A visit to the library

29th July 2019

Dear Chibi,

I had a nostalgic moment today when we took P-chan to the local library. It’s honestly been over a decade since I’ve walked into any library and the funny thing is… it feels the same. This wasn’t the same library I used to go to as a kid, but it had the same old 90s vibe and the same smell. It was kind of comforting. Does that even make sense? XD

I signed up for a membership and left with a couple of colourful books. Yay for more bonding activity :)

Looking back on Kaz’s Wedding Day

30th April 2016


Dear Chibi,

Today Kaz invited us girls over to her place to watch her full Wedding Day video! It’s almost 5 months since her big day, yet everything still feels very fresh in my mind (Guess that’s what happens when you blog it ;D You can read the full thing here.)



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Holy moly the nostalgia

30th December 2015

Dear Chibi,

When I started browsing through archive.org (an internet archive), I wasn’t prepared for the amount of nostalgia headed my way. I revisited old websites and forums I used to spend hours and hours on, and also retrieved files I’ve lost over the years, including these awesome art gifts! These were all from online friends I met from as early as 2003. I was still in High School! :’D


Lol. I love how it says ‘From Blox the lazyass’ XD Yes, he couldn’t even be bothered to clean the lines ;D Very cute picture though. I love Aeris from FF7 :)


Oh my, this used to be my most favourite Yui fanart XD THIS IS SO CUTE. Art by Blox.

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Reflecting on 2015

19th December 2015

Dear Chibi,

2015 is coming to an end… just 3 more days of work till the Christmas/New Years break~ WOOHOO! :D

I’ve now experienced one full year of married life, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best things that’s happened to me :) Usually when I look back at a year, I point out things like holidays and milestones, but this time it’s more of a general feel. The highlights were the ‘normal’ every day things. I guess life has been treating me well : )

Since moving out, I feel like I’ve grown and learned a lot. I’m 28 and I’m finally starting to feel like an adult. Sort-of~ XD. I’m loving the freedom and independence that comes with that. The responsibilities like house chores and cooking really doesn’t bother me that much. I actually feel a great sense of satisfaction when I cook a meal, or get up early on a weekend to do the laundry. Hah, I sound like a housewife 8D

I also love my cat. A lot :3 Just seeing Champy’s cute face is enough to lift my mood~ he’s the cutest, funniest little cat ever!


And of course.. I owe a lot of it to Hub :3  Thank you Hubby :)

10 years of blogging

29th November 2015

Dear Chibi,

I’ve come to realise I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. That’s basically my life from when I was 18 to 28. Kinda crazy. Back then I had just started Uni, was single and naive and now I’m married and approaching my 30s AND OH SO WORLDLY (not)! ;D Random thoughts occasionally pop-up, like ‘If someone bothered to read through every single entry, they can seriously stalk the crap outta me, and it would be SO SCARY.’ But then again, it’s not like I’m famous. I’m just an ordinary person like every other person on the internet, so surely my life wouldn’t be that fascinating to anyone except to people I know (maybe).

I don’t even know who reads this blog.
Do you read my blog? 8D


At times, I would read through my old entries- just to see what I was up to, who I was hanging with and what I was thinking at the time. Sometimes the amount of detail I put into one entry bores even me to sleep. Oh Jen, did you really need to write down why someone didn’t show up to something? ;D It’s really not that important! But then again, maybe 20-year-old me wanted to write down everything, so memories are vividly ingrained for my future self. For that reason, I never go back and delete or edit the entries. Yes, I’ve written some embarrassing things, some things I completely disagree with now (because I’ve grown since then) but it’s all a learning process.

That’s kind of the purpose of a blog, no?

Well, here’s to another 10 years of ‘Dear Chibi’ :D! It’s been a fun ride :)

Taiwanese Festival & Karaoke Outting

6th September 2015

Dear Chibi,

There was a Taiwanese Festival held at Darling Harbour this weekend. Burpy & his mum went to check it out in the morning, and since Burpy, Buns and I were gonna hang out that arvo anyway, we met up earlier and crashed the party ;p

It was a typical festival with lots of food stalls, music, stage performances and some booths showcasing arts and crafts (puppets and masks). Watching kids on stage performing Taiwanese dances gave me a sense of nostalgia. When I was about their age, I performed Taiwan native dances for Chinese School. I remember there being a photo taken of us standing on the stage at Cabramatta. We looked uncomfortable and awkward. The stage was burning hot, and we weren’t wearing any shoes XD. I wonder if I can dig up that photo one day… hmmm :3

EDIT: Found the photo:


The first one on the left is me. I look so angry. AHAHHAHA. I only recognise a few faces. There’s Kevin Ha next to me, Kaz, Mark and Quanne. *Sigh* Poor Quanne :<

After watching some dances and juggling- we popped into Guylian Cafe for some Belgian chocolate :D


Coconut hot chocolate :3 My only regret is not getting my camera focus right. I WILL LEARN XD.



Burpy’s mum was adorable 8D She reminded me of a child. Thank you for the treat :)

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Nostalgia in a box

30th March 2014

Dear Chibi,

After a pretty scary incident which involved a cockroach, my hand and the wardrobe, I felt motivated to do a massive clean up of my bedroom yesterday. As some of you may know, I have a pretty small room.  I don’t own a lot of things anymore since I like to keep my room feeling spacious. I took everything out from under my bed, and found some pretty neat things in a box! I was squealing with delight :D :D In this blog entry, I’m going to share some of the joys I found ^^

Sailor Cosmos/Chibi Chibi water colour fanart:


Click on thumbnail for a bigger view

OMG. I used to love this sooOOo much! I think I drew this in early high school and was one of my favourite pieces. Water colour sounds fun. Maybe I should try it again some time XD


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Back to School Nostalgia

29th September 2013

Dear Chibi,

About 3 weeks ago, it was the Australian Federal Election. I’m not really into politics so don’t worry, this entry isn’t about politics! XD Instead, I wanted to talk about the voting location.. My primary school :3




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Bridal Exhibition.. and wedding planning

18th June 2013

Dear Chibi,

I was browsing through my old draft posts I had written in the past but never got around to finishing or publishing them. One that caught my attention was one I had written over 2 years ago:

~ * ~ * ~
30th January 2011

Dear Chibi,

Today Kaz, Kat and I went to check out the Bridal Exhibition held at the Sydney Entertainment Center. The place was super packed with excited brides-to-be and seeing all the lovely things on display made us want to get married :3 Well.. that’s what we thought during the first 5 minutes upon entering the building. It was all nice and well, until we realised the exit was nowhere in sight and the overwhelming amount of booths and companies trying to grab you as their next customer became a little scary. Everyone wants that special perfect wedding, and with so many choices, planning for a wedding feels so stressful!

Finally when we reached the end, we sat down to watch the Bridal Fashion Parade :D Now THIS is what we were looking forward to *_*

~ * ~ * ~

:) This entry made me smile. It somehow feels relevant because now I’m one of the excited brides-to-be. Since getting engaged 2 months ago, Jacky and I have already started planning for our big day, and so far the progress has been great! We’re really planning early and ahead so hopefully it will remain relatively stress-free for the rest of the journey. We’ve already locked in a date, and booked the ceremony and reception venue. heheee! Told you we’re organised :D The wedding is planned for November 2014, so there’s still a long way to go. It doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about it everyday though, hehehe :)

Tutorial: How to tell Chibi/Kaz apart

18th November 2012

Dear Chibi,

Being a twin, Kaz and I are used to people getting us mixed up all the time, and we have a good laugh about it. We do look alike in many ways… but exactly the same? Really?

So Chibi decided to put herself to a test. Apparently we looked the most alike when we were little, so it’s time to hunt those photos out.

Awww.. don’t we look.. the same? XD

So.. which one is me. I have to stare at this one quite closely, because both these babies don’t look like us AHAHAA.. There are a few things to look out for. The best way to start is figuring out which one is Kaz, lol. Kaz has a much more distinguishing facial expression. She almost always looks a bit..confused and her smile is very particular. I’m sure you agree with me the one on the right looks more confused! lololol.. Right is Kaz, left is Chibi.

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