A touching end.

23rd August 2008

Dear Chibi,

awww…Inuyasha manga has the sweetest ending… *sniff sniff* After 558 chapters, I’m happy to say the story ended really well and it felt complete and satisfying.

ahaha..Inu will always be our fav dog =D Yay for Miroku and Sango too ^-^ Ah..they’re so happy.
ah…these kind of scenes always gets to me X3 aww… They’ve been apart for so long and finally back together ;_;

This was soooo cute. Now they’re one big happy puppy family XD Never thought I’d see the “Oniisaan” part! Now to wait for Rin to grow older so she can be with Sesshy <3


Inuyasha… Inuyasha.. how much your character has developed and grown T_T One of the main reasons I liked this series so much was because of him. I’m really glad he end up being with Kagome- though its so obvious they will be together, you can never know until the end, right? Well, now I know for sure its a happy ending, so yay, I feel good for them. I don’t care this is all fictional, haha!

X3 OMG *squeals like a fangirl*

5th August 2008

Dear Chibi,


You have no idea how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED this sequence T____T Really, it’s like a dream come true.

I just..can’t…. resist…… X3 *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaals* *dies happily*

Thanks to M12 for the heads up. This has made a fan girl very very very very very happy XD.

To watch it, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf953nWYSlA 

Inuyasha and Ranma Forever <3! Kappei Yamaguchi is the best!!

If you have no idea what’s going on here, just ignore me ^^;;

For You in Full Blossom

18th December 2007

Dear Chibi,

Today I completed the Japanese live-action series based off the manga Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. I found it very amusing and the characters are so awesomely lovable (The fact most of the characters are hot guys had nothing to do with it *cough*)
(Call me blind but.. where’s Nakatsu Shuichi in this picture?. XD… thought he was standing next to Mizuki in the Opening shot)

A lot of people would call this drama cheesy but hey, it works so well =) They are hilarious, and the bizarre characters really grow on you too. It really looks like it’s based off an anime (though there isn’t one) with all the craziness and silly lines. I’m probably a tad bit biased too since it’s shoujo- but if you like a bit of romance comedy, you’ll like this.

There’s also a Taiwanese Live Action based off this too, but I probably won’t see it.

Support Sailor Moon!

16th August 2007

Anime News Network (being asked by Toei) set up a poll to find out which of Toei’s titles you would like to see via Video on Demand (subtitled in English via download-to-own and Cable/IPTV). Please vote for “Sailor Moon” before the poll ends and results are sent to Toei.


Oh, and here’s a hot Inuyasha.. for no particular reason X3 I wish I drew that, haha. *drools*

OMG!!!!!! More obsessed with Inuyasha than ever!

20th November 2006

Dear Chibi,

I couldn’t let Inuyasha end with the anime..I NEEDED to see more!! Normally I would refuse to read online scanlations and buy the manga to support the artist; however- this is an exception. I’m planning to purchase the manga afterwards when it actually comes out in English..I can’t wait that long for Vol 36 to come out (continues where anime is left off) and wow……. I’m loving it! The anime shouldn’t have ended…so much goodness after it!! Some really sad moments too >.< Currently reading Vol 38, so happy the fact it’s up to Vol 49 so far, which means I have more to see =D yay!


End of Inuyasha?

19th November 2006

Dear Chibi,

Just wanted to say, I’ve never seen such good Inuyasha episodes before!!! The last couple of episodes were even better than the previous episodes I’ve seen, especially episode 160-164…omg, they were sooo sweet and touching!! I enjoyed them so much. I have finally concluded the anime series at episode 167… What can I say but, “I wish there was more!!!” lol. As warned by others, the ending doesn’t really end and the story continues in the manga in which Takahashi Rumiko is still working on. I feel inclined to see it end! Next stop is Inuyasha the 4th Movie, although I doubt it is related to the main plot, but anything Inuyasha is awesome so I’m not complaining. I still think this anime is very good; despite the fact it is a little repetitive.

Forever Inuyasha <3


Inuyasha Marathon!

15th November 2006

Dear Chibi,

It wasn’t planned…seriously…I didn’t know I would end up having an Inuyasha marathon..o.o Thats right, today I watched 25 episodes of Inuyasha, from ep 108-133, up to Season 6! OMG. I couldn’t help it…the story was GOOD… everytime I say I’m gonna stop the next episode, I see the preview and get hooked again. Got some good moments! awww…how sweet.

Miroku x Sango

inuyashamore18.jpg inuyashamore24.jpg inuyashamore41.jpg inuyashamore109.jpg

Inuyasha x Kagome

inuyashamore58.jpg inuyashamore59.jpg inuyashamore94.jpg inuyashamore66.jpg

Last night I had another nightmare, and this was the 2nd nightmare I’ve ever had related to Inuyasha. It wasn’t about the characters or story, but the demons -.- I’m not scared of them while watching, but somehow they make really scary nightmare characters…especially when it’s incorporated into people I know x.x Hope I won’t have that problem tonight.

<3 Inuyasha

14th November 2006

Dear Chibi,
After many months leaving Inuyasha with loose ends, I’ve decided to resume watching it, continuing from episode 94 (where I left off). Today I watched up to 107..and wow….. XD Love it! There’s just something about this series that I really like. Although the series is filled with ‘fillers’ and somewhat repetitive, Inuyasha is enough to keep me watching XD haha..I really like seeing the development of characters and their relationships with each other. Inuyasha x Kagome forever! Hope to see more Inuyasha goodness…gah, so cute ^.^