Harbourside fun

5th February 2012

Dear Chibi,

Pretty impressive quality for a camera phone D:

Happy 2012!

1st January 2012

Dear Chibi,

Happy New Year everyone ♥
Hope 2012 will bring you lots of love, happiness and good fortune :)

For New Years Eve, I went to see the midnight fireworks with Jacky and his family over at Clyne Reserve at The Rocks. We had an amazing view even though we only arrived at 11.20pm :D

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Happy 2011!

3rd January 2011

Dear Chibi,

Happy New Year! I spent New Years Eve watching the fireworks with Jacky at Birchgrove Park. It’s quite a nice place and you can see the bridge in full view there (only a little farther, hehe) Unfortunately, I caught the flu during the last few days of 2010 and am probably getting worse as I write this! I’ve lost my voice since then and have spent most of this long weekend trying to recover at home.
Not the best start to the year, but you can’t ask for everything, right?

Sydney Fireworks

2011 New Years Resolutions

– Look seriously into the property market
– Get my full drivers license
– Get back to working on MoonSticks
– Continue to eat well (less fatty, less junk) and drink more water
– Continue walking at least 40 mins a day
– To not get sick (ever)
– Work on a new web project (new fansite, maybe?)
-Get into Gold League for Starcraft2 (lol)
-Blog more regularly
-Be a nicer person

Looking back at 2010

According to my blog entries, here are a few things that made up 2010 for me.

Blue Mountains
Ray’s moving home party & Burpy’s House
-Valentines Day: My first Teddy, White Chocolate Truffles ♥
Tennis for Burpy’s Birthday
Saw my first Musical! Wicked!
Obsessed over Chinese Paladin 3. Built fansite for  Xu Changqing & Zixuan!
-Purchased a new domain name: chinesepaladin.org
Put MoonSticks on pause :(
My first concert to see Joey Yung
South Coast Trip: Shoalhaven and finding Pipis
3 Year Anniversary with Jacky
Had my Charmaine Chibi Doll on a cake
Blue Mountain Climbing for Jacky’s Bday
Tried out Portuguese Style
My 23rd Birthday
– Saw Measure for Measure & Gwen in Purgatory @ Belvoir St Theatre
– Saw Miss Sydney Chinese Competition & Steven Ma
Bought my first PC game… Starcraft2! And obsessing over it.
– Got my first gaming headset ♥
– Met Michael Tse, Susanna Kwan & Joe Ma! *squeeaals*
Nelson Bay Trip with uni friends
– Saw first live Basketball game & Sydney Dance performance
Amazing Christmas lights @ Matraville
Christmas BBQ & New Years Eve Fireworks @ Birchgrove Park
-A record of good health (for most part of the year)
-TVB drama of the year: No Regrets

I wonder what exciting things will await me this year? :)

Karaoke + Darling Harbour Fireworks

14th December 2010

Dear Chibi,

Oh it’s December! The festive season is here..and why hello there summer 8D

On Saturday I met up with the uni guys for some Karaoke at K-mix for 3 hours. It’s an old favourite of mine as it was one of the first few Karaoke places I’ve been to (I’m sure the first was at Big Echo) It was cheap, $10 for 3 hours + a drink so it was usually my preference when going to K. I’m not sure how I feel about it now though, seeing as I don’t think it’s as good as it used to be. A few months ago, a lot of the songs were removed from the database and I find the Chinese song selection to be pretty limiting.  It was always a bit dodgy with the English songs (yes, they’re mostly outdated) but I was more forgiving since it is an Asian Karaoke place.. now there’s just no excuses :p I still haven’t found my ideal karaoke place yet. Big Echo is slightly different, yet pretty similar since it’s run by the same company (though the song selection isn’t identical); K World doesn’t have many Asian songs and isn’t as cheap; CEO Karaoke is a nice place but slightly on the pricey side, and Sydney Karaoke is cheap but mainly has Korean/Japanese songs and no Chinese songs at all- the seats are also pretty uncomfortable. Oh the dilemmas, but enough of that for now XD

Everyone turned up for K apart from Marcus and MZ who met up with us afterward (since they were oh-so-busy with other plans). Emily and Floz went hunting for some lunch and arrived an hour later, Somps and her new bf Dong got a bit lost finding this little basement, so….who turned up on time? Burpy, Jacky and I! Well, Ray was pretty on time too so well done 8D (Yes,  I’m writing an attendance report card and it’s staying here FOREVER 8D)

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CNY Twilight Parade + Fireworks 2009

2nd February 2009

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday evening, Jacky, Kaz, Kat, Mum and I went to the city to watch the Chinese New Year Twilight Parade!! yay!

We were originally going to meet at 7pm, but the trains were delayed and we got there around 7.20pm.. and it was packed! Good thing Jacky was early so he managed to get some of those New Year glow-in-the-dark-balloon thingys =D The parade was to start at 7.45pm from The Galleries Victoria George Street and go all the way down to China Town and finally arrive at Cockle Bay. Kaz and Mum kinda disappeared so Jacky and I went to find ourselves a good spot.. it was difficult! So many peoples! XD But we end up getting quite a good view- with the exception of some performances out of our view XD

Alrightys, onto some pics!

Me and Jacky’s view, still bright at the time:

The Year of the Ox makes its grand entrance:

..Followed by all the other Chinese Zodiacs throughout the course of the parade. I took a pic of them all with the exception of the Rat, cause that came last, and well.. I was tired and left to Cockle Bay first, hehehee….


A Chinese vampire, or something? Well, it was creepy cause it turned its head ^^;


Now, I wish the Tiger turned its head….

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The Japanese Experience Part 2

29th February 2008

Dear Chibi,

After the FujiQ Amusement park, we travelled to the hotel where we were staying for the night. I liked this location, you can see Fujisan on the other side of the lake. Some of us dressed in a yukata (provided by the hotel) while we had dinner and wandered around the building. It’s quite a heated building so it was okay to wear XD That night there was also firework displays we could see outside our room window! It ran for about 30 minutes, and Kazzy was all excited and snapping pictures away.. (took too many, lol) Two which stood out most was a STAR shaped display, and yes.. a SMILEY face one! aww..the smiling face one was soo cool… but Kazzy missed it ;_; We weren’t exactly expecting one of those!

yukata.jpg fireworks.jpg

Along with the yukatas, there was of course, hot spring baths! That was pretty relaxing…Um..no pictures from there XP


Mt Fuji the next morning outside the hotel. Looky! No clouds covering its peak!~

Next we went up Mt Fuji’s skii resort o.o Ok, that’s just beyond freezing, hahahaa… *cough* At this point I was feeling a bit unwell. The problem with Japan’s temperature is that it’s reaally really cold outside (so we wear a lot), yet, really really hot inside buildings. It feels like I’ve been turned into an icecube, and then upon entering the buildings, we break into pieces XD We went up there to the snows for a few hours, but didn’t ski or anything. Didn’t..feel like it XD

Next was lunch! This was quite nice too…


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