Cute stuff because every girl has them

27th November 2011

Dear Chibi,

When I was younger, I liked collecting lots of cute stuff. Things like stickers, Korean diaries and little stationary were the things we’d buy, but never use. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who spent all her little savings on pretty (yet useless) items XD

This is my Picke Bicke box, one of Chibi’s oldie and but goodies she has kept just because :D It is one of my favourite boxes, as only favourites are worthy of Sailor Moon stickers stuck permanently on them, teehee. I guess I was into Pokemon back then too 8D

~~Woah..this box smells so nice~~

Were you into these kind of cute things as a kid? Would you ever throw them out? I think these will be kept forever and ever…

Where in the World is..

7th September 2010

Carmen Sandiego?

Dear Chibi,
Last night I had a sudden flashback to my early High School days, where I’d visit the school library and book a computer just to play “Carmen Sandiego”. It was a fun game and since it was considered educational I could actually get away with playing games in the library and not look like I was “wasting resources” :p

I could vividly remember the visuals and the interface, where I’d watch people walk around mindlessly, and dropping me clues. “What can I do for you?” They’d ask. Then there’s that 3D looking globe spinning and the music playing as you fly from Sydney to Paris. I brought this up to Jacky but he has never heard of it, so I excitedly did a search on youtube  to see if I could find something to show :D

..But then all I found was this:

D=  This didn’t match up with the brilliant and fond memories I had of this game. What had gone wrong? Is this simply not the version I played?  I knew of this game during primary school, so it must have been pre 1998.. What version did I play?. I kept searching and searching, only if just to  find a screenshot of what I had remembered in my head, but no luck.

I was prepared to see something probably less pretty now (since this was over 10 years ago)- but this feels just way too different from my head.

Has anyone else played this game and know what I’m talking about? =p

Old Sketch Book

29th June 2008





I bought a Eve Angel sketch book back in 1999 when I was in Year 7, when cute things like Korean stickers and diaries were getting popular. Back in those days we seem to just buy things even though there’s no particular use for them (i.e we’d collect stickers and swap diary refills etc but never use any of them anyway) Well, at least the book had a purpose =) Some of my early Sailor Moon drawings have still been kept because of it, and so I’m glad I did use it. All the above drawings were copied off existing Sailor Moon pictures, as I was still learning to draw and copying was the easiest method. I also realised that I had drawn a lot of Chibiusa/Sailor Chibimoon drawings o_o- and now I don’t really draw any. Was she my favourite character back then or something? XD

haha, anyways- it was fun looking back at them. I wish I had kept even earlier pictures… even if they probably looked really bad.