would ask me everyday “Did you bring your glasses to school?” I’d nod.. but feel really guilty for pretending to wear them, when I only brought them to school, but never took it out of my bag.

This habit continued to High School. Me with glasses was one of those very little knowns.. I started wearing them as a necessity during computing studies, but other than that, it was out of sight. I took for granted that I could still see a decent amount without glasses, so thought it was okay not to wear them otherwise. Kaz on the other hand, wore glasses everyday from the day she got hers in Year 5. The difference was, she couldn’t see anything without them, whereas I still could.

Then of course, I get to Uni. I must say I’ve improved quite a bit! I wore them in all my tutorials and lectures! But once out of classes, they’re practically hidden again. Many of my cofa pals didn’t know I wear glasses either. So what’s the problem? I have glasses and wear them when I need them. The problem was, my eyes just worsened over the years, and it’s becoming harder for me to see without them. I don’t hide it though.. I often comment “I’m blind, I can’t read it”- and occasionally ask others to help me order something cause I can’t read the menu ^^;;

Now I’m at work, and wearing them 70% of the time, when I’m in the office sitting in front of a computer. I’m at the age and stage where I really don’t care anymore. I mean, who cares? There’s plenty of people wearing glasses, and the least of my concerns is that someone is gonna laugh, cause they won’t. But they’re still something resting on your nose, and still uncomfortable to wear during long hours.

Now near the end of year 2008- for the first time in my life,  I put on contact lens..and what a feeling…I’ve never seen anything so clearly in my life without some frames sitting on my nose. I can see again!! The world looks so much sharper…and brighter.. so this is what everyone else sees everyday. I guess I’ve been missing out.

Now, sitting at my desk typing this blog, I have a new frame sitting on my nose. It’ll take some time to get use to, but hopefully through a combo of specs and contacts, I’ll finally enjoy life most people experience everyday. Ah… never take things for granted =)

Truth reveals itself?

22nd October 2008

Dear Chibi,

In most TV series/drama, the ‘truth’ seems to come out at one point of the story or another, and I wondered if it’s the case in real life. Do you think nothing can be hidden? Will all ‘truth’ be revealed? Do walls really have ears? Aren’t there many times when you thought something was strange, but you just never find out exactly where that thought came from? Two incidents occurred recently which may me wonder.

I mentioned one in this post:

Firstly, Mum’s ring went missing after I (randomly) put it on my finger. Why did I do that? It was sitting on the desk and I just happened to be there so I just did. After I tried it on, I took it off and put it back there. It was NO WHERE to be found…

This occurred during my Korea trip 2 years ago, where I lost my mum’s ring. We searched and searched like no tomorrow… and we couldn’t find it. Who would have thought only a few days ago my Mum would find it in her handbag which she never used for the last two years. err..yay? XD

Another case is a little harder to grasp- the only person who realised this- was me, and there’s no one else who could prove what I’m saying is true- because only I remember thinking this. I’ll share anyways since it can’t hurt telling XD. Back when I was in primary school, when I watched My Neighbour Totoro, the soundtrack from the movie sounded awfully awfully familiar to me (To be precise, it was this sound track). The moment I heard it, it was ringing bells. I tried to explain to both Mark and Kaz back then that I’ve heard this soundtrack before- but they claim they haven’t heard of it. I was left there trying to think really really hard where I have heard this before… but I couldn’t. Overtime, I just assumed I was imagining things, since it was the first time I watched the movie. Mark and Kaz don’t even remember this, and I don’t blame them because I was the one in agony XD (You know it happens when something bugs you and you don’t know what)

So..just the other day when I was having dinner, there was a very old HK drama showing on TV- and ye…. you’ve guessed it. THEY USED TOTORO SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!!!! OMG! Plagiarism!!! AND OMG, ITS POSSIBLE I DID WATCH THIS SERIES BEFORE SEEING TOTORO!!! XD Now I can live in peace, lol.

I know this may all sound so silly and unimportant, but I still get some satisfaction just by knowing. And the fact it has been soooooooooooo many years since that time- and the truth is revealed- is it all a coincidence?

I was so depressed…

11th October 2008

Dear Chibi,

Usually around this time of the year, I’d dig through my Blog Archive and see what I was up to the previous year and how I felt about things. I was so depressed back then. I clicked on ‘October’ and found that all of them expressed disappointment, anxiety and depression. aw.. I feel so bad for her >.>;; I mean, here I am reading about this girl who thinks her life is doomed and it wasn’t just some words of exaggeration- she meant it, and really did believe what she said. It’s those feelings I wouldn’t want to return to again, and I must say that’s what I like about working as oppose to studying- no more assignments/exams- less stress (hopefully).

A few days ago I passed my 3 months probation period =) I’m really enjoying it there and will continue to work hard. I’ve also done a drawing lately which I was rather proud of- hopefully I’ll motivate myself enough to draw some more.

Wow, October already, it’s only about 2 months before Christmas again! Hoping for some fun times ahead.

‘Keep a diary and one day it’ll keep you’

26th September 2008

-quote Mae West

Dear Chibi,

I’ve realised I haven’t blogged since September 13th, and while that doesn’t seem too long ago, I know I’ve left out a lot of blog entries I could have made over the past couple of weeks. Sometimes I really feel obligated to put down things that happened, but there’s just times when I don’t know how to put it in words. Sometimes I simply can’t be bothered to blog, other times I don’t have much time. The other day at work, I looked at the mini calendar sitting on my desk, and the quote of the day was ‘Keep a diary and one day it’ll keep you‘. *sigh* So very true.. okay, so I’ll attempt to write something..

hmm..I hear a random girl screaming outside my window…oh.. I just received a new email notification via MSN..from some viagra admin- great. *delete*

I’m listening to Raymond Lam’s album at the moment- Kaz bought it recently and was very very very happy to find it in the mail. Ah, what a fangirl she is, hehe..Lately I’ve been following the HK series ‘Moonlight Resonance‘- I was pleased with this drama actually, a lot better than other TVB series I’ve watched in a long time and much better than it’s prequel, which was supposedly also a hit. Moonlight Resonance also had a Moon Cake theme in it, perfect timing for it to be aired around Mid-Autumn festival.


Moonlight Resonance

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Old Sketch Book

29th June 2008





I bought a Eve Angel sketch book back in 1999 when I was in Year 7, when cute things like Korean stickers and diaries were getting popular. Back in those days we seem to just buy things even though there’s no particular use for them (i.e we’d collect stickers and swap diary refills etc but never use any of them anyway) Well, at least the book had a purpose =) Some of my early Sailor Moon drawings have still been kept because of it, and so I’m glad I did use it. All the above drawings were copied off existing Sailor Moon pictures, as I was still learning to draw and copying was the easiest method. I also realised that I had drawn a lot of Chibiusa/Sailor Chibimoon drawings o_o- and now I don’t really draw any. Was she my favourite character back then or something? XD

haha, anyways- it was fun looking back at them. I wish I had kept even earlier pictures… even if they probably looked really bad.